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The North American leg of the I'm With You World Tour continues tomorrow in Toronto.

For a chance to upgrade your tickets to FRONT ROW seats, simply follow these steps:

1. Open the Red Hot Chili Peppers mobile app
2. Select Tour
3. Find the show you have tickets for
4. Click the "Going" tab on the right side
5. Press the "I'm Going" button
6. You're done!

A winner will be selected at random to receive two (2) front row seat upgrades. You will be exchanging your current tickets for the pair of front row seats.

Winners will be notified via a direct message and push notification on the mobile app. Make sure you have push notifications turned on - check the Accounts tab and click Settings.

Good luck!

Download the app on an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch:

Download on an Android device:
Front Row Upgrade. Have tickets to a Red Hot Chili Peppers show in North America? Want to trade your seats for the FRONT ROW?!? For a chance to upgrade your tickets to front row seats, simply follow t...
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