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Official Google Plus Page for Relay For Life of Second Life
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Your Why I Relay Recordings Needed! Please send your 60 second recording about Why You Relay to by June 30. If you need assistance recording your file, check the Second Life Relay Volunteers Group for the notice or contact Catalina Staheli or Trader1 Whiplash. 

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Congratulations to this week's International Spotlight: Cuddly Waffle! You can read Cuddly's story below. Please contact Serina Juran in Second Life, if you are an international relayer and would like to be featured.

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Mission Monday: Smoking Causes Almost 1/2 of Cancer Deaths from Twelve Types

Almost half the deaths from 12 different types of cancer combined are attributable to cigarette smoking, according to a study by researchers from the American Cancer Society and colleagues. These include include cancer of the liver, colon and rectum, lung, oral cavity and throat, esophagus, larynx (voice box), stomach, pancreas, bladder, kidney, and cervix, and acute myeloid leukemia.

Read more here:

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Non Committee Event: Come Dance with Me

Date: June 17, 2015

Time: 6pm slt


Description: Join The Chairman of the Board si
nging his great album "Come Dance with Me." Featuring Nancy LaMott, 1951-1995 as the opening act.

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Join us for the very First Annual Relay Weekend Hunt, which will take place July 11 to 22, 2015! 

Application Deadline: July 3

An educational hunt guided by a storyline.....can you follow all the clues to get the gifts?

Theme: Open. Create what you like but no adult items, 
Consider RFL themed items that can be used/worn by everyone.
Purple items, futuristic items as our theme this year is "the future is now". Consider uplifting textures & colors.

- Items must be exclusive to hunt.  You can use a pre-made item but coloring/texturing must be for the hunt only

- All items must be boxed & sent to Sylisan Resident. At that point the gifts become part of a chest of goodies for those that complete the clues within the provided storyline

- Photos are NOT needed for this hunt. It will be a blind hunt

[Apply] -

*all participating designers will get their name & store listed in the hunt guide book which will be available throughout the RFL sim.

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Non Committee Event: Second Annual Castle, Home and Garden Contest 

Dates: June 15 to 21


Description: Team Strange Journeys
2nd Annual Castle, Home and Garden Contest

Come join us in celebration of custom-made homes, gardens and castles! For four months, individuals and teams have signed up to build a home, garden or castle related to the theme "The Future is Now". On June 14, all builds will be placed along the sims and will be judged in two ways. One way will be the POPULAR VOTE, where a kiosk will be placed outside of the build and people can vote for their favorite by donating linden into the kiosk of that build. The other way will be the JUDGES' VOTE, where seven amateur and professional builders will judge each castle, home and garden. The first place castle will get $L100,000 linden to their team! The first place home and garden will get $L25,000 to their team! 

Join us in celebrating the builds throughout the week. We will offer DJs, contests, fishing, castle dances, and lots more during the week of the 15-21. 

Join us at the Opening Ceremony June 15th at 3pm, followed by a live tribute band featuring tunes by Thunder Rock Concerts, who will be featuring REO Speedwagon! Join us at the Closing Ceremony, June 21st, at 3pm... Followed by an auction where all castles, homes and gardens will go up for auction... OOAK (One of a Kind!) 

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS will be provided as soon as possible. 

Contact Rowena Dubrovna or Sidonie Carlberg with any questions! 

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Mission Monday: Keeping Our Men Healthy

Celebrate the fathers in your life this June by encouraging them to protect their health by getting up to date on cancer screening tests. Screening tests look for cancer before a person has any signs or symptoms.

Regular screenings can catch some cancers early, when they’re small, have not spread, and are easier to treat.

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Non Committee Event: Steppin at the Seraph Club

Date: June 14, 2015

Time: 12:30 pm slt to 2pm slt


Description: This Sunday join Hearts & Souls team for 90 minutes of vintage Jazz, Big Band, ElectroSwing and more!  It's our THIRD ANNUAL Relay edition of STEPPIN AT THE SERAPH, with all tips to benefit Relay For Life 

Contact Person: Holocluck Henly

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This week's International Relayer Spotlight is on Xyza Armistice! Please contact Serina Juran in Second Life, if you are an International Relayer and would like to be featured!

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Date: June 13, 2015

Time: 12pm to 8pm slt

Location: Audrina 38/251/23

Description: Harmony of Hope presents Battle of the Bands for RFL of SL.  8 full hours of great music performed by tribute bands.  Bon Jovi, Creedance Clearwater Revival, Disturbed, Pink Floyd will all strive to be the big winner of the day by raising the most lindens during their performance.  Good music, good friends, lots of fun all for a very important cause

Contact Person: Cloey Bechir
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