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Remco Timmermans
Space Ambassador, Executive Director of World Space Week, Arctic Expedition Leader, Tourism Futurist, Spaceflight Blogger, Father
Space Ambassador, Executive Director of World Space Week, Arctic Expedition Leader, Tourism Futurist, Spaceflight Blogger, Father

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So proud to have been involved in this World Space Week and OeWF project. In space now!!
On ‪#‎YurisNight‬ 2015, exactly 1 year after the first presentation of the ‪#‎TiuTerra‬ crystals, the 1st photo of the crystals in space was posted. A Recap of the events.

Thank you +Samantha Cristoforetti 
Thank you +World Space Week 
Thank you +Swarovski

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L-0: Launchday Logbook

Well, I told you that it might not be my last pre-launch logbook yesterday. I woke up a bit earlier from the planned 5-hour nap and there's no point in trying to go back to sleep, so here I am, sharing a few departing thought. The doctors will show up in about 40 min to start a series of hygiene operations: before going to space I'll be as clean as I'll ever be, outside and inside (if you get the message, I'm not going into any details here). 

I've picked up my computer and come back to bed. My last time in a bed for many months. Who knows if my body will miss it or will like sleeping in weightlessness. The nap has been weird: part of my brain was dreaming, part of it was awake watching myself dream. But that's how the past few days have been: part of me was living all the events, meetings, traditions of the past days, and part of me was almost watching a movie unfolding. 

Now almost everything is done. My bags are neatly packed and will be taken to their final destination by my family, the backup crew and the ever helpful ESA support personnel. Hopefully, it's all properly organized: part of the luggage will go into my landing bags, one for the nominal landing site and one for the ballistic site. Part will go home to Cologne, part will eventually find its way to Houston for my return. 

Email is set up with out-ouf-office replies: kind of cool to be able to write "Sorry, I'm off the planet for a while".

Many friends have made it all the way to Baikonur (you guys rock!): we've had a chance to spend some time together, albeit in the somewhat awkward condition of having to talk through a glass wall. I could have direct contact with my closer family, who have been medically monitored. All will be waving us goodbye in a few hours as we exit the building to board the buses to the cosmodrome.

In a day like this (well, will there ever be another day like this?) I feel that the most important thing is to say thank you: I've had many occasions to thank publicly the organizations that have made this spaceflight possible for me. But now I would like to say a more personal thanks to my family, my friends, my teachers, my colleagues, all the many people who have helped me arrive to this day, by supporting me or by challenging me, by teaching me something or simply by being there for me. I go to space with all of myself, with everything that I am and I have experience, and I certainly take with me every person I have met.

I'd like to share a picture that our backup, Oleg Kononenko, took on Friday as our rocket was raised on the launchpad. I can almost see my seat up there at the top!

Don't forget to play our #LaunchPadPlaylist along with us tonight around 30-40 min before launch.

All the best, and talk to you from space!

Futura mission website (Italian): Avamposto42

#SamLogbook  #Futura42 #Launchday

(Trad IT)  Traduzione in italiano a cura di +AstronautiNEWS  qui:

(Trad FR) Traduction en français par +Anne Cpamoa ici: 

(Trad ES - Currently not updated) Tradducción en español aquí:

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As presented at #SoMeT14EU in #Rovaniemi #Finland two weeks ago.

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Watch this, starting in 5 minutes
- Agenda
- Welcome
- Student Award
Mara Branzanti

- Young Professional Award
Andrea Jaime Albalat

Outstanding Achievement Award
Dr. Patrizia Caraveo

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Mission logo and name just announced for ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst's mission to ISS in 2014. #BlueDot  - Shaping the future. 

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Ik check graag in op de eerste vlucht van de ArkeFly Dreamliner! #dreamliner   #avgeek  

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Join the Fire vs. ISON Hangout live!

The ultimate battle of fire and ice! Who will win, the sun or Comet #ISON

Join #NASA as we follow the journey of Comet ISON as it slingshots around the sun. 

Will the awesome gravity and energy of the sun break up this cosmic ball of ice and rock? Will it break up? Or will it pass the sun intact to put on a dazzling show in the December sky? 

Watch as NASA solar physicists track the comet LIVE from the mission control for NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory,@NASA_SDO, during #ISON’s closest approach to the sun. 

We'll also be joined by comet scientists joining from Kitt Peak Observatory in Arizona, where the solar telescope will be observing ISON and by science writer Phil Plait.

NASA scientists will answer your questions LIVE on air here on Google+, in the YouTube comments section during the live broadcast, or via Twitter using #ISON and #askNASA.

The participants in this Hangout include:

• C. Alex Young, Solar Physicist, Associate Director for Science in the Heliophysics Science Division and co-founder of The Sun Today - NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Md.,

• W. Dean Pesnell, Solar Physicist and Project Scientist for the Solar Dynamics Observatory - NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Md.,

• Karl Battams, Comet Scientist for the Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC, and solar spacecraft lead for NASA's Comet ISON Observing Campaign, joining from Kitt Peak Observatory in Arizona, where the solar telescope will be observing ISON. 

• Phil Plait, writes Slate's 'Bad Astronomy' blog and is an astronomer, science evangelizer, and author of the books "Bad Astronomy" and "Death from the Skies!"

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Collecting all #ISS15  tweets in this +Eventifier archive. Over 8,000 tweets, 100+ photos, 22 videos and counting, by over 5,000 people already! Have you tweeted about #ISS15  yet?

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A very funny video of the moment the #ISS15 came to life: The launch of the Zarya module on a Proton rocket from Baikonur, on 20 November 1998. Turn up the volume (and protect your eyes)...
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