Roughly one year later, here it is. The speech that launched thousands of Sandman, Neverwhere, Anansi Boys, Stardust, and Coraline lovers dreams. If you're a +Neil Gaiman  fan, you saw this and sat in awe and possibly anger.

"How dare he make the act of creating art sound so damn easy!' you think.

'It can't be as simple as all that, right?

Simple or not, this speech pops back into my head when I realize I'm feeling down and that I'm not writing as much as I should. Then I remember that it applies to all my creative endeavors. Including this video project.

+Zen Pencils  knew it was easy. He released his comic version of the most poignant part of the speech maybe month after it hit the internets.

It took me a year to gather up the courage to create this mashup.

Why'd it take so long? I let life get in the way. I also wanted to add so much more to the video. Then I finally realized that I wanted to add too much. I've got to stop being precious with these pieces. Just make the videos to the best of my ability, publish it, then move on to the next one.

Better late than never, right? Here it is. The comic to speech mashup turned into a sort of motion comic for all to see.

This and all videos I've made before where done with Camtasia Studios. Because I'm too damn poor to buy the much beloved Adobe After Effects.

Neil Gaiman's full address:

Zen Pencils comic:




Red Panda Studios website:

UPDATE: Here's my +Geeks of Doom write up on the video.
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