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De cupcakejes hebben gelukkig (nog) niemand vermoord :')
Sitrep Operation retrieval of the SmurfsCupcCakeSuitCase
This story is about a suitcase. Not a normal suitcase but a real special one, to be used by special agents of the resistance only.
It was made by me, just a few weeks before the Abbadon anomaly in Hamburg, Germany on 14 November 2015. One of my teammates, agent @mortalcupcake decided to bake some smurfcupcakes that we would take with us to the anomaly.

Since i had some spare time I bought a big secondhand flight case online that i would transform into an original SmurfCupCakeSuitCase.
And so I did.

Agent @MunchnetNL donated stickers to stick on the case so it would look really cool.

Just before the anomaly, my sweet uncle Henk visited us and he loved the suitcase. He is 59 years old, has Down syndrome and dementia stage 2 and he asked me if i could give the suitcase to him because his box for storing his musical instruments had just broke. I promised him the box after the anomaly.

On November 13th 2015 my husband agent @TheBoldHacker and myself, agent @BlueMerle drove to Haarlem, a city 30 km away from us where agents @mortalcupcake and her boyfriend agent @zoidet had been busy baking 50 cupcakes.

One cupcake was lost in the process, stolen by @Zoidet s father but 49 cupcakes ended up in the case.

Next day we drove the suitcase all the way to Hamburg and dropped it off at restaurant Alitalia were team Dippingate and lots of friends/fellow agents enjoyed a great treat.

At the end of the pre reg party at Alitalia, we couldn't bring the SmurfsCupCakeCase back to the apartment we were staying because of time pressure (needed to rush to take the last U-bahn metro) and forgot all about the case.

9 December 2015: agent @sirVinc posts on Google + that he is looking for the owner of a special suitcase. He had found it after the anomaly in restaurant Alitalia and brought it into his home. He wants to know if I would like to get it back.
Lots of my teammates from Dippingate send me his post and @sirVinc and me had our first chat (about the case and about my promise to uncle Henk).

Since Hamburg is a six hour drive away from where @TheBoldHacker and me live, so just driving back there was not an option. The challenge was to find one or more agents that could take the suitcase with them to the province of Noord Holland in the Netherlands.

At that point @sirVinc brought in special agent @Teckel. Special agent @Teckel lives in Emden, Germany and so the Suitcase was brought there by @sirVinc.

Agent@Teckel would attend an operation in the north of Holland on the 9th of January 2016. He agreed on taking it with him to operation Thersus in Groningen, Holland. And so he did.

Before making the exchange to the third involved agent,@agentRoKa, the SmurfCupCakeSuitCase joined in on three Cargress missions in Project Thersus.

That evening,@AgentRoka drove to her home in Leeuwarden, Holland, in control of the SCCC (the SmurfsCupCakeCase).
And so it happened that the special case entered it's fourth city since the anomaly.

A week later, at 16 January 2016 a good friend of mine, agent @MITV attended popfestival Eurosonic Noorderslag in Groningen. 
On his way back from that, tired as hell, he drove passed @agentRoKa s home and picked up the SCCC.

Then, before coming home even, at that point exhausted due to the festival and the long drive, he brought is to my home. I felt so happy to be finally reunited with this SmurfCupCakeCase after 94 days!
My uncle Henk doesn't know that it is back yet, I'll transform it into a musical instruments box before taking it to him. Probably give it to him on his 60th birthday on 25th of May. And so this operation comes to an end.

I am very, very grateful to all agents involved, on behalf of myself and my uncle Henk who will be over the moon when he sees the SuitCase is back.

This story is a story of teamwork, of helping others, it is about giving.
It fills my heart with joy to notice that people care, even people I don't even know in real life ( like the German brigade).

To conclude this happy story I want to direct a special word of gratitude to one of the agents involved, didn't figure out who it was yet, to have emptied the case in the process so i didn't have to see what SmurfsCupCakes look like when being captured in a Case for 94 days! 😘

The SCCC wasn't empty tho. One of those agents named in this sitrep placed two envelops with top secret content in the case! Who did it and what was in the envelops?
You all will never know... 😉

Agents involved:
@mortalcupcake for suggesting the whole SmurfsCupCake idea and for filling the case up
@Zoidet for assisting @mortalcupcake with the bake
@TheBoldHacker for transporting it from the province of Noord Holland to restaurant Alitalia in Hamburg, Germany
@BlueMerle for creating the SmurfsCupCakeCase and writing this sitrep
@MunchnetNL for donating a big bunch of stickers to decorate the CupCakeCase with
@sirVinc for posting about finding the SCCC and finding an agent to bring the case to Groningen, Holland, storing the SCCC and bringing the case to Emden, Germany
@Teckel for bringing the case to Groningen, Holland and Cargress with the suitcase in the trunk
@agentRoKa for driving the SCCC to Leeuwarden, Holland and storing it in her home for a week
And last but not least @MITV for taking it the last kilometers from Leeuwarden to my home in Alkmaar, Holland

+John Hanke  
+Anne Beuttenmüller 
+Matilde Tusberti 
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Good evening.

One of our close friends her 5 year old son, Mika is in the hospital fighting a very vicious cancer (Burkitt in his entire stomach and organs :( )

But what I would like to ask of you is to send a postcard (he loves postcards)
I would think it would make him smile and his parents also.

his postal address is

VU Medical centre
attn. Mika
department 9B, room 48
P.O. Box 7057
1007 MB Amsterdam
The Netherlands

if you can not send an postcard I would like to ask you to share the message or spread the word however you can :)

my many thanks and a big smile and hug from Mika

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Type of appeal: Rejected Mission
Reason for appeal: mission was rejected
Mission name: SF Murder Mystery (1-6)
Mission author: +Doctor Octagon​​​​

About the mission:
The mission series takes you on a tale of murder and mystery.
The missions contains a lot of custom portal descriptions. With those together with clues to next portals you are being guided through the city while solving a fictieve crime. Each portal will give you clues and allows you to follow a murderer who was made up in a crime of fiction that you need to solve.

Why we like this:
We already have plenty of missions that take you through cities and county side roads.
Often your only required to hack without being given much context of where you are and the significance is of that place.
This is an original idea to take you through the city.
As an interesting fact, Amsterdam has a dark history of murders, kidnappings, public executions. By combining real world places and events with a fictional story you get to experience Amsterdam in a very different way.

Why we think +NIA Ops​​​​ should concider this:
+Doctor Octagon​​​​ has done something very original that can also be used by +Ingress​​​​ to create storylines agents can follow during mission days and or anomalies.
Such storylines could include agents to discover what happened to +Stella V​​​​ or other important +Ingress​​​​ characters.

At this point there is no appeal process for missions. However, I do hope +NIA Ops​​​​ will read this and reconsider the missions knowing now that is a completely fictional story where all names etc are made up. 

Ik wou graag even NIA bedanken mijn Guardian Portals te verwijderen in Teresienstadt Praag. Ben ik zo erg blij mee. Overigens wel goede move. #weshouldnotbeplaying  in Nazi territory

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13/24 afgemaakt nu slapen al hele dag bezig geweest met bedenken etc. :p. Toen nog eens lekker lopen ruziën met photoshop en uiteindelijk alles netjes uitgeknipt in mijn geliefde paint :P. Ik ben trots op het resultaat :D (so far).
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"Portals are green, Portals are blue, here eat my bursters. Now it does not belong to you"

Ik wil even mededelen dat het zeer flauw is een incorrect bericht over mij te gaan schrijven en dan privé te delen (perongeluk/expres) (ook zo volwassene weer jongens).

Ik wist tot heden niks af van enige afspraak of de reden. Ik hoorde wel schimmen, maar nooit is mij gevraagd de portal met rust te laten. Of is er een reden gegeven. En om dan te gaan dreigen dat je "Guardian off limits word" wat een leuke "mede-smurf(en)" heb je dan. Ik doe wat ik wil het is je eigen spel wat je speelt. En om privé redenen een portal claimen is een no go.. Home portal of niet dat probeerde ik er enkel mee te zeggen. Mijn gedachten gaan echter dus wel uit naar hun en ik wens hun zeker wel sterkte. Maar die portal is van ons allemaal!

P.s. Nog een leuk plaatje om de post mee op te vrolijken (:
P.p.s. commentaar mag uiteraard houd het dan wel gepast en volwassen :*
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