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This discussion comes the day my Klout score jumps :) I just had to see what it was. Nonetheless, I think your activity on social media is a poor barometer of your financial worth.
Your Klout score measures nothing so much as your ability to play Klout's game.
This seems very invasive in your personal information
Klout by its nature is invasive. More, it wants you to measure your self-worth against some arbitrary algorithm -- page rank for your soul.

The rumor that people with high Klout scores gain secret advantages sounds more like Klout propaganda than reality. And the first bank that really gives loans based even partially on how much time the client spends on Twitter and Facebook, will be the next bank to go bust.
Klout is a perfect example that the act of measuring something alters the very thing you are measuring. After the announcement, people started asking a friend of mine who manages different social media accounts, "How do I create a Wikipedia page about me?" Seriously?!

I opted out during the last big change when I saw that my score was influenced by the Klout scores of the people with whom I interacted. No. Some people have more influence, but every single person is important.
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