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Adventures with systemd

I have just had my first real production interaction with systemd. I should warn partisans in advance that the conclusion is not clearly pro- or anti-systemd, the upshot is, there's a surprise interaction, and the means to manage it. Also the Debian community is awesome.

My issue was, for several systems, mostly VMs and cluster nodes in a test cluster that I'm setting up, the default config on Debian Jessie upgraded from Wheezy, SSH sessions do not cleanly exit when the system reboots. This is bad because my cluster-management tools, which push commands out to all the systems via ssh, will fail to exit or generate error codes which are false positives in this circumstance. Rebooting is rare, but important.

There's a Debian bug thread about this, linked below, and there are two solutions, both of which work, and I have used each in different circumstances.
The first solution is to enable "UsePAM" in your sshd config. Apparently, with UsePAM turned on and libpam-systemd installed, SSH sessions get registered in some global set of connections, and can be found and cleaned up at shut-down time. To my mind, this is a pretty strange interaction, and represents the kind new, poorly-managed global state that we were all freaking out about when we first learned about systemd. I have implemented this solution on the head node of the cluster in question, and it works.
For the client nodes of the cluster, I didn't really like this solution, it has the bad side effect of making all SSH connections display the message of the day and other status info (last log-in, etc.) that comes from working the PAM mechanism. Because client nodes do daemon-driven MPI connections, it's important that these connections be clean, there should be no status messages or other system traffic, once the SSH handshake is finished, it should go straight to the MPI traffic, otherwise MPI can get confused and behave poorly. One can in principle edit the PAM config to eliminate the superfluous messages, but you might still want them for console log-ins, and even so, you can still do it, just have the pam-ssh files not use any of the common-auth or common-session stuff, but then there's a lot of near-redundancy, it feels like the wrong scope.

Fortunately, there's the second solution -- if you disable "ssh.service" and enable "ssh.socket", you get clean session termination without requiring PAM in the sshd_config. This is what I have done on the client nodes of my cluster.

So, as I say, my first real operational issue connected with systemd, and so far so good.
Package: openssh-server Version: 1:6.6p1-5 Severity: normal Hi. Since openssh-server comes with systemd support, whenever a host is shut down or restarted, ssh connections to that host just hang and are no longer cleanly terminated (one also doesn't see the shutdown message anymore).
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Reini Urban

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Argh, today I had to write a op_clone tree copier from scratch for my inliner. Copying graphs is not trivial, with pointers pointing inside and outside. In #perl5 we only had functions to clone data, but not code. op_clone keeps the data, but the inlined function needs to change some ops. esp. nextstate and args: by ref and if by value with a copy of the data.
My old attempt was fast, but destructively modified each inlined function in the definition.
More memory (max 10 copied ops per inlined cv), but more speed. No costly arg handling, no costly call and leave handling. Using the stack naturally and not as hackish and expensive as currently. Supporting fast call-by-ref, constants and literals and call-by-value, everything compile-time.
Now the loop-unroller will also be trivial.

BTW: nextstate is horror. It ends a statement, every ';',
and it resets the SP, the stack pointer, for each new line. A normal compiler would keep track of the stack context and would not pollute the stack with unconsumed data. lhs expr should not push their results to the stack, unless it's the end of a function.
For my inliner I added 2 new state ops, to keep the SP inside inlined functions, setstate and keepstate. Horrible, but so far an easier hack than rewriting the compiler to honor the lhs context properly.
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Reini Urban

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darwin quirks with gethostbyname()
There is more than one way to make perl5 twice as fast, but this is what I did today. I fixed it on one machine. My Macbook Air gives constantly better results in my hash function benchmarks than my big Linux Desktop PC, because it has a newer i7 Haswell, and the linux has only an older i5 CPU.
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There's an old saying: "It only hurts when I laugh." Here I think it only hurts when I'm not laughing.
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Reini Urban

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So the instruction cache beats CPU and throughput on Haswell.
The fastest hash function for perl overall is schmorp's fnv1a (unoptimized), while the longer, better ones are in fact slower:

| Hash Function | collisions|  time[sec] | Quality | cyc/hash |
| FNV1A        | 0.862     |   535 sec  |   BAD   |  33.19  |
| OOAT_OLD      | 0.861     |   537 sec  |   BAD   |  50.83  |
| CRC32        | 0.841     |   538 sec  | INSECURE|  31.27  |
| SUPERFAST     | 0.848     |   537 sec  |   BAD   |  27.75  |
| SDBM        | 0.874     |   541 sec  |   BAD   |  29.23  |
| SPOOKY32      | 0.813     |   546 sec  |  GOOD   |  38.45  |
| MURMUR64A     | 0.855     |   546 sec  |   BAD   |  28.80  |
| MURMUR64B     | 0.857     |   546 sec  |   BAD   |  27.48  |
| OOAT_HARD     | 0.842     |   547 sec  |   BAD   |  61.03  |
| MURMUR3       | 0.883     |   547 sec  |  GOOD   |  29.54  |
| DJB2          | 0.898     |   547 sec  |   BAD   |  33.78  |
| METRO64       | 0.892     |   550 sec  |  GOOD   |  26.78  |
| OOAT          | 0.860     |   551 sec  |   BAD   |  ??     |
| SIPHASH       | 0.853     |   551 sec  |  GOOD   |  114.48 |
| METRO64CRC    | 0.872     |   559 sec  |  GOOD   |  23.27  |

Compare that to

Also updated the perl testsuite results here, with collision statistics:
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Reini Urban

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Awesome costumes!

Reini Urban

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Probably the best NBA game this season so far.
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Reini Urban

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Just wanted to share something cool. The music service I'm working with to port their Node to Dart, are LOVING Dart so much.

At first they thought it was going to take them a long time to port their code because it is a new language for them, but it's been a few weeks and most of it ported.

They loved it so much, that we're now working on porting their front-end music player from JS to Dart.

Thanks Dart Team! You guys are doing an amazing job.

Once the product is ready to launch, i'll share it here!
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Reini Urban

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I ordered now a 2nd SteelSeries 6Gv2 mechanical keyboard, US-english, IMHO the only good keyboard for programmers. The price went down from >100 to 80. They still market it as gamers keyboard. Do only gamers buy good keyboards?
The Logitech G710+ has also some good mechanics, and even some programmable (Emacs or Unicode) keys, but a bad linux driver.
The only other option is the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate, which is IMHO not suitable for programmers. 
I tried now about 20 mechanical keyboards. In Germany they don't have US-English keyboards for programmers at all, so you have to try the mechanics on a German layout, and then order the US variant.
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I use the MX Brown...
pro:  best keys for typing :)
con:  quite loud :-(   (The Logitech Mecha have extra dampener rings to reduce noise)
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Reini Urban

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I used TLA+ in my distributed system class in Fall 2014. (To learn the backstory on this, read my pre-semester TLA+ post.) In short, I loved the experience and I am hooked. Integrating TLA+ to the class gave students a way to...
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A little refresh for our big data friends. Local map reduce on your local super cluster, i.e. the desktop PC. 235x faster than your remote Hadoop cluster.
Introduction. As I was browsing the web and catching up on some sites I visit periodically, I found a cool article from Tom Hayden about using Amazon Elastic Map Reduce (EMR) and mrjob in order to compute some statistics on win/loss ratios for chess games he downloaded from the millionbase ...
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I successfully finished fuzzing my projects. I got 4 cpu cores, so I fuzzed 4 at a time, around 15hrs each.

perl5 was very good. It was also by far the fastest. 1500/sec. No errors with .pl or .pm, but I haven't yet fuzzed it's binary or external formats, like Cpanel::JSON::XS (.json), YAML (.yaml), Storable or B::Bytecode (.plc, .pmc).

parrot was pretty good but slow. 100/sec. I only had to fix 2 major crashes. One simple one in the parser, and one in the compiler to forbid the `end` op within user-defined methods. See
.pir is now safe, .pbc was safe already.

potion/p2 was really bad, and still is. 340/sec. The parser was fine, but I had to harden the compiler a lot. But fundamentally the parser is still gc-unsafe, so you can simply break it by using long strings or symbolnames which cause GCs. That's also why you cannot use eval in BEGIN blocks yet, as they might cause a GC.

A simple afl - the american fuzz lop - usage doc is now here:
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Excellent Pho, egg rolls and everything
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I stayed at the Austin Homestead two times so far, and plan to stay there as often as possible, as it's the best budget hotel with weekly discount rates next to downtown. Beds are hard which is perfect for me as european. It's not an indian hotel as the other budget hotels t I-35, it's clean, and has big rooms.
Quality: Very GoodFacilities: Very GoodService: Very Good
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I didn't understand anything on the menu, buy the waiter brought me the best steak in my life. Better than Texas. For 8 Euro.
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