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Power that doesn't cost the Earth
Power that doesn't cost the Earth

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5 kW Solar System Perth – More Value for Money

Here are some reasons why a 5kw solar power system is more financially beneficial than buying a 3 kw solar system in Perth. Read this detailed guide before you make the decision for your home.

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Regen Power has completed yet another large scale commercial installation. This time, a 100 kW - 370 X 270 watts Canadian panels + 4 X 25 SMA inverter - system in Gnangara WA.

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How much solar power savings do you expect from your rooftop solar system? Read more to understand what you can and can't expect from your solar power system.

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There are countless reasons as to why solar power is the most efficient way to combat rising electricity cost in Perth. Read our article to find out these reasons and to be well informed before purchasing your first solar power system.

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With the drop in solar power system prices, 3kW and 5kW system are separated by barely $400. Under this circumstance the obvious question becomes, "Is it worthwhile to spend a little extra and choose the 5kW system?"

The answer is relatively simple. A 3kW, though sufficient for most homes with a bi-monthly bill of around $250, is NOT future proof!

First, after a couple of years if you have to upgrade your rooftop system to meet your growing electricity consumption, then you will have to spend an extra 2000-3000$ for upgrading your 3kW inverter, which will stretch your payback period.
Second, considering the fact that price of solar batteries is falling like a meteor, every household will be able to afford them within the next 1-2 years. So if you opt to install a solar battery down the lane, then a 3kW system will not be able generate all that excess energy that your battery can store, leading to an underperforming battery installation.

So, in short, a 5kW system will be able to ensure that your home is ready for battery pack, while meeting your future electricity consumption growth.


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Western Australia sees a record growth rate in residential solar panel installations. As of 2017, more than 220,000 houses in Western Australia have solar panels installed.

In the last quarter of 2016 Western Australia witnessed a 33% increase in residential rooftop solar panel installations. As reported by ABC, with suburbs like Armadale and Mandura taking the leadership role, this adoption rate has been the largest since the RET has came into effect.

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Facts about Australia!

> The first police force of the country was made up of incarcerated convicts who displayed good behaviour.
> The width of Australian continent is same as the distance from London to Moscow.
> Australia was the second nation to allow voting rights to women in 1902.
> The country is ranked second in the human development index.
> More than 25% of the Australians are born in another country.
> Australia is diverse with migrants from over 200 nations.
> The country has the world's third largest ocean territory.
> Great Barrier Reef is one of the largest living system in the planet.
> One of the largest wine producers with 1+ trillion bottles produced/year.
> The only place where the fossil remains of lung fish can be found.
> The first Australian of the Year award was given to Professor Macfarlane Burnet in 1960.
> Melbourne is ranked as one of the most livable cities in the world.

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Ever thought of SOLAR POWERED CLOTHES????

We carry around a lot of tech with us, ranging from laptops and tablets to wearables. They all need charging from time to time. What if this power can be provided by our clothes?

This is exactly what solar powered clothes do. The research is being conducted by a group of scientists from NanoScience and Technology Centre (University of Central Florida)

The filaments running through the woven fabric are capable of converting solar energy and storing them (like a battery).

This step towards the future is far from complete! Flexibility, affordability and usability of this fabric are left to be improved and adapted.


~ Regen Power is one of the oldest & best Roof top solar installers in Australia. Buy premium roof top solar panels at the lowest cost now ~

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Solar Energy is becoming the cheapest form of electricity in countries around the world, even without government rebates.

Data released by Bloomberg shows how solar energy has outpaced conventional energy sources and renewable energy solutions like wind, when it comes to affordability.

With the current leaps in technology and market competition, soon roof-top solar will become affordable even without government rebates and subsidies.


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Regen Power is the best solar roof-top installersin Australia. With over a 10,000 installations over the course of a decade, Regen stands second to none.

3kW system starts at: $2700 (fully installed)
5kW system starts at: $3700 (fully installed)

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