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You may not be aware of it, but if you are driving down the highway in Missouri, you are not allowed to have an uncaged bear in your car.  What is really outrageous, however, is that when parking in Orlando, Florida, you have to put the same amount of money in the parking meter for your elephant as you would for a car.  

You who study these lessons probably won’t have trouble with this, but I should mention as well that in Illinois, it illegal to give your pet a lighted cigar.  You might want to be careful in Normal, Oklahoma, because there it is illegal to tease your dog by making ugly faces.

Many people across our nation no longer have a respect for the Lord’s Day.   Salem, West Virginia, however, is different.  There, it is against the law to eat candy less than an hour and a half before church service. There are a few other areas of our fair country that also haven’t forgotten the meaning of setting apart one day each week as special. For example:  it is illegal to eat ice cream at a counter on Sunday in Winona Lake, Wisconsin.  In Kansas you can’t order a slice of cherry pie a la mode to go with your meal at the local restaurant.  There are several other states were marbles, dominoes and yo-yos are not allowed to be used on Sundays.

There is a Texas law that is especially important.  It states, “When two railroad trains meet at a crossing, each shall stop and neither shall proceed until the other has passed.”  Equal precautions have been taken in Memphis, Tennessee, where women can't drive a car unless there is a man with a red flag in front of the car warning the other people on the road. 

Yes, these are laws that are on the books in the United States of America.  We might smirk, sneer, or chuckle as we consider how irrelevant these laws are.  At times it is important to revisit the law books and bring things up to date.  Some think that should be done with ten laws that God gave thousands of years ago on a mountain peak in the desert.

In this lesson, we will consider a news article regarding an Oklahoma State Supreme Court ruling that was passed recently demanding that a monument of the Ten Commandments be removed from the Oklahoma State Capitol grounds.  Then we will explore God’s Word to determine if the Ten Commandments are relevant today and what a Christian’s response should be to the Oklahoma court ruling.  

Lesson Objective:  By the end of the lesson  the students will have a better understanding of what portions of Scripture apply to us in our present age.

Thank you for reading the introduction to this lesson.  To download your copy of the complete lesson (including ready to teach lesson material, discussion questions, a list of sources, and reproducible student handouts) click on the following link:

Ten Recommendations?
Ten Recommendations?
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