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Saw most of these folks at WPC 2012!  I love the way they communicate the realities of the fragrance industry at all levels here.  Even more, the transparency on the issues of the industry is exemplary.  Nice! ^__^

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Hanae Mori HiM - three samples of the EdT.  I'm definitely in "like" with it, and possibly in love with the EdP.  We'll see where things go with this one.

I do have to say - Hanae Mori seems to believe in doing a few quality launches, as opposed to shotgunning the fragrance world with a lot of "whatever", and hoping that something sticks.  It's refreshing that not everybody is launching a dozen new fragrances at a time.

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I'll be blunt.  I've generally been a bit shocked by the lack of perfume discussion on Google+ as opposed to Facebook, where it's just everywhere.  But in my boredom here, googling for perfume discussion (googling on Google!  OMG!), I stumbled across Paris Hilton randomly posting, on her account, one of the most popular signatures used by ladies on perfume discussion boards:

"Happiness is a perfume. You cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself. ♡" 

You know - maybe things aren't worse over here.  They're just different. :-)

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What can I say?  Fragrance, scientific societies, and constitutional monarchy are without a doubt among my favorite things!  Nice video of the bottle being made, too.
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