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Hi there
Thanks for your app I have been using for years now :)
my pbm is that since recently (few weeks maybe) any click on a feed to go to the article on my browser crashes feedly. Android 6 on a Samsung Note 4. Tried to empty cache, un-reginstall...
Sent you a few crash reports.
Thanks for your help 
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Hi Remi, sorry to hear this, usually clearing the cache resolves this. How much free space you have on the device?
Hi Petr
Thanks indeed to take this into consideration :)
I took your advice in consideration and made a bit of cleaning lately!
My Samsung Note 4 now comes with 29 Go used out of 32 of internal memory. It also has a 64 Go SD card with has roughly 10Go free. The app is installed on the SD card but used to be in internal memory before.
No change since then unfortunately, still crashing... I'm going to Uninstall again. I'll let you know if anything happens 
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