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How do you choose a travel destination?  Or decide which sights to see??  Why not tour a region via its most SCENIC LOOS?  Take my travel tips and see the BEST of what South Australia's Yorke Peninsula has to offer - including Australia's coolest collection of conveniences!

This loo's in Port Vincent - but there's another ELEVEN Yorke Peninsula Loos to see right HERE:

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Red Nomad (OZ)

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Awesome Australia!
If you don't find the boulders, Aussie bushland and babbling brook at the Mount Barney Lower Portals relaxing, you're beyond hope!

For more relaxing natural attractions in Australia's AWESOME Scenic Rim Region, visit my blog HERE:

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Kathy D
+Red Nomad Sounds even better !! ;-)
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It's Autumn downunder and Adelaide is the place to be!  Especially the Mount Lofty Botanic Garden where the autumn colours are awesome! This RED leaf Random is just a teaser ... if you're unlucky enough to to be able to see the real thing :D

Want MORE? Check out why Mt Lofty is AWESOME on the blog HERE:

#Australia   #Adelaide   #AdelaideHills   #MountLofty   #Red   #Autumn   #autumnphotography   #trees   #treesphotography   #treephotography  

#colormeweekly +Leavesnbloom by +Rosie Nixon and +Betty Manousos

#mothernaturebeautifulanddangerous +MOTHER NATURE - beautiful and dangerous +Edith Kukla 
#promotephotography +Promote Photography

+Amazing Earth Plus You #amazingearthplusyou #amazingearth

#10000photographers by +Robert SKREINER 
#allthingsred +AllThingsRed 
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I'm sure it's not as much of a novelty for you as it was for me +Bjarte K. Frønsdal!
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Port Rickaby's jetty, beach and caravan park look inviting on a day like this, don't they?  That's why the Yorke Peninsula is such a great holiday destination!  Port Rickaby is also a great base from which to explore Innes National Park - see the park's SEVEN wonderful walks HERE:

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I can......!! haha
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Take a HIKE!  Historic Inneston is just one of 7 wonderful walks in Innes National Park!  Showcasing the beauty - and history - of South Australia, this rugged coastal park is full of sensational scenery.

See the best of the other 6 walks NEW on the blog HERE:

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HAha, you're right +Winnie Young - also it's not very deep!!!
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The sunset over the escarpment on the wild Victoria River in Australia's far North is pretty spectacular!  But it's not the only part of the scenery - this river has the most crocodiles I've seen anytime, ANYWHERE!

MORE about the crocodile spotting cruise that took me into one of the wildest parts of Australia on the blog HERE:

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Thank you +Mallee Stanley - sometimes I think 'scary' isn't quite a strong enough word for the crocs :D
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Gone, but not forgotten!  This superb jetty next to the beach at Wool Bay on South Australia's Yorke Peninsula had its own temporary public loo (at left) when the real one was destroyed in a storm.  It's now been replaced by a permanent (but far more boring) structure - BUT this one had the BEST view!

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+Ros Betts It's a wonderful travel destination - so much natural beauty!  Which is your home town?
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Pretty damn fine, +Chris Thomas!  As it was each night we were there :D
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Red Nomad (OZ)

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It's easier to cope with the summer heat downunder when there are flowers like THESE in the garden :D
The DRY summers downunder in South Australia are brightened by the AWESOME Agapanthus flowers!  Here's what MY driveway looks like when they're flowering!

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Thank you +Pamela Barber - they're quite common down south!
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There's no such thing as too much RED Rock, is there?  

The layers of rock feflected in the springs in South Australia's Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary ALMOST look like they've been landscaped!

#Australia   #SouthAustralia   #rock   #reflectionphotography   #landscape   #landscapephotography   #outback   #Arkaroola  
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+Steve Kruger Get those ear plugs ready :D
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I was lucky to get this shot of a Spotted Harrier on South Australia's Yorke Peninsula through the car window!  It took a moment from eating its prey to show its displeasure at our presence!

Wouldn't like to get too close to that beak!

#Australia   #SouthAustralia   #YorkePeninsula   #birdphotography   #birdsgallery   #birds4all   #birdsgallery   #SpottedHarrier   #birding   #birdwatching   #wormseyeviewwednesday   #raptors   #birdsofprey  
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Thank you +Darlene M - have a great Easter weekend!
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Red Nomad (OZ)

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The reflections turned this river into a painting!
Day 4/5 #fivedaysbokehchallenge :  You want BLUR?

I'll give you blur!!  This photo of three Australasian Grebes swimming over tree, reed and grass reflections on a river at Boonoo Boonoo National Park, Australia shows (to me, at least) that there's a VERY fine line between real bokeh and a blurry background.

BUT ... does it matter??

+Sam McSpadden was brave enough to ask this loud and proud amateur photographer to join the challenge.  I wonder if she's regretting that yet?!?!?!

I never have any luck with inviting other people to join in - so it's OK if for ANY reason you don't want to play!  But I'd REALLY like to see what +Jan Glasziou Rainbird  can do with this challenge if she's up for it!  No pressure, my friend :D

The rules are:
-on five subsequent days post a photo containing significant parts of blur
-mention the person who invited you
-invite another person to join the challenge
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