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Massage Therapy for Runners

Impact and Alignment

Every foot fall sends impact forces through your body. How well you are aligned will dictate how many and how severe those post-workout “hot spots” will be. Starting with the feet, we need to consider running style and footwear. What style or technique do you use? Forefoot? Mid-foot? Heel-toe? This article won’t suggest a particular technique, as there are many and different people have different preferences, however, if you have never considered that running might involve technique and have never looked into it, it may be time to check it out. There are many styles out there to choose from, all with pros and cons; find out what works for you.

Footwear: to support or not to support? There is currently a shift in thinking towards less support as the evidence seems, at this time, to suggest less is better. However, if you have swaddled your feet in supporting shoes throughout your life it is important to be very careful transitioning to a reliance on your foot musculature, especially if you are new to running. Also, some people who have less than ideally aligned feet may require orthotics or other special considerations and may require professional guidance in learning to minimize footwear support. If you are experiencing foot, ankle, knee, hip, or low back pain, it may be worth your while to seek an assessment of your foot mechanics.

Hip Health: If your feet are okay, take a look at your hips. The hip joint is a remarkably mobile and solid joint. However, in our culture it has generally been abused and mistreated by chronic extended periods of sitting in chairs. This can lead to short, tight muscles, especially the hip flexors and hamstrings. In the non-Western world where people tend to squat or kneel at ground level without chairs, hip and low back problems are much less prevalent. Now imagine what it is like for your hips: If you don’t regularly squat or lunge in order to take your hips through their full range under load and with stability and balance, you probably don’t have a fully functional hip. Now take those hips through the repetitive short stroke of a runner’s gait, add mileage and impact and don’t be surprised if you develop hip, knee, or back problems. Poor hip function and control leads to poor alignment throughout the entire body, especially at the knee and low back.

How can we take care of this problem? Learn to squat! Ideally work up to one legged balanced variants of the squat and lunge with control and correct alignment through full range. This will develop a hip that can stay in alignment during your running sessions. Check your muscle length. Short muscles compress joints and send body parts off alignment in odd ways contributing to friction and poor loading angles. Not sure how to squat? How to interpret muscle length or stretch short muscles? Try consulting your athletic or massage therapist.

Tissue Health

Unhealthy tissues don’t work properly! Areas of tension due to either short, tight muscle or from “knots” produce conditions of poor blood flow which is an environment of poor nutrition and waste removal. This leads to muscle inhibition and weakness. Tendon, ligament, and joint structures likewise require a healthy environment. Things you can do include stretching and self massage with rollers and balls. In bad cases, see your massage or athletic therapist or acupuncturist! Inflammation also plays a role. All those “hot spots” are precisely that – inflammation. Try cold water therapy post workout. Check your diet. Your naturopath can help you to not only reduce systemic inflammation through diet, but can also set up the ideal nutritional environment for your body to build and recover tissue as well as increase energy.


Finally, don’t over do it! No workout session is truly over until the body has rebuilt itself. Training again before this occurs is counterproductive. Try to get more with less. Reduce mileage and deepen the experience by working mindfully on your pacing and that new technique you’ve decided to learn. Consider interval training some of the time. Interval training consists of much more intense bursts of running followed by rest periods. This can reduce your mileage while maintaining a training stimulus. And don’t forget good food, good sleep, and a good massage!
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Dr. Ken Alexander, Chiropractor; A Journey Through Recovery From A Broken Back

As a chiropractor, the most common conditions that Dr. Ken Alexander has treated are spine related issues such as neck, mid-back, and low back pain as well as headaches. He has also treated many other areas of the body including ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows and wrist conditions. Chiropractic treatments focus on addressing the joints and muscles to determine what is causing the pain and treating the painful or dysfunctional areas.

Through orthopaedic and functional tests we determine exactly what the cause of pain is, and from there treat the condition using an evidence-informed model. Whether it is a new injury, old nagging injury that has never quite gone away or for maintenance care, Dr. Alexander can use his expertise to help you with whatever your concern is.
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The POWER OF KINETICS is a unique exercise / movement program that was developed with the goal of providing people who are or want to be proactive in their health and wellness. Kinetics is an excellent way to prepare for sports, fitness or vigorous work and is especially important in sedentary workplace or home environments. It is a wonderful enhancement to every-body's health and wellness. Kinetics is an easy to learn, adaptable, safe and effective method of exercise.
Check out for details

Available in one on one training or in a small class setting. Each class series starts at the beginning of the month. Sign up for a class now by going to
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Guided Restorative Walks are a natural remedy for self-healing and enhanced wellbeing. Join Sharon for a 2-hour gentle walk designed to help participants slow down and mindfully move through the landscape in ways that cultivate deep listening, sensory awareness and the physiological state of calm. The primary goal is not imparting factual knowledge, but the immersion in guided sensory experiences that awaken a sense of inner wholeness and perspective. Gain personal insights through a deeper connection to self and to the landscape itself. Science agrees: Nature is good for you.
Pace/Level of Walk: The walk will be at a deliberately slow pace. There will be several sitting breaks for reflection. We do walk in light rain and in moderate windy conditions. Wear comfortable shoes/clothing and be prepared for the weather. You can bring a light snack and water (optional). We aim to finish the walk on time, but sometimes we run overtime (not by much).
Each participant will receive an email the day before the walk to confirm the walk is proceeding (the walk may be rescheduled due to extreme weather forecast).
Pre-Registration Only - Maximum 8
$30 plus GST
Instructor: Sharon Daly
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Bailee Ellis, Holistic Nutritionist at Remedy Wellness Centre in Victoria. Check out for information on how she can help you optimize your diet!
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Remedy Wellness Centre in Victoria now has Chiropractic. Check out for more information!
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Remedy Wellness Centre is Victoria's only clinic that offers child-minding. We understand that finding the time to take care of yourself is hard, especially when you are a parent. That's why we offer child minding! Relax, restore, rejuvenate and know that your little one is well taken care of by our qualified care taker. Toys, books and more are provided in our wellness studio.

Child-minding associates are carefully screened and must have a clean criminal record check for working with children, current CPR/First Aid and experience caring for children. We can accommodate a maximum of eight children at any given time, with a maximum of two infants, 3-17 months. Parent must remain in the clinic while child is being cared for. We ask that parents keep sick children at home.

Reservation is required 250-590-5221. We recommend you make this reservation at the same time you book your appointment for massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, athletic therapy or any of our other services.
​Child-minding Rates
​Single Use (1 hour): $15
Singe Use (90 mins): $17.50
10 Pack (1 hour): $120
10 Pack (90 mins): $150
​Schedule is for April 4th to May 27th, 2016
Call 250-590-5221 to reserve a spot
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We have FREE Classes running daily from now until mid May.

All of our classes and workshops focus on rehab, prevention of injury, relieving tension and holding patterns, reducing pain, improving mobility and postural correction. These classes are different from anything else you will find in Victoria. We are not trying to "tone your buns and thighs" because there are lots of places you can go for a good workout.

You will learn from highly trained healthcare professionals:

How your body is supposed to move and function
How to really take care of yourself so you feel amazing and can live pain free
Which exercises you should be doing to compensate for the 40 hours a week you spend at a desk
How to maintain any gains you make in treatment whether it was post MVA, from 25 years of working at a desk, or training for a marathon
How to manage and relieve stress and the side effects of stress like grinding teeth, muscle tension, headaches, insomnia and more.
How to address poor posture to relieve pain, prevent degeneration of your joints and restore functionality
How to build a home based routine with minimal equipment (theraband, foam roller, body weight exercises, stretches) or a high performance workout at the gym with all the bells and whistles.
How to use tools like foam rollers, tennis ball, blocks, towels and other props to get relief at home
And More!

Please call to reserve your spot.
Stott Pilates
Restorative Pilates w/ Debby Pietraszek
Thurs April 28th 12:10-12:55
Thurs May 5th 1:00-2pm
Thurs May 12th 12:10-12:55
Thurs May 19th 1:00-2pm

Pilates for Every Body w/ Debby Pietraszek
Thurs April 28th 1:00-2pm
Thurs May 5th 12:10-12:55pm
Thurs May 12th 1:00-2pm
Thurs May 19th 12:10-12:55pm

Stott Rehab Pilates
New Mommy Pilates & Stretch (bring your baby) w/Kasey Thompson, RMT
Wednesdays April 27th to May 18th 9-9:55am

Be Kind to Your Spine w/Kasey Thompson, RMT
Mon April 25th 12-1pm
Sat April 30th 10-11am
Sat May 21st 10-11am

Rehab Pilates for Neck Pain w/Kasey Thompson, RMT
Mon May 2nd 12-1pm
Wed May 4th 6-7pm
Sat May 7th 10-11am

Rehab Pilates for Lower Back Pain w/Kasey Thompson, RMT
Mon May 9th 12-1pm
Wed May 11th 6-7pm

Yoga Therapy
UNWIND: Yoga for Stress & Anxiety w/ Sharon Daly
Friday April 29th 12-12:55pm
Tues May 3rd 5-5:55pm
Tues May 11th 12-12:55pm
Thurs May 19th 9:30-10:25am

YOGA for Healthy Hips & Back w/ Sharon Daly
Tues May 3rd 6-6:55pm
Tuesdays April 26th to May 17th 1-1:55pm
Thursdays April 21st to May 19th 5-5:55pm

Movement for Life w/ Steve Ferris, RMT
Wednesdays April 27th to May 18th 12:00-1:00

Athletic Therapy
Foam Rolling w/ Justine Aichelberger, AT
Mondays April 25th to May 16th 6-7pm
Wednesdays April 27th to May 18th 8-9am

Re-Align the Spine w/ Justine Aichelberger, AT
Mondays April 25th to May 16th 10-10:55am
Wednesdays April 27th to May 18th 5-5:55pm

Call to reserve your spot today! 250-590-5221
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