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Had a broad band upgrade:-) (was installing ubuntu on another machine at the time, so it would have used a bit of my available bandwidth)

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​Good Morning everyone,

this post was originally written by Wayne Harris in response to the constant Spoofer attack NZ is currently under. It was subsiquently taken down by Google and the original posters account suspended.

So im re-posting it and tagging all the same people, anyone that is outraged by the actions of a few gutless little pieces of shit please follow suit.

+NIA Ops, +Ingress, +Andrew Krug

Dear Ingress,

HOW THE @#$% can what has happened in NZ this weekend, and what is still happening as i type this, actually be happening?

WHY THE @#$% are your so called improved anti-spoofing measures not worth a pinch of salt in detecting and stopping these lowlives doing what they are doing?

WHAT THE @#$% are you going to do about it? So much damage has been done in the last 48 hours that just just an automated response saying that the ticket has been closed is nowhere near enough this time!

WHEN THE @#$% are we going to hear from you with some concrete plans to both rectify whats happened, and stop this going forward? Will it take this happening in your own backyard and to your own portals before you actually do something about this?

The game in NZ has been compromised to the point that anything above linking two portals in your local park is now hardly worth attempting. BOTH teams are stunned by the audacity of this attack, and no one is quite sure how they should respond to the unprovoked and sustained attack on the entire res player base across the whole @#$%ing country.

Which country is next once they run out of targets in NZ? How many countries will it take before you decide that maybe you will take action?

Ive done this your way for years now. Ive worked within the system. Ive beaten my head against a wall filling in reports, spent many many hours finding proof for both my reports and those of others, with the outcome more often than not being the case closed with no action taken. Ive tried my hardest to keep a calm head in the face of considerable aggravation to do this your way.

No more.

No more being nice and working behind the scenes!
No more patience!
No more belief that you actually know what you are doing!

None! Until you front up and fix this, and tell us that youve fixed it. Properly!

The damage this week is impossible to calculate, but i will tell you that it involves in some cases years of ongoing effort and planning, and a financial cost that must be now well into 5 figures when you take account the locations that have been targeted. Why should any player do anything more than a single daily hack now (if they actually need) it or want that stat to increase?

I (and hundreds of other players) await your response.

You know how to contact us. We have been reaching out to you all weekend. We need you to start talking!

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Catching pokemon at the pub

A simple request I hope - Can we get a filter on the mines page, just to filter out the mines at 100% - It would make it a lot easier to repair mines when sorted by distances (which I use when trying to repair mines for free as I walk around) As it stands, the mines move around in the list (as expected) and I often end up selecting a mine I have already repaired.
I think a simple toggle switch in addition to the sorting would be enough.

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+NIA Ops  #Ingress  +Niantic 
Can you please tell me what's going on at the moment? Have you completely lost your sanity?
In the last few days social media got filled with messages of terminated ingress accounts stating wishy-washy reasons.

I am an Ingress agent for almost three years now and when I opened my scanner on Tuesday evening after work for upgrading and hacking a nearby portal, I could hack but when I moved to the next portal which was green and "needed to be bluetified" I could not shoot...
I received an e-mail which stated my account has been terminated. WTF are you doing? Terminating accounts without a previous warning? Just "BAM"?

Are you just randomly terminating accounts? Are you serious? I want my account back, no matter what!

Hi,  Being in NZ I have a fairly unique problem with IITC.  It occurs in both desktop and Mobile.  Basically the problem is that I can only see links and fields in the eastern or western hemisphere.  Now normally that is not a problem, but at the moment there are a couple of fields that start just outside of wellington and end in papaeete and the cook islands.  So depending on where the map is centred they will or won't show up.  I am not sure what the cut-off point is exactly as there are some fields that go to Arutanga(just west of the cook islands) that will show up.  That is when the map is centred on wellington.  When I move the centre of the map closer to (or just past - not sure) the international dateline one set of fields disappears and the other shows up.  Stock Intel show the fields just fine all the time.
If it is not clear what I mean, let me know and I can post a couple of pictures

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New shiny ☺
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Please please please share this with your kids and family members who have kids. I talk about this with my scouts often, as well as their sisters. I can not impress how important this message is to get to the young kids out there.
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