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Beyond ridiculous.
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He needs someone to walk behind him in real time to show that this is real and not video editing. Or is it?
Legit dancing.....
tired genre of music
Dude this guy is legit in his other vids you can see people walking behind him.
Nonstop is a BEAST .. DragonHouse
Hey, he's good!!! But the guy that was homeless that showed on AGT he did some moves that left me like WTF??!!
incredible. I had to check my water to make sure that was all it is.
Remarkable...and kinda weird...
Tome bastante e vai cutir a vida la no inferno junto com o capeta.
Isso morra de infarto como meu amigo morreu por tomar demais (RED BULL)
Wish I could do that, great sound, fluid, loved it.
awsome its like some parts your a noodle and then your like robot
Watch his 1st video pumped up kicks dubstep hes awesome
thats whats up bro lets do a video i need you my dude
I've seem another one of his performances & he's just sick w/ it
That is some cool ass shit!!
seen this guy before hes sooooooo EPIK JUST EPIC i think yes a teacher well he was now i think hes famous on youtube
Poreotics!!! that was sweet now i have to listen to some dubstep Flux Pavilion anyone?
That's how I stretch when I wake up in the morning............Pfft I wish!
you should see his pumped up kicks one
Seeing this video makes me wish I could do those moves. It sure takes a lot of skill. 
Now, That's Skills. Who else think's that?サイコーダヨ。
It's amazing to see how such terrible music can inspire such amazing dancing.
sweet this is a wicked dance
No matter what, I surely cant do it! Lol
Hes realy doing this i met him before hes legit. Sucks i vant do this :(
That's one smooth ass brotha!
his dance to pumped up kicks was a good video, seen that one a lonnng time ago
This guy needs a crowd screaming out how awesome he is.  Totally great.
He kinda looks like this homeless guy by my off ramp :-\
im gonna +1 this, verbally, i mean with text...yeah
super nice bro
HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Juan D.
i wanna learn to dance like that
Yeah, but can he do the Cabbage Patch?!? Thought so.
seems like a cross between a mime and a slowbot
He understands dimensions! 
Amazing!!!! America's Got Takent winner for sure!!!
When will this be an olympic sport? cause Nonstop is gold!
Hey! You Got it Going On.....Love It!!
The sickest thing I've seen all week!
Greg T.
I could do that

I don't doubt he can move like that but it sure as fuck looks like he's super imposed on that background. 
I bet your fab in bed.  I'll dream of you tonight.
It's ok, but I'm old skool. Poppin is best with electro funk....not dub step.
I lost it when I saw him in the Roomba commercial.
I am still don't understand this type of dance. If a fatty can do it, then I am impressed. 
How does he do that? Must take a lot of stamina.
what does this have to do with red bull?
This is exactly what drugs do to you. Funny how this type of music is now accepted in society, it only means more kids doing drugs.
I watched in amazement, for a guy rarely wowed, "WOW!!"
this is the way of dancing to the music, no rules, no rutines, no need of partner, just dance
hello my name is perry campbell im 15 years old what is your name and age?
Someone please teach this guy kung-fu. We need more masters.
It is with out bones man nice :)
Amazing music and performance, max volume required
Makin' moves like a man on ex-lax..
Incredible. This guys gets better with every video.
what if you just walked past this guy as he was dancing? id just stand there and watch.
I can do that while standing on my
And am fucking loser to see it 
This guy is freaking amazing! Quite the talented dancer. 
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
This guy is not from earth..too sickk!
Nonstop and dragonhouse is one of the sickest dupstep dancers out there!!
I wish I could break shoulda watched beat street a frew more times.:(
Dude this is totally insane that guy is beast
That's just awesome!!! Only finished watching half way so far.
Is that legit? I don't think so.
Why does the video info say 'beyond ridiculous'? This guy's good!
best of them all... speechless
Universe, you've just been served!
This guy is seriously impossible!
Cool cool wish i could do that. I guess 41 doesn't cut it.
NEED YOUR HELP !! for those staps
Kudos to your routine sir! Must have been a pain in the ass finding the best angle to face the camera...all I have to say is, the future is now!
One word. Commitment! I bought whatever he was selling.
The graphic is a misrepresentation of reality. Romney is tax on capital gains on investments (Job creating endeavors), The Hard Work is taxed on Income from his labor. It is incorrect to compare the two tax rates side by side. What would be better is to compare the actual dollar amount payed between the two. Someone above mentioned that 13.9% of Millions is a whole lot more taxes payed then 29.9% of $60k. Notice the graphic mentions the Income of the Hard Worker but not Romney. Romney has no income, he lives on his returns on investments and interest on savings. Those investments are what provide the job for the Hard Worker. Please people, use the grey matter between your ears and think critically and seek the truth, rather then blindly following the the false facts thrown out from the media.
cool.....................isnt it?
awesome u really cool n smart
I could dance like that too. I'm just missing motivation and talent. Ok maybe I can't dance like that, but I can easily picture myself trying to dance like that.
Shoot I know I can do that....after a lot of alcohol (at least that's how I feel what I look like in my head) HA!
Chris Brown doesn't stand a chance in a dance off!!!
That was hypnotic outstanding moves and you know I think you can "go get them keep strong"
First time to see a dance like this! It was fun and great to watch
Wow that was amazing but who the hell cannot do that
Billy T
You need Lubricants man! All rusty in there...
24 sec n i had enough......NEXT------>
What sort of voodoo puppetry is this?!
EXCELLENT movements and body control, very flexable... you're gooddddddddddddddddd
If I could lose another 200 pounds I could give him some competition..... Until then he is the man...
any gal add me n talk with me
Never seen anybody dance like that Thumbs Up
Wow, that's awesome, the tune is alright as well.
They CGed him. No human can move like that. Creepy.
The bitch of middle age is you miss a lot of the fun! This is fantastic stuff.
Mad skills wish i could dance like u
Highly impressive, thanks for sharing!
that is the best dancing ive ever seen in my whole life but tell me one thing,who taught you this robot dancing?
Joe Dy
he is good and artistic.
welll how iz this rediculouse wen hes just a good dancer
very charming and entertaining
Being so fat and ugly that you're ashamed to have your photo as your profile picture is never acceptable.
Got bored by the first minute. Anyone who watched the whole video is beyond ridiculous.
rubbish robot  good but not tht good 
this is great !!  if it is rubbish (max thomason) u need to learn about
art which u seem to not know!!! 
That is really guuuuuuuud performance.................
Pixelate that guy into space!
That would be good if you were trippin on something good.
Chris G
My man's slow mo is the shit!!
Will S
So cool,......,...............
how does he do that! That is WICKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+James Hartsell mentioned to me that people should check out Les Twins if we like this
Lo que puede lograr la desocupación y el entrenamiento...
Cool ... awesome ... amazing ... I lost all words ... 
This guy is god dancer :) Watch his other videos and you will be amazed. 

Good job ... best luck
Hey, taniyah it must be one of those mornings for you. Lol
ooooooooh,,,,,,so hot
bossing out. out of rivals. rivals watch. watch and learn.
just think...with a little more practice, he'll be pretty good!!!!!
This guy is off the hook driven awesome dude
98% of his body must be made of water.N another 2% of..err,well,other stuff..
haha.. can I say he's a blood flowing robot? :)
kinda week in this department... so heres an honest question... are such performances spontaneous? Or does the performer pick up a song and practice moves on it for days (or probably months) to attain such levels?
Lee dixon, you are amazingly.i wil love to see you one on one.thanks, bye.
dont walk behind  go  forward...
É o seguinte ndo vídeo que eu vejo ele dançando e tipo muito fera eu danço hard e curti muito o Dub muito foda 
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