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Transformers, more than meets the eye.
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Those things have so much potential! I'd love to have just one to stick a camera on and do a long flying in shot of someone running or something, Can't wait to see these used innovatively in the film industry.
おもしろい i play the guiter could you tell me the way to the fututre.
Sound like replicators, move like replicators, beware !
now there's a waste of time, I hope you got paid for this
it was a school project. Damn, read the bit under the video.

"These flying quadrotors are completely autonomous, meaning humans are not controlling them; rather they are controlled by a computer programed with instructions to play the instruments.

Penn's School of Engineering and Applied Science is home to some of the most innovative robotics research on the planet, much of it coming out of the General Robotics, Automation, Sensing and Perception (GRASP) Lab."
This is art, music, and science combined into one musical medium. Although the song isn't exactly a perfect reprodution (beat, sound-wise ), it represents a thousand problems which were obviously overcome with ingenuity and dedication to the end result.... BRAVO.... I wish more people followed through on an idea, ( despite it's complicated labyrinth of unseen obstacles that need to be solved ), in order to bring their idea to fruition...instead of just changing their mind's direction for something easier to do...
cute until you realyze they will hunt you couse you dissent
Yeah, we think it's cute now. But just wait til their grandkids are tellins US what to do...a la Terminator.
As soon as they're commercially available, they will play a large part in my life.
Yes, Wow, Amazing, Incredible, and scary.
If only Jimmy Hendricks were alive to see this...
Scary how these things can be programmed
This gives me tingleguts.
Who ever that is they have way to much freetime

Someone is just having way too much fun. :)
who needs fresh air, when you can buy these robots to fan your face indoors! Embrace it.
Lol! That was AWESOME! How did their remotes not get mixed up with eachothers? That's impressive.
This is insanely cool.
I wonder if the one on cymbals felt bad because he did have the musical chops to play any other instrument. 
It is just like the actual theme song
Great technology will it be used for the good of man.
Ya'll gotta see the TED talk that proceeded this,it was a most informative talk by V.Kumar.
Hey my dad went there for college. LUVED IT!
I can see by the comments that have been left by numerous individuals, that it would have been better to have shown the whole TED TALK about these marvelous machines. This video did not show the real intended use, or the importance of the autonomous aspect. However, I urge everyone that has viewed this video, to also view the TED TALK. This is BRILLIANCE, INSPIRACIONAL, and PROMISING...
I found a butterfly on the ground with no wings. So I poured some redbull on it and BAM...... it drowned e__e
ur not good at all
I am sorry but that's just too cool. Red Bull and Penn - tomorrow the World. Aha aha ha.
can we also get RedBull Creation Contest on G+?
every home needs least one
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