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I was wondering how to promote people who are new to +Google+, adding people in their circles and want kick start and feel of presence in this cool community of Google+.

Here is the Deal:
1. Mention last 10 people who had added you in their circles.
2. These mentions should not include people who have added you back.
3. They will jump in the mainstream and engage.
4. I will make a circle of those who will respond and engae and share in Public. And hopefully key influencers like +Denis Labelle +Jaana Nyström +Melody Lynn +Amanda Blain +Jack C Crawford +Mike Elgan +Carter Gibson +Mark Traphagen to name few will support me in this circle share.

Cool isn't?
let the fun begin
Knock Knock: +Jack C Crawford +Melody Lynn +Margie D Casados +Rahul Roy +pio dal cin +Mark Traphagen +Michelle Marie +Jahangir Alam +Rakhshanda Fawad +Carter Gibson +Denis Labelle +Alireza Yavari +Farzana Shan +Giselle Minoli +Kristie D +Elle Gray +Amy Gabriel +Amanda Blain +Siamak Manzarpour +Peter G McDermott +Ryan Crowe +Rajini Rao +Hassan Shabbir +Thomas Morffew +Yifat Cohen +Cliff Roth +Erika Stahoski +Jaana Nyström +Johan Horak +Jo Anne Thomas +Grace O'Malley +Rod Dunne +CircleCount +Kim Crawford M.D. +Mylinda Montroy +Monika Ljubičić +Shaker Cherukuri +Gary S Hart
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Not doing circle rides anymore. Every time I add one, I end up with an endless prune job to get rid of people that don't interest me.

Search for stuff that interests you, then add people that post interesting stuff. That way you both find good content and good people.
I am not saying you ride +Lars Fosdal just mention last 10 people who have circled you.
With or without the blueheads and spammers?
Honestly, this makes no sense.
It could be more senseful if you share the most interesting post of the last 10 people you've circled...
I started to do this +Rehan Ahmad, but I stopped after I opened up a couple of the "people" who most recently added me.

I'm not going to promote streams with crappy content or trolls and spammers. At least half of my last 10 circlers fit into that category.

Thanks for the mention though +CircleCount
You are right +Keith Cramer, but I think +Rehan Ahmad is searching for exactly people like you, who jump in here,after they have been mentioned.

I think trolls and spammers won't jump in.
I'll buy into that +CircleCount, but still not going to tag / promote the ones that are here for nefarious reasons.

Ok, in the spirit of the experiment, I went ahead and pulled up the last 10 people who added me and eliminated the obvious spammers, trolls, and blatent marketers. I actually ended up reporting one of them to google for...ummm...fairly nasty stuff.

Here is what I have left from my most recent 10:
+Shaker Cherukuri - VERY VERY recent, nice to meet you Shaker. :-)
+Anna T. - artist?
+Helil Lourenco - photographer or photo sharer?
+Brian Crowder - A random guy. I couldn't find him in the tag list sooo.. no tag.
Hi +Keith Cramer , thanks for mentioning me. BTW, I took all the pics in my albums myself (do you think I should point that out more?). I'd be very glad to engage with photographers (not only) from around the world to exchange experiences.
+Helil Lourenco Absolutely.Great shots, but I couldn't find anywhere that officially said it was you, so I didn't want to assume.
+Helil Lourenco I guess I didn't really answer the question.. Yeah, I'd spell it out and I'd use the term "photographer" in some capacity on your profile too if this is the kind of thing you do on a regular basis.
Thanks everyone for your valuable engagement in this post.
+Keith Cramer circle will include only those who will show up in this thread. Then I will go through their profiles before recommending them.
+Lars Fosdal Although an interesting idea I still follow the suggestion of Lars. Search for a topic and add people that write interesting stuff. So you are more selective and get better results (or have better control).
Agree. These circles although kinda fun don't really work for anyone. They need topics. Like choose a recent photographer who circled you and mention them. Most new people have no idea what's what.. . Mentions in a random thread likely won't make sense to them . Check out my circle management post actually. That's the best way I've found for getting newbies involved. Creating searchable circle specific topic posts.
There should totally be a button for "Add everyone mentioned in this thread." And I like the concept of random names. Life is in large part suffused with random chance. The opportunity should be allowed to knock on occasion.

What I do is I add several hopefuls into a new people circle and then delete them when they say or post things that don't interest me.

Kinda like how I handle my music collection hehe. I don't know music, but I know what I like when I hear it.
Wohoo, people are enjoying the fun, and some of them are offcourse not very happy with the idea. That's what we call world of differences, and I appreciate and respect everyone rather far or against this idea. But this idea was for FUN, as if going away from conventions and giving a platform for newbies ( they can be anyone but mostly newbies )
You mention, they come here and engage, through their comments on this post I will look at their profiles and share them in circles. So where is the threat of spammers and trolls? I was just wondering..!!
Cheerz everyone
You'll have to do it again, +Shama Chohan. My primary account is presently suspended and they haven't bothered to tell me why. >_<
Got the account back. >:)
Awesome! Thanks Elle! Not at my computer but I will definitely contribute when I can get to a PC.
boo Jay
Wut? I've been beckoned, by the +Elle Gray no less. It must be something dirty. I can smell it.
Smell it? Oh, dear-I knew I should have cleaned the litter box. I am a newbie, but thanks to Elle Gray, and many others, I am starting to feel very,
I wish I was as smart as my semi- smart, droid phone. Oops. Thanks, all, and I will try to help with some intersting and amusing material, as I get used to using these new fangled gadgets. Elle Gray aand many others have made this a wonderful place to share...
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