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Next to the day I married the man of my dreams, this is the best day of my life. Such an incredible honor. Thank you so much to my husband Fred and all the wonderful friends who allowed me to practice on them. They are the true superstars. Narrowing down the choice of images was so difficult and I apologize for not being able to include everyone.

I wrote most of this article a year ago in hopes of one day having the opportunity to appear as a guest poster on +Scott Kelby's blog.
Dreams DO come true!
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Awesome Blog post. To be honest with you , i thought that you were a man until reading this. Not that it matters of course, i just thought you were the guy in your avatar. Anyway, i love your style and your processing!
Thank you, +Russ Evans 
I don't know why still I use that avatar!
I just can't seem to switch it out for a photo of me.
Secretly, I think it's why I have as many followers as I do :)
Congratulations on your Scott Kelby guest blog post!  The passion you apply to your work and Photoshop artistry, is truly reflected in the images you create.  I think it's great that you do this work to please  yourself.  Keep up the wonderful work!      
That was a really good blog post, enjoyed reading it. 
Love your post processing technique.  Thanks for sharing your story.
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