Shared publicly  - I know I haven't been around in a while, but...WHAT'S UP WITH THE CHANGES!? I like this.

Anyway, new post up on Freelancer R and yes, there will hopefully be two more this weekend to catch up on the two weeks that I missed. This week on Freelancer R, the Muppet (and the other +The Muppets ) helps me with inspiration and imagination.

Definitely recommend having a kid around when you have writer's block.
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For the most part I don't mind the layout changes much, I just wished they would design it to scale to the screen and take up all the available space. I'm running a 1080p monitor and a good third of the screen is wasted. I'll admit that was probably the case with the old layout, but the screen was centered so it wasn't as glaringly obvious. Most of the pictures and videos that people link to are much larger than the thumbnails they make so I think they could probably work something out that would fix that. Widescreen monitors are the standard now, start developing for them.
I will say that I like this design much better than Facebook's and it's not terribly bad. I just wish that my circles were promenient on the left instead of some of the other listings here.
How do u like this much better than facebook? This IS facebook? You need to go logon to facebook and enable the timeline in your profile. This is basically a cheap knockoff of Timeline view...except just like jason said above.. useless since it doesn't scale. I think its time to start calling google+ by its real name.... google- :P
+Travis Mathews I hate Facebook now. To be fair, Facebook shot first by dong what G+ had already done and what we had wanted in the first place - circles, though that was after, what the Skype thing and something else I can't remember right now.

And to be a G+ fan girl, I talk to more people here than on Facebook & Twitter combined. I'm awesome. :D
I also prefer Google+ to Facebook. Mostly, though, it's just because I use Google for pretty much everything now: Android phone, GMail, Google Talk... it's more convenient for me to have everything in one integrated hub than to have to remember a million different account names and passwords. And before you say that most websites allow you to link to Facebook, most of those allow you to link to Google as well.
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