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The best way to get through a traffic jam.
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Jo erg
great! :)
Vešti su ovi motorizovani BMX-ovci.
Traffic jump plus good
The police must be first action it..!!
Well done Red Bull for endorsing proper protective clothing.
jajajajajaj///.......nce one
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that's stupid & suicidal,BUT I think it's done with cameras.
please no just don't scratch the paint
its kinda funny but they did that with cameras and photo editing. lol
Yoo. How did Ya Do That ? Give Me One Of Them.
Su Nil
what about peddlers?
yeah and then... one of these a*hole clowns gets run over by a truck and dies and the world has to stop and feel sorry for him... *uc You clown, Respect the Law!
now that's the true meaning of a flash mob!
wonder how long it took them to perfect this
huhuhhuu caras malucos, isso não funciona no Brasil
I think some people may be missing the point here. Nobody's suggesting that there are a bunch of identical looking agent Smiths following one another in a single line waiting to drop into traffic.. It's just a camera trick used in extreme sports to show the rider's journey.
Does anyone notice the beautiful Chevelle amongst all the ugly cars?
This is pretty much how they really do it in Sao Paulo
yahh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this guys rocking!!!!!!!!
This can't be real. I don't see a single honda.
Glad that isn't my car. Or somebody would be in for a major ass kicking.
yeah i,m like thisssss action
ha ha hah....even after buying FORD MUSTANG GT ... v prefer bye-cycle ....
Bumblebee was a Camaro. That's a Chevelle.
This would be perfect during a Zombie Apocalypse!
i feel sorry for tha station wagon he landed on....seems to me he caved in tht roof a bit 
that's freakin awesome The Matrix type stuff.
that is awesome to the max
Okay! I don't believe he went over that car though...
I would be PISSED if they landed on my car
can we get beck and litlle upstairs?...
Recon Duggie Lampkin should start doing the urban stuff, he is a god on a bike!
It's hard to tell when the picture of the cars was taken...every car to the right looks around 1976-1978 every car to the left looks 2000 and older
Nice editing job! looks awesome!
it seems they dont need any roadway......just foot path
Until a person pissed for you destroying their car decides to ram you between two cars.
land on my car and i'll try to land on your bike.
I'd sure love to own that 72'.
looks like somethin id do!! lol
Pretty sure insurance doesn't cover that...
A wonderful accosion.
Make sure you leave an I.O.U on the persons car you dented, or give them PIE!
q loucara eu n fazia isso nem morto!!!!!!!!
so very true!!!
I thought I saw one jump over one car before!!
Had a Chevelle like the yellow one in the center lane, at first I thought that was what this was about. Glad they are not riding over the roof of the Chevelle!
I believe it is just "Him" and not "they". Looks like the cars aren't even moving and they took stills from a video.

If this is not the case, and it really is a "they" then the art of this photo is lost on me.
A bad example to set , dangerous in the extreme.
is that the car used in transformers one there?
Nope, that's a Chevelle +Kumail Naqvi it was a 69 Camaro at first, then update to the new Camaro.
this is julian dupont with his trail bike :)
lá no meio o camaro amarelo e preto do filme transformes 1!!!
cool man ................................................................................................
this is short cut
Whats up with all the cars from the '70s in that traffic jam? I want to be on a RedBull team! I dont care which one. Planes, bikes, skateboards, parachutes, boats, racecars, wingsuits, monster trucks, anything!!! These guys rock!
I would be pissed if someone on a bike ramped on to my car.....PISSSSSSEEEED
Very cool, but would hate to be the driver of the car he used to get off that wall from! :o)
Frames are out of order. Seventh from the end is in front of sixth from the end.
I think Mr. Andrew Melvin is mad, he should calm down a bit...
ice shot could never do that here cops be on you ass in mather of seconds
+Romain Malarde, that's not a camero!
Always wanted to do that! LOLololololololololol!!!!!
same !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
im just wondering after seeing that how long is the line of bikes and how long is the traffic line
Thought I'd pipe in. To the disbelivers. This is not that crazy. The "fake" look is achieved by increasing the contrast in the mid tones. Cars are relatively safe to ride bikes upon.
Oh and trials is sick! F yeah. (Bike trials guy myself)
Are they jumping on to the roof of that car? It's also a good way to get shot. 
My city traffic rules doesnt allow for this.. So give me another idea..
google motocyclist in the streets of venezuela , it will be something like that, crazy
Gives new meaning to the phrase biker gang.
i can imagine how many people will be injured in this action.
Doesn't look to impressive to me....
I would be inclined to turn into sheet metal a motorcycle that jumped on top of my car. I would spare the driver only so he could tell others what happened to him.
Dave M
Agreeing with David.
Dave M
Anastacia - it looks idiotic and obnoxious.
Dave M
"RED BULL" legalized mind altering drug abuse!
When the hell did they move the Tour De France to the U.S? It's called the Tour De France for a reason!
That looks like fun!! But, I can hear the horns!!!
R Ami
LOL!! Love it!!!!! <3
works even better without Red Bull!
That one out of place car...
that poor chap's wld definitely get a lifetime scar with so many bikes choosing to jump on it!!
yes it is in no way a time lapse
Just PLEASE don't hit the muscle car. Please? I have a classic and its been hit before.
yes it is until you hit one of those cars then the ambulance will not get to you in time.
Il bello di avere due ruote e il vento in faccia
eu fis isso uma vez e fui atropelado
the police will visit you
loucos por vezes é bom?
fake olha os capacetes tudo igual ...
Kai KK
Ein echt gut gemachtest Bild
If that asshole landed on my vehicle he would be shot in a second.
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