Someone left a female pit bull in our yard on Tuesday under the stairs. I've named her "Annie" as in Orphan Annie. Oakland Animal Services picked her up yesterday and, yes, I cried a bit because she's a sweet but traumatized dog.

I called OAS yesterday and asked them to give us an update on her: did she pass the physical and, if so, how is she doing?

I got that call today. She's still with us. She does have an inflammation, and they're treating her. There is still time to break her out of the pen!

I'm upping my efforts to spread the word. If you can help either by letting folks know that she needs help that would be great. Also, Bad Rap has offered to provide free training, support and promotional assistance as appropriate to anyone who can foster her. Read more about their work at the link!

She's on borrowed time and they'll euthanize her on Sunday if I can't find something for her.

Orphan Annie
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