I wanted to share a Lightroom tip I found last week. When shooting in a high contrast situation, such as when I include a large portion of the sky, to simplify my life I usually use the bracketing option of my camera so I don't have to worry about which exposure compensation parameter is the good one. It often means that after a one hour session I can have hundreds of shots to sort, for only a few photos of a couple of figures.

To sort them more easily I use stacking in Lightroom so I can group bracketed shots of the same photo as a single stack in the library. However it still takes a significant amount of time and last week I discovered there was an "auto stack" tool that will stack all selected photo that were taken with a maximum time interval between them. For example I use a 2 seconds interval and it will group all photos that were taken with less than 2 seconds of time interval between them.

(Now I just wish I could mark a full stack as rejected to speed up my process even more but from a few searches on the web, it seems this isn't possible.)
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