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An outage of Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud in North Virginia has taken down Netflix, Pinterest, Instagram, and other services. According to numerous Twitter updates and our own checks, all three serv...
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The storms that rolled through the DMV earlier this evening were no joke.

I'm about 45 miles northeast of Amazon's data centers, closer to the mountains. We had winds high enough to knock down trees, roads are blocked and/or flooded, and my lights flickered several times.

Estimated 326,00 people without power in the DC metro area.
70, 80, and 90 mph winds in the DC metro area earlier.
Especially since Google just launched a competing service
Everybody has machines in those data centers... not just amazon. It's the old UUNet / Equinix location.

About 10 years ago I had machines hosted at that location and a tornado hit the building(s). Thankfully no outages for me, but it was hairy...
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