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What is branding?
This wonderful animation explains the magic: simply, clearly, and compellingly.

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The Graphics Were the Best Part of the Oscars — and here’s the guy who made them — in just two and a half weeks! Talk about deadline constraints!

"The Oscars is the celebration of film, but there’s also a degree in which we can celebrate and tell the story of the filmmakers’ journey through design."

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Great article with examples that bring it all home by +Vladimir Gendelman — type matters!

(h/t +Katherine Tattersfield)

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If you want a typeface that generates an emotional connection between your audience and your design, you first have to understand the psychology of fonts.
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Stop Selling (and Start Marketing):
This post is part of a series in which LinkedIn Influencers pick one big idea that will shape 2014. See all the ideas here. If you're the leader of a professional services firm and you're cracking the whip to get your business development person to make more cold calls, 2014 is the year you ...
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How many times can I + this???? Sent it to my kids who are parents of toddlers now. :)
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Experts Share Visual Content Mistakes to Avoid

Lots of great insights in this article from Content Marketing Institute and I was honored to be included.

As I said, your visual strategy should not only be a reflection of your brand, but embody it — it is what brings your brand to life in all of your interactions and online engagements.

And now, visuals are also searchable on Google!

Read it here:
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As the value of visual content grows and design tools become inexpensive, many marketers churn out mediocre graphics that get ignored. Seven experts share how to avoid mistakes and create successful visual content marketing.
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Who I (thought) I am and what I want are changing.
Interesting time.
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Have them in circles
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Smart new redesign for The New York Times Magazine — now more appealing and legible for the web. For social media specifically, a secondary logo was designed for a better fit and an audience looking for brevity.

(h/t +Loc Nguyen )

#design #branding #socialmedia
One of the most renowned magazines in the world, The New York Times Magazine, has undergone a redesign with two key aims: to carve out a distinct identity, an
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Building Brands in China

Lots to think about when you take a brand global, especially in a place as vast and diverse as China. Cultural and ethnic balances are different in every city — the challenge will be to understand and meet their needs, both rationally and emotionally.

(h/t +Loc Nguyen)

How does China perceive brands?
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This looks like an interesting book — nice to see real design principles applied to what truly makes the difference between a good visual and a so-so one:

Proportional Considerations
Layouts are like stages. The images, headlines, text, graphics, logos, patterns and colors that fill layouts are like characters on a stage.

Defining Boundaries
Boundaries are regularly added to help compositional elements hold together as unified entities and/or to set them apart.

How much space to leave? A question that needs to be considered with every design you create.

Dynamic Spacing
The spaces between and around the elements of a composition can also have an effect on its visual impact.

Symmetry vs. Asymmetry
Be decisive!

Aligning, and Not
Visual alignment lends notes of order to a design while non-alignment delivers connotations of a more casual nature.

#design #visualcontent
Discover what you'll find in Jim Krause's Visual Design, a comprehensive book of design principles... told in Helvetica and dingbats.
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Have to admire the efforts of these Canadian students standing up against the government's bid for a free logo using the hashtag #MyTimeHasValue .

More professionals should have the integrity to do the same and stand in unity against design contests! And the same goes for spec work, crowdsourcing, $5 "logo" services, apps claiming to replace designers, et al.

(h/t +Katherine Tattersfield)

#design #business
Student representatives of the Association of Registered Graphic Designers are issuing a call to the creative community to speak out
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Happy accidents are always welcome! This is a pretty good example of how optical illusions and might be used to benefit design and concept.

#opticalillusion #design #logodesign 
While working on new branding, designers stumbled on an awesome visual illusion.
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There is no box — just a big, nebulous, ever-expanding vastness that deceives us into thinking there are walls. Bust ’em down.

Read it here:

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