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What the Plus
Super Power of Google Plus

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No wonder it was down earlier...Google can't handle the volume...
Dan Lee
Hopefully the facebook types will stay just that.
A bit behind sharing this don't you think... ;)
I can tell, I see more and more inane posts and comments lol ... popularity is a double-edged sword.
Welcome to the PLUS +Emaan Ali , now plus your circle with PLUS people to PLUS your WORLD :-)

wish you great time at this space
G+ has a better policy, better layout and better community.
Its closing in. Still its a long way to go.
WOW! that's great, even though im new here.
Dan Lee
I don't mind G+ being second. The community is mature and switched on. Lets keep it that way.
I hope that the boring/perverts/silly users of Facebook stays in Facebook! Don't come to G+, it's not fun! 
G+ is bit technical thing so people are user friendly in PAK that's the FB is on high grade but for me G+ and Twitter are better then FB both in respect of security and privacy levels. 
G+ offers more then FB if one is sound enough. In PAK its usage is low need to move it up.
I agree with you +Rabiya Ahsan  People with genuine curiosity to follow their passions and learn something are on G+. While on the other hand, people who are obsessed with conspiracy theories are on FB :D
+Rehan Ahmad the word conspiracy theory seems to be used with crazy people now. When is not the case, that doesn't define the meaning. 
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