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Never #HireACoach or join a #CoachTrainining program under 'pressure', direct or indirect: nomination at work, peer pressure, family pressure or your friends doing it.

Do it only when the inspiration comes from within. Else you won't get the best out of the journey. It will not be worthwhile for the leadership/executive coach or coach-mentor respectively.

Coaching Leaders & Mentoring Coaches at

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ICF coach training #ACC2PCC

- month-1, PCC Level, Advance ACTP
- at the core of the sessions, it was the transition from ACC to PCC in coaching.
- understanding competencies PCC markers
- move from process to the realm of art
- move from ‘what’ to ‘Who’
- being totally client-centric
- direct communication, incl tap intuition
- we had an expert from community present Appreciative Inquiry
- we covered other concepts incl Inner Game, Polarity, Hero’s Journey,
- most importantly, practicing these in the coaching sessions (not merely theory, gyan)
Our sessions are aimed at gaining mastery in coaching practice & also along the way deeper self awareness (destination & journey). For us mentors, learning is mutual!
- We had two credentialed coaches attending sessions for their CCEUs. While there are multiple options to obtain CCEU for ICF credential-renewal, attending these is the best May to refresh, re-learn, update. The original purpose of CCEU for ICF credential renewal.
- We now have a 2nd published author from our community. ‘Maya’ by Sidhartha Satpathy, is a must read. We got our author-signed copies of his labor of love
- Nature conspired, beautiful weather over 2 days

We had a few very deep coaching conversations too...

+Subash CV +Regal Unlimited - Executive Coaching, Leadership Coaching & Life Coaching +International Coach Federation
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5 ways to get the most out of leadership coaching

1. SELECTION of the right coach is the key - Everyone needs a coach. It is the responsibility of the client to select the right coach. Check out training, experience, credential, background, testimonial, et al.

5. GOAL - make sure the client defines the goals, SMART, PURE & CLEAR. Of course, the goal should not be a limiting factor, but a stepping stone to something more magnificent. #ManifestMagic beyond the goals

4. It is a formal RELATIONSHIP. Have clear boundaries. Even if your best friend signs up for your coaching, the relationship shifts from a friend to a coach-coachee. It is a formal relationship, sacred space.

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For a sports person, maybe... may not for corporate leaders? Plan what you want to do post-retirement, or even before.
Coaching & Mentoring, pure & classical is one option. The world needs your help & support.
But, learn to coach/mentor. Get trained, certified, credentialed and experienced, before you touch the core of your coachee.

We offer #ICF approved, #ACTP coach training, leading to ACC, PCC (ICF). Train with the best.
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Meditation on Mindful Leadership - Mindful Coaching

Check out this @SlideShare
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#AngryKya? I struggle with #ResidualAnger

It does not matter if we want to live long or not... what matters is HOW we live? Anger is one to manage... (out of Kama, Krodha, Moha, Madha, Matsarya)?!

How do you manage your anger?

#Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured: Mark Twain

'...Medical research has proven time and time again that anger is toxic for our health and well-being... if we haven’t yet learnt to manage our anger, a way to protect ourselves from its long-term damaging effects is
- to form deeper friendships,
- strengthen existing relationships and
- learn to lean on them in times of stress and challenge.
Getting a counselor or a life coach can be helpful to manage anger...'

#HireACoach a trained, certified, experienced & ICF credentialed

+International Coach Federation +Mint
+Subash CV
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Leaders & Coaches here: What is your take on these psychometric tools?

I have gone through many of them, as a participant, with reasonably accurate results. But have also seen friends & colleagues struggling with some of their reports. How 'they tend to box people'!

As a Leadership/Executive Coach, I am careful not to 'box people', but at best use these as mere 'tools', to give indicators. I don't proactively use them as part of my coaching, mentoring.

Your thoughts?
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