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I started riding my bike and #cyclingkauai and this has become one of my fave spots to stop and sit when I ride.

Trouble is, there are MANY great spots like this along my route and I have to remember I'm out to get a workout and stay on my bike lol

#kauai #zen #peaceful 
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Regina Floyd

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Remember Mr Potatohead?  He's been around a long time and he's learned a thing or two. 

He knows where he needs to be tonight at 9pm EST if he's serious about taking his business to the next level. 

Join me and Mr. Potatohead LIVE tonight, 9pm EST for a FREE Marketing Training with Millionaire Mom herself, Diane Hochman 

She'll be sharing her secrets on how to #twistyourlist  even if its super small and get results like the "Gurus" do 

If you are tired of having to learn every new lead-gen strategy? Make this ONE shift she's teaching tonight and never run out of leads again.  
Join us live, register your seat, 

Let me know your there and lets chat and compare notes :D

#wednesdaytraining   #marketingtraining   #leadgeneration  
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Regina Floyd

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Building or promoting anything on Facebook ?
Want more Traffic ~ Leads ~ Money and Branding of your business


Come end 2015 (Last Wednesday of the year) with a bang and find out how to Get more leads (and money) in 2016 for YOUR business

Here's a touch of what you can expect :
~ How to port your leads directly from FaceBook into your autorersponder (this is a HUGE time saver - VERY cool!)
~ How to embed your Mobile FaceBook Ad into your Blog so prospects can click the ad on your blog and automatically join YOUR list! (nobody is doing this - this is NINJA!)

THEN BRING YOUR QUESTIONS  so you can master FaceBook's brand new mobile ads platform to get leads !

WARNING: These will be the cheapest, best quality leads you will ever generate... This will be live & interactive... YOU WILL MASTER LEAD GENERATION IN 2016!

#leadgeneration   #facebookads   #onlinemarketing
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Thanks so much for sharing!! 
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Regina Floyd

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LIVE WEBINAR: FaceBook Ads Agency Reveals How They Got 500 REAL E-mail Addresses for .28 Cents Each with FB's Brand New 1-Click Mobile Marketing Solution!

One Click Mobile Leads with Facebook??

Have you been wondering how to build your business on FACEBOOK?

I LOVE social media marketing and I have to say my favorite place to be is Facebook and I soon discovered that posting pictures and things to my profile and/or page was not enough
I soon learned there was MORE to building a business on facebook but thankfully, it isn't complicated.

If you are building ANY kind of business, using Social Media Marketing Strategies to do it, .... then you must see this
this Wednesday, 12/23/15

Register NOW, seats will fill up fast!

FaceBook has made some big updates for business owners and marketers, and it is my mission, goal, and privilege to keep YOU up to date!

one of our FB insiders was talked into dissecting everything FaceBook just released with their mobile ads platform right before your eyes…

* New FaceBook mobile ads allow you to collect e-mails with 1 click without them ever having to physically enter their e-mail (this boosted our conversions 10-fold)

* 100% of all the emails you get from this strategy are your prospect’s BEST e-mails (because they are e-mails linked to their FB accounts!)

* We’ll unveil the exact offer, funnel, and ads we used to Rake in 500 leads for $140 with this new mobile leads platform.

* BONUS: if you have a networking biz where you can give away samples, or any type of physical product, we’ll show you how to get paid right inside FaceBook.

ALL of these details revealed PLUS MORE this Wednesday at 9 PM EST -

Register Here:

Did I mention this is absolutely FR33 to attend?
INCREDIBLE Facebook Mobile Updates For Business Owners
Wed, December 23, 2015, 9:00 PM

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Regina Floyd

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Do You Have What it Takes?

There was a time when I had a great life, but I wasn't free

~ I had to live my life by anothers standards
~ I had to give my time according to anothers schedule
~ I had to accept the value (pay) another placed upon me and my time
~ Couldn't sell enough time to make all the money I wanted
~ I even put my life on the line for people I didn't even know

Then I went in search of the true #freedom  

I walked away from what most would call security and went after MORE

In the beginning, I didn't know what I was doing
In the beginning, I didn't have any skills, knowledge or abilities 
In the beginning, I didn't have extra money to spend (I walked away from my guaranteed income to just a fraction of what I used to make)

so I found OTHER ways to build myself
I found other ways to be the architect of my life

Tonight, one of those ways is happening at 9pm EST

some FREE training (cost is your email address to register)

Showing you how to build YOUR business, ANY business with 7 simple steps

I used to attend ALL the free training I could get my hands on to learn every little thing I could about building a business online

There were people I'd follow and attend everything they gave away because I knew they delivered value.

Tonight is one of those nights

Diane is giving away her secrets, spilling the beans, and sharing it all for free

- Millionaire Mom Reveals Her Top 7 Favorite Marketing Hacks That Took Her from Changing Diapers and Making Lunches â?? to Traveling the World Teaching Marketing Tricks That Work...

Life has changed a lot for me since those early days in 2007 but this one thing I know, I'll be LIVE listening to everything Diane shares tonight.

See you there!

#wednesdaywebinar   #freetraining   #havewhatittakes  
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Regina Floyd

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How To Get What You Want...
....3 Easy Tips

I made some decisions today and while in the process of my new morning routine, I realized a couple of things I felt were worth sharing 

What if you could get what you want
~ out of life
~ out of business
~ out of what ever 

and these 3 easy tips really made all the difference? 

Check out my video
See what they are
Share your thoughts in the Comment. 


#howtogetwhatyouwant   #freedomcreator  #easytips
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Regina Floyd

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Wednesday Webinar Marketing Training preparation

I was out riding and decided to spend some time here in stillness before heading home for a online marketing training I was attending.

Glad I did, the webinar went almost 3 hours.


This Weekly Wednesday Training is free to attend and helps you build ANY business so even if you missed this one, check out the link and get signed up for the new one this coming Wednesday! 

#onlinemarketingtraining   #wednesdaywebinar #preparation
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Regina Floyd

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What Kind of Year Will You Have This Year? 

Want RESULTS this year?
Want to make lasting change NOW?
Will 2016 be the year you finally BREAK FREE?

Ignite your year off right TONIGHT, 9PM EST when we'll be giving you some powerful free coaching on how to make 2016 your BEST year yet!

Register Here:

Just a snippet of what you will learn LIVE tonight!

* Why most people who want to make 2016 their best year yet will predictably fail… and the secret to making real, lasting change in your life NOW.

* personal goal-setting routine that will inspire you, and fuel you to go after & achieve everything you want this year (and more).

*  personal rituals you'll want to swipe and repeat every January 

If you want results in 2016, REGISTER NOW, show up TONIGHT 

FREE to attend 

... this will set the tone for the entire year, and put you on a path to achieving all you want from this day forward.

#newyearnewyou   #getresults  
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Regina Floyd

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Want your Jingle back?

and Grow your #networkmarketing  business over the holidays?

We show you how, LIVE & Free tonight, 9 pm EST 

HOW to get RED-HOT Leads at Unreal Prices (literally PENNIES per lead)

HOW to get REAL e-mails and REAL phone numbers in the most competitive niches for literally 50 cents and under PER LEAD!

... and the secret vault is being opened and being shared with you tonight

MUST Register your seat NOW here: 

no cost - no catch - more business

no replay so get their live - you'll be glad you did when your business gets it's JINGLE back  

#growyourbusiness   #businessovertheholidays   #networkmarketing  
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I've invented man's cream. It's just pretty much good for man's use. Any ides to market all over the world.
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Regina Floyd

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7 Marketing Hacks  ~ makes more working part time than her doctor, lawyer or CPA

She was able to work ‘part-time’ on her dream for 2-3 hours a day
while she focused ‘full time’ on raising her beautiful children…

ALL while earning more than her doctor, attorney, and CPA.  :)

This stuff is REAL... And tonight this powerhouse ‘Millionaire Mom’ marketer is giving you her top 7 marketing hacks.

These 7 hacks allowed a ‘full-time Mom’ to out-earn most lawyers. And tonight they’re YOURS!

Register Here -

Millionaire Mom goes LIVE at 9 PM EST TONIGHT!

#millionairemom   #7marketinghacks   #financialfreedom  
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Regina Floyd

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How often do you check #instagram  on your phone?

Be honest?

More than once a day?

More than once an hour?

People check Instagram all the time.

Standing in lines, at restaurants, at the bus stop, on the bus (some even do it in their car :/ Don't do that)...

The point is that this is a massively engaging audience.

Are you using it to generate leads? Not sure how?

Well this totally FREE training will show you exactly how. To the tune of 150 or more extra leads each and every month. All from your phone.

150 extra leads a month is life-altering.

Oh's easy as can be. Anyone can do it. Heck you're doing it anyway. LOL

Click below for this awesome training... 

#instagramtraining   #leadsoninstagram   #freetraining  
'10-Minute Per Day Instagram Blueprint' to Add 150+ Leads Per Month to Your Business... for FREE!" CLICK HERE FOR INSTANT ACCESS. Imagine adding an easy 5-10 leads per day to your business with Instagram... for FREE! ×. You're Almost There! Simply Enter Your Information Below To Get FREE Instant ...
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Regina Floyd

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Red Pill or Blue Pill?  Rebelling against the Matrix 

What would you choose if you wanted to free your mind? 
 Red or Blue?

Today on our hangout we'll be talking about our perception
of what the "Matrix" is and how we got out

A Majority of people sleep walk their way through life
~programmed" to think a certain way.
~programmed" to act a certain way.
~programmed" to be a certain way.

Never going against the grain.

It's not their fault and it's not yours either.

Because really, you just don't know what you don't know

and maybe exposure to a different way of thinking hasn't shown
up at your doorstep yet.

Chances are, it may ever show up and you may have to go out 
there and get it yourself.

So Red Pill or Blue Pill? 

"You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed 
and believe whatever you want to believe. 

You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland, and I show you how 
deep the rabbit hole goes." ~ Morpheus 

you take the red pill and you become aware of what the 
Matrix really is 

Join us this Sunday November 15th 5:30pm PST

on the Maverix Lifestyles Rogue Hang Out where we are going 
to talk about what lead us to choosing what pill to swallow

and we'll share how you can decide once and for all for 
yourself which pill you want to take (RED or BLUE)

only if you are REALLY ready to leave the Matrix though
NOT everyone is 

Meet us here - LIVE - tonight, Sunday 11/15

#redpill   #bluepill   #thematrix  
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Bravo gullies C bein 
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  • University of Nevada, Las Vegas
    Liberal Arts
  • Mountain State University
    Criminal Justice Administration
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FREEDOM: Making a Living Actually LIVING!

What would you do NOW if you had the FREEDOM to do it? 

Freedom is a choice and you might be shocked at how easy it can be to get.'

Learn more >                                                                                                                                                                                 name is Regina and I'm a Lifestyle Freedom Creator that just moved from Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada  to Kauai in June 2015.

 I was born in Toul Rosieres France and moved to the states as a 1 year old baby when my father brought the family here with the Air Force. 

I lived in Las Vegas the majority of my life with the exception of having lived in England for four years, so I considered myself a Vegas native. 

In 1988 I joined the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and in March 2008, I retired as a Patrol Sergeant ending a 20 year career in Law Enforcement to care for my sick mother and enjoy what ever time she had left. (I got 5 more years with her)

In 2003 I lost my father and was reminded of my own mortality and I decided to adopt a baby girl from a Russian Orphanage and finally got her home in June 2004.  

When I got my daughter home and the reality of raising a child alone hit me, I realized I needed to find another way. I couldn't imagine putting her in a daycare all day long while I worked 10-12 hours shifts.  As a single parent, I was all she had.

It was then I got started on my path to finding a home based business and a way to make money online. 

Over the years I have tried just about everything from selling juice, vitamins, digital products, video products, fitness products, you name it in order to find a way 

Finally in 2012 I found the Answer!  

I found a way to generate income from home, online, while still taking care of my family and handling all the responsibilities of a single mom and caretaker of an elder parent. 

that was then...

NOW...after my mom transitioned in 2013, I was able to pick up and move my household to a small island in the Pacific called Kauai

I now live and work from my laptop, and thanks to wifi, can technially work from the beach if I wanted to. 

It comes down to this...

If you are looking for a way to create some changes in your life, more freedom, more time, more money and a way to work less and finally really enjoy and live life, then I've got the answer. 

It works, it's affordable, and it's making people money.....are you next?

Wishing you  the Freedom 2 Live Life Well,

Regina                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Follow me on FACEBOOK
Check Out My Videos                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
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I Am FREE ~ Freedom Creator ~ Moved To Kauai ~ Living Laptop Lifestyle ~ See How I Do It!
Lifestyle Freedom Creator: Show You How To Own Your Time ~LIFE~ Income
Online Marketing, Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Freedom Creator
  • Freedom 2 Live Life Well, LLC
    Social Media Marketing Consultant , 2006 - present
    I help others effectively market their business online.
  • Local Online Marketing Solutions
    Online Marketing Strategist, 2013
  • Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department
    Retired Police Sgt., 1987 - 2007
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Win Electronics, iPads, Jewelry and more Classified Ad - Penny Auctions ...

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Go First Class or Go Home!

Choose to go first class and create a successful online home business.

What can I started December 2011 and I'm still here. Stuck through the highs and the lows, the good and the bad and like any family... watched the changes and the growth, had some concerns and doubts, and wondered what the heck, yet I stuck around I was just telling someone today when they asked where I learned the marketing knowledge, skills and strategies I know....I learned it through Empower Network. The products, the people, and incredible innovative leaders and change makers we have here. Excited about what the future holds and excited to see the (family) community continue to grow as we get even better at Empowering others to be of value in the market place.
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Absolutely LOVED this Pharmacy! Not only is it cute (building and location) but the staff was INCREDIBLE! My order was handled efficiently and professionally but I also witnessed first hand the compassion and caring for people. An older gentleman was in line ahead of me and had some difficulty getting up from the seat. The pharmacist went out of his way to ease this transaction by coming to the gentleman, and not making him stand for long periods of time. After he received payment for the prescription, he (the pharmacist) began chatting with the older man and asking about him, his wife, and how she was doing with her prescriptions. I really witnessed and felt the authentic caring and compassion for humanity here. This is not the closest pharmacy to my house but I would drive over from ANYWHERE on the island. Wonderful authentic Aloha here <3
• • •
Public - 5 months ago
reviewed 5 months ago
3 reviews
Cute little place off the beaten path. Wouldnt have ever seen it if a new friend hadn't taken us there. The staff was very friendly and the food was Delicious.It's small and gets busy fast so hurry on down and get your seat. (they also offer takeout) I had the "special" and enjoyed every bit of it. To be honest...had no clue what was in it until I looked it up later but ate every bite. This is a place I'll definitely go back to and try the other recommended items (Strawberry soda)
• • •
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reviewed 6 months ago