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Work on the presentation of your G+ Page

While alot of new G Plussers are circling me from last couple of days and I am taking time to look at each and every profile to find some interesting folks. Here is a handy tip for You (NEW PLUSSERS) who are looking to get more followers;

So you circle various people with expectation to get circled back but it depends on how much time have you spent on your profile. Have a look on one of my earlier related post on criteria of circling people:
Additionally you have to work on the Presentation of your G+ Page. I mean you will lose the attraction if numbers on your G+ Page shows;

In Your Circles: +4000 People
People Having You in Circles: 590

Seriously, who will be interested to circle you back? For me it shows that you are going to face alot of problems to become an engager and to look at my posts. So I suggest you to Circle people carefully give some time yourself for circle management.

And if you have already circled huge number of people, then here is a tip;
You can manage the visibility of Number of people in your circles and Number of people who have circled you
1. Click on Your Name which is next to notifications on the upper right side of Your G+ Page.
2. Click on Privacy. (Page in a new tab will open)
3. Click on "Edit Visibility on Profile".
4. Click on your Circle Area which is left side of Your G+ Page.
5. Deselect the 1st option.
6. Click Save

Hope it will Help.
Your Valuable Feedback is more than Welcome.!!
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Nice post! Follower turnover on Twitter is pretty volatile cuz a lotta users are indiscriminate with who they follow, and RECIPRIFOLLOW expectations run high. Overall, I'm finding G+ to be much more chill about numbers, and it's more about connecting with people who post great content.
I agree with +Stef Marcinkowski the arbitrary follow backs expected after adding thousands is annoying, and defeatist in nature. I don't want to see your favorite cat photos or greatest motivational pictures. 
I need more engagement, and intelligent conversations. I think this post is awesome because it explains every thing that shouldn't be done especially on plus
I only wish google would have worked this post into the setup of each new G+ plus profile. (Training Wheels) 
Thanks +Rehan Ahmad 
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