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San Francisco, CA
Belvedere, CA - Berkeley - Stinson Beach - Provence, France - Tahoe - Squaw Valley - Silicon Valley - San Francisco
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I'm an experienced entrepreneur, biophysicist, supporting multiple start-ups & boards, including Genetics Advisory Council of Harvard Medical School & a Trustee at Santa Fe Institute and an associate founder Trustee at Singularity University.  I'm the inventor of twisted pair computer networking patented 1985, I commercialized the first internet sound for Apple & Windows in 1986 and then the first sound used over internet (ARPANET) in 1987 MP1&2.  Later I was issued the "telephone controlled entertainment" patent.

I helped found and grow Singularity University at NASA Ames: Here's recent piece on Singularity University by Bloomberg (video 5min) Here's a "singularities" presentation by Reese Jones 2012 (video 44min) I cofounded a pair of synthetic biology start-up companies working on "Democratizing Creation" (Cambrian Genomics CGI & Genome Compiler Corp GCC) Here's a building Singularity University article by Wired UK

I'm learning YouTube as a channel ReeseJones1 at included are my 2012 TEDx talk "antibiotics making us fat?" at TEDxSF 7 Billion Well.  

From my talk: "singularities" in our personal life: changing worlds from black holes or stock trades, life, death, orgasm and heart attacks to transporting matter, virtual or synthetic biology, constructing an "internet of living things" - life made from data and parts. Singularity University case studies of: 
1) Transportation of matter 
2) Read/write virtual printing of matter 
3) Read/write synthetic biology building living things
4) Theory into 4 real companies in 4 years

Here's a thought: Perhaps internet is conscious already -- but we're unconscious about that: more on Transcension Hypothesis also I consider Phones = synapses > computers for internet life (biochemical + electronic) 

More thoughts: Phones + Singularity: There's about 4 billion phones with 7 billion population using them for voice calls, text message, camera, social & entertainment (but only 1 billion of these phone people earn over $1,000 US dollar/month) for shopping & stories, including books, movies, magazines, music, spoken word, twitter and newspapers that are being both written and "read" on Phones.  Your phone becomes your ID, key, memory, wallet, entertainment, tricorder, connection to health & others.  Phones & internet become a nervous system for our species including sensors, memory, immune system, ethics & simulation (forecast & intuition). Phones are also synapses to exponentially emerging internet of "living things" that enhance our ability to address global problems like never before 

Singularity University to change the world. Singularity University overview on 60 Minutes New Zealand 

What are singularities?: sometimes people get confused about the word "singularity" and presume special meaning to a word -- that generally means "unpredictability"

Singularity is a term from physics, used as early as 1916 by german physicist Schwarzschild related to a theoretical sizing of event horizon for a black hole as calculated from Einstein's field equations of general relativity... "a singularity" generally means some combination of circumstances changing such that some classically predictive theory or models become "unpredictable"... ("The Singularity" is not "only one")

Synthetic Biology infrastructure is read/write/design DNA genes, CAD tools for with output writing DNA apps that can boot-up as life forms (DNA is code executed in cells as computers).  Life is information, code, in memory as DNA or binary, in processors as cells in water.  Infrastructure companies are needed to build living foundries: and and others grow an internet of "living things" and iGEM for kids Glowing Plants for use in Genome Compilers with DNA Laser Printers(tm) I joined the Genetics Advisory Council of Harvard Medical School to expand the reach of these efforts. 

Biomolecular perspective visualizing this nano-machinery naturally in cell  

Consciousness Evolving: Richard Dawkins explains how human beings are waves then what is memory & consciousness; to extrapolate: Synthetic Theology

Global perspective: evolution of bio/machines & human genes, memes, bemes into expanding consciousness Earth life activity viewed over time: from global observation perspective or view semantic/linguistic internet  

Global perspective electronic infrastructure via planetary skin institute monitoring trillions of mechanical (& living) things & sensors an internet of things from millions of objects via  near earth orbit

Inter-Planetary perspective Moon Express venture, like FedEx for moon deliveries, robotic mining & other apps infrastructure construction delivered by Earth time as viewed from the ISS

"humans evolve from one planet to two, like species evolved from water to land" - Elon Musk).  Global infrastructure 2011 SU company  is building an internetwork of autonomously "routed matter packages" analogous to internet "routed data packets".  Matter or biology can be transported physically of sent at speed of light as information then printed into physical matter including living biology at destinations (like mars)

Cosmology perspective on black hole as physics example of singularities as used in gravitational cosmology. The universe may be infinite or possibly a multiverse.  

Thought on books: History of 500 years of portable text language becoming electronic, via internet & phone text messaging of course. Even the The New Yorker, a classic icon of abstract text literary prose (on paper, subscription & ad monetized), but June 2009 print edition cover art was created on a Phone (not with a camera, but finger painted onto a phone, a change away from paper for photos & text) and by 2010 The New Yorker introduced iPad distribution , Synchronous "broadcast TV" is becoming asynchronous internet video browsing via iTunes, Amazon, Facebook, Wikipedia, YouTube, G+ & Google TV

"book": was an artifact, broadly distributed, after cave painting's went mobile onto clay tablets, and then lighter longer paper scripture scrolls, similar but "the book" was cut up into "pages" of limited size and bound into shapes to fit inside saddle "bags" strapped to horse or human children (used for "book information transport", for a 400 year period of time). "Books" were used during the time before internet became mobile. Some early internet services reference "books", like ebook or facebook in names but are no longer physically constrained & bound.

In the early 21st century, except for few "pack rat" people & museums keep books -- often found near LPs, CDs, Tapes, Floppies, DVDs, thumb drives, news "papers", white papers, magazines, brochures, maps, receipts, yellow pages (one of the last to go) and other information storage technology "artifacts" typically stored in stacks or on something called "book shelves", a common furniture of the past century, these book shelves added a 3rd dimension to walled information (holding these hand portable information packages)… commonly used before information could multi-dimensionally animate, be searched, & be interactive...

Words related to Reese Jones for search: Berkeley, biophysics, patents, phones, broadband, telephone controlled entertainment patent, phone controlled thermostats, sensor network energy management, 2600, first twisted pair networking for computers, telephone wire, CAT5, COAX, RJ11, RJ12, RJ45, 10BaseT, voice, speech, first sound in computers, first sound over internet, CVSD, ADPCM, MP1, time domain harmonic scaling, time domain editors, media on internet, human limbic networks, limbic internet, LAN, PET, MRI, fMRI, PhoneNET, Ethernet, IEEE 802.11, 802.3, BPL, BaseT, MacRecorder, Soundedit, Timbuktu, Farallon, BMUG, Macintosh's origin Tax policy, inet, Netopia, 10 BaseT, Broadband, WiFi Standards, DSL, DLNA, HPNA, COAX MoCA, Wi3, wideband, cellular Picocell, Femtocell, wireless sensors, mesh, smart grid, smarter power grid, super grid, enernet, wires, wireless, cellular sensor networks, biological networks, limbic system, Flow, Flow Genome Project, limbic connection, OM, Orgasmic Meditation, 15 Minute Orgasm, Slow Sex, limbic networks, OneTaste, quorum sensing, limbic resonance, limbic internet, voice internet, memes, bemes, electronic life, SpeakSoft, 411, 118, kgb, RCDb, Blu-ray, BD-Live, Netflix, Amazon, Chabot Space/Science, Maya Skies, Bill Nye, Climate, Digital Dome, X Prize, Moon X, Space X, Tesla, Zero G, Moon Express, Google Lunar X Prize, Tricorder, Intellimedicine, Self Health Network, SHN, astrobiology, space science, NASA, NEO asteroid mitigation UN treaty, synthetic biology, synthetic theology, bioinfomatics, Genetics, biome, read/write design DNA, Genome Compiler Corporation, GCC, Glowing Plant, SynBio, Cambrian Genomics Inc, CGI, Synthetic Genomics Inc, SGI, innovation, evolution, forecast, future, entrepreneurship, start up, VC, Accel, August, Telesoft, Sequoia, Liberty, Current Group, CCV, brand, design, digital media, venture capital, strategy, Santa Fe Institute, Stanford, Harvard, Medical School, UCSF, QB3, CITRIS, LBL, LBNL, Brain Imaging, Nuclear Medicine, [13C]Carbon, NMR, fMRI, rtfMRI, 18F, FDG, PET Carbon-11, [11C]choline, [11C]methionine, SAMe methylation biochemistry in schizophrenia, epigenetic regulation, bio-psychiatry, brain research, antibiotics making us fat, Definitive Stories, Wikipedia, associate founder board trustee Singularity University, board trustee Santa Fe Institute, open source, creative commons, DSM, EFF, TED, FutureMed, internet archive & open source public education.

If you're looking form my dad he's: Reese T Jones MD Professor of psychiatry at UCSF researching human neuro-psycho-pharmacology. Or you're looking for the famous golf course designer that's Rees Jones (different spelling) or perhaps you're looking for the driver of Princess Diana's car that's Trevor Reese-Jones.

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Reese Jones

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Dettifoss Waterfall, Iceland  || +Nature, Love & Life with a Twist 

Dettifoss is a waterfall in Vatnajökull National Park in Northeast Iceland, and is reputed to be the most powerful waterfall in Europe.

Dettifoss is situated on the Jökulsá á Fjöllum river, which flows from the Vatnajökull glacier and collects water from a large area in Northeast Iceland. The falls are 100 metres (330 ft) wide and have a drop of 45 metres (150 ft) down to the Jökulsárgljúfur canyon. It is the largest waterfall in Iceland in terms of volume discharge, having an average water flow of 193 m3/s.

Dettifoss can be reached by a new tarmac road, finished in 2011. On the west bank there are no facilities and the view on the waterfall is somewhat hindered by the waterfall's spray. On the east bank there is an information panel maintained by the staff of Vatnajökull National Park (Vatnajökulsþjóðgarður) and a maintained track to the best viewpoints.

Dettifoss is located on the Diamond Circle, a popular tourist route around Húsavík and Lake Mývatn in North Iceland.

(Source: Gasperak and wiki)

Follow +Nature, Love & Life with a Twist for more!!!
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Reese Jones

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don’t sugar coat the news.  That makes it more difficult for people to digest. Instead “laser-focus on the decision and explain why it’s the final call,” then ask the individual or group for a reaction. “You have to listen to their concerns,”
Even when you don’t agree with the decision.
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Reese Jones

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(video 4.44min) it wasn't until the 1980s when Marian Diamond noticed that Einstein had more glial cells than average 
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Reese Jones

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April 1-3 #GTS (Global Technology Summit) Venture capitalists and entrepreneurs are looking beyond the traditional framework of education to innovative companies and ideas that promise prosperity in our fast-paced, global world. 12th annual Global Technology Symposium, themed “Learn, Start, Lead”, takes a look at the rising opportunities innovation is bringing to education. 
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Reese Jones

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most longest-lived animals on Earth are in the ocean, several of them can survive for two centuries or more. One commonality either their size or some sort of external protection makes them virtually immune to predators. "When an animal can survive for longer, there's a selection for genes that provide longevity, because they can provide a real advantage," #aging
One clam species can live for 400 years.
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Reese Jones

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Another major step toward a theory of #abiogenesis.
Study explains how three essential molecules could have formed simultaneously
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Reese Jones

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[experimental]: injecting patients with man-made #DNA strands that imitates the disease. This initiates an “immune response” to the disease, enabling the immune system to recognize and eliminate the disease threat if exposed. The treatment works by teaching the immune system to recognize a specific protein found in the specific disease and eliminate it before it sickens the patient. [not peer review published or replicated] 
Man-made artificial DNA strands that mimic deadly diseases such as the flu, Ebola, cancer, and HIV have recently been created by scientists. Researchers are
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Reese Jones

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transplanting a human head onto another body. A Russian man with a rare genetic muscle-wasting disorder has volunteered to be the first to try the procedure 

(video 1.5min)
“I’m very interested in technology, and anything progressive that might change people’s lives for the better,” Valery Spiridonov from the Russian city of Vladimir, told RT. Spiridon
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optimizing your gut flora may be one of the most important things you can do for your health, optimizing your gut health helps normalize your weight and wards off diabetes, it’s also a critical component for a well-functioning immune system, which is your primary defense against all sorts of disease—including infections [and cancers]. Reseeding your gut with beneficial bacteria is key for preventing pathogenic microbes and fungi from taking over and wreaking havoc with your health. #microbiome  
Feeding health-promoting gut bacteria with a healthy diet, and boycotting processed foods may be key strategies for longer life.
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Oh look, It's Mercola again, with a sliver of truth to deliver a whole load of bullshit. Mercola is ignorant and debunked. This particular issue has some truth to it, but you'd do better to stick to reputable informational outlets.

Mercola is shit.
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Reese Jones

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Some 10,000 people gathered at Mont Saint-Michel in northern France on Friday to watch the culmination of what has been billed as "the high #tide of the century" wash around the picturesque landmark. (video 1min)

The exceptionally high spring tide, swollen by a "supermoon" effect linked to the solar eclipse on Friday, was predicted to cut off the island from the mainland with a wall of water as high as a four-storey building. The surge ends a month of high tides, which has drawn many tourists to France’s North Atlantic Coast. While the phenomenon is rare, it takes place not once a century but roughly every 18 years.
Some 10,000 people gathered at Mont Saint-Michel in northern France on Friday to watch the culmination of what has been billed as "the high tide of the century" wash around the picturesque landmark.
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Definitely one of the coolest places I've visited so far!
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The Golden Gate bridge is one of the most famous and beautiful bridges in the world because of its spectacular location, graceful lines, Art Deco detailing, and emblematic color. When the bridge was completed in 1937 it was the world's longest and tallest suspension bridge. The bridge, which was designed by engineer Joseph Strauss was built to connect San Francisco with Marin County. Today more than 120,000 cars cross the bridge each day.
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ser roj
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