I was wondering how to promote people who are new to +Google+, adding people in their circles and want kick start and feel of presence in this cool community of Google+.

Here is the Deal:
1. Mention last 10 people who had added you in their circles.
2. These mentions should not include people who have added you back.
3. They will jump in the mainstream and engage.
4. I will make a circle of those who will respond and engae and share in Public. And hopefully key influencers like +Denis Labelle +Jaana Nyström +Melody Lynn +Amanda Blain +Jack C Crawford +Mike Elgan +Carter Gibson +Mark Traphagen to name few will support me in this circle share.

Cool isn't?
let the fun begin
Knock Knock: +Jack C Crawford +Melody Lynn +Margie D Casados +Rahul Roy +pio dal cin +Mark Traphagen +Michelle Marie +Jahangir Alam +Rakhshanda Fawad +Carter Gibson +Denis Labelle +Alireza Yavari +Farzana Shan +Giselle Minoli +Kristie D +Elle Gray +Amy Gabriel +Amanda Blain +Siamak Manzarpour +Peter G McDermott +Ryan Crowe +Rajini Rao +Hassan Shabbir +Thomas Morffew +Yifat Cohen +Cliff Roth +Erika Stahoski +Jaana Nyström +Johan Horak +Jo Anne Thomas +Grace O'Malley +Rod Dunne +CircleCount +Kim Crawford M.D. +Mylinda Montroy +Monika Ljubičić +Shaker Cherukuri +Gary S Hart
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