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Scary! Thank +Chris Lang for sharing this privacy nightmare.

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Hey +Robert Scoble +Hillel Fuld have you guys heard about this?!
If you are using Facebook on your phone I would recommend uninstalling. This from an investigation by Sunday Times.

The Sunday Times last week examined 50 Android apps, ranging from financial advice tools to simple puzzles. Under the terms and conditions of downloading them, six — the Facebook app included — provided their creators with the right “to read SMS [short-message service] messages stored on your device or Sim card”.

Facebook admitted that as part of research into a potential new service, it has been accessing the text messages of users.
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Well that's comforting, I am sure I bored someone silly
OMG now they know I went to the bakery last Saturday
LOL. My SMS are mostly for my wife, and are quite spicy. But I think it would be of interest to anyone :)
doesn't surprise me - just how many of us actually read the fine print of software licenses ??
I rarely us FB any more - too many invasions of privacy = EVIL
I just look at my last few text messages. The big secret is that we are out of earl grey tea, the dog broke it's lead and went off on a tear at the park. My reply, be home soon..Love you. I can live with the world knowing that.
Aurie G
oh goodness... x_X
Great, now everyone is going to suddenly be bringing me home milk, bread and oh, honey can you pick up some ice cream?
You can practically expect companies to invade your privacy today.
LOL +Anne Thomas - and this is discomforting indeed... The post talks about Android, I wonder if this is the same for iOS?
Too many lawyers writing too much fine print....
Although you can't read the flipping article as it's behind a paywall! And I'm not stumping up £2 for one article!
The safest way is to sit at home and make puzzles:)
Can they look at photos?!? :O No matter what the text message, that's a little freaky. 
ha ha I like Aviva's comment that the safest thing to do is sit at home and make puzzles.
"Privacy"? What privacy? We've managed to allow so much government intrusion into our lives there is no such thing anymore.
I uninstalled FB iPhone mobile the day I installed it. Call it instinct ... I like the post #EAv
Thanks Reg for sharing this privacy issue with Facebook's mobile! Have a successful new week! Best, Lucas
This is actually just the next step in "BIG DATA".... it's always been around, it's just getting easier to collect more data points. As a marketer who uses models, this doesn't really frighten me that much because the data are used in aggregate. The idea of targeting is to waste less money delivering messages that are inappropriate. There is much room to abuse these data but my guess is that they are looking and flagging keywords. So if you are found talking about coffee often , a "1" might appear in record to indicate a propensity (and by association) a desire for coffee. So you might get Dunkin Donut coffee coupons on your cell phone when you near a shop. That doesn't creep me out at all. I am not naive and I do believe that good data in bad hands can be used inappropriately, but for years, marketers have been finding patterns via zip code, credit card data, catalog purchases etc. and little bad has come of it. IMHO of course.
I wonder when the general public will finally get concerned about these privacy invasions?
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