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Erotica for the Hardcore Historian
Erotica for the Hardcore Historian

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#Canadian and #Australian readers: I've lowered the prices of my novels in your regions!

So far #Amazon and #iBooks have been confirmed. New prices should also be in effect on #Kobo and #GooglePlay, if not now, then very soon!

#historicalromance #eroticromance

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Happy #EarthDay everyone!
Happy #ScienceMarch everyone!

Americans who care about preserving the environment should be aware that the #EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is currently taking comments about looming drastic and severe cuts to the agency.

#SaveTheEPA !!
Submit your comments to Docket ID No. EPA-HQ-OA-2017-0190

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Friday Fragment Contest:
Can you guess which fragment is from THE PLEASURE DEVICE?
Guess the fragment, and enter to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card!!!
#Giveaway #FunGame #BookLovers #romance

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Los Angeles area readers! Exciting news! You can now find my books on the shelves of The Ripped Bodice!


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Awesome shout out for my story in this review for Begging for It: Erotic Fantasies for Women:
"ORCAS: loved the seamless transition from imagination to reality".
5 stars on Amazon!
#erotica #review

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Lots of great advice here for writers of all genres!

Tips for writers:
I've been reading a lot of flat, one-dimensional stories recently.

Deep 3rd point-of-view is a tool to get into your character, what they see, feel (inside), smell, taste, touch. Step away from being a narrator and become your character!

Deep 3rd POV is also a life-saver when writing a same sex or menage sex scene. No need for distancing filters such as "the taller man" "the younger man".

I used to write in a narrator's voice, but once I mastered Deep 3rd POV, I found writing actually easier.

#writingtips #pointofview #POV #romance #sexscenes #deepthird

Edits for the fourth book in my Harwell Heirs series keep getting sidetracked by gardening!
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