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Diners Enjoy a Meal in the Clouds
Joining a growing trend for extreme dining - from supper in the dark to eating in the jungle - Belgium's 'Dinner in the Sky' takes the concept to, well, new heights, with a select group of guests sitting around a table suspended 160 feet in the air.

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This would be a nightmare for me.
I remember seing a show about this phenomonen a couple of years or so ago. I'm having a really hard time trying to relate/find interest in participating in this. LOL :-)
ooooh! I could never do that, I suffer from a mild form of vertigo and so this would make me very sick!
it should be mentioned that this is just in front of the Royal Palace and the Royal Park, unfortunately the weather is not really inviting over the next days
If they drop a fork it might impale some unfortunate person below! :)
+Rajini Rao - that's first thing that came to my mind, too! I'm always dropping stuff so don't stand below me if I ever do this. lol!!
Also, it gives new meaning to the phrase throwing crumbs to the masses :)
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