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Crossing the Armstrong Line, 13.6 miles up. Felix Baumgartner takes the first step towards the first manned test flight of Red Bull Stratos.
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Felix Baumgartner exits his capsule before his successful 71500 ft jump for the first manned test in Roswell, NM.
Zabi D.
Damn this dude want to jump from that hight?
+Zabi Dehqani He's going to jump from more than 26 miles up - this was just the warmup.
Zabi D.
But what about his suit, 21 miles up, atmosphere, he will burn? But thats amazing thing to experience in your life.

Go Team +Red Bull !
Damn this man doesn't know the meaning of the word limit!
bk dong
i like it
I hope there's waste collection in that suit, cause I'd crap myself right about there if I had to jump.
my stomach just done a summersault ohhhhh
Talk about a HALO jump. jeez.
If you don't know the inspiration for this series of jumps, take a few minutes and read about the guy who did it back at the dawn of the Space Age. Col. Joe is a really cool guy in the interviews I've heard him do locally over the years :)
+Chris Hedeen The whole team is so lucky to have Joe as the captain of our ship!
Best of luck to Felix....although I wish my uncle Joe Crotwell would have been able to break the record.
+Red Bull For an energy drink I love your attitude towards science. This could reduce the mass of a spacesuit by a big percentage
Give that man a wingsuit/jetpack and he'd make it to.... (Australia/The Moon/Heaven) Delete as appropriate
+Peter George Sideris exactly. Although it's great we're breaking records, the real feat is the scientific data we're getting from all of this. Can't wait to see when the full jump happens.
So... where's the bungee cord? =Þ
there is no bungee cord its a parachute, they just want to break world recor of the high jump ever
meh...Richard Branson would have done the same thing with a half-naked woman strapped to his back.
About the same as the probability that a bird or aircraft will kill you in the next 30 minutes in your house, +Ruben Orduz.
Great ! now everyone is going to report another U.F.O. at Roswell.HONEY! load the up the camper!!!!
At what altitude does the mind no longer experience a fear of heights. The ground is so far and and so surreal.
Build some space appartments up there,man that would be so fucking cool,lol.
He's going to be very cold for a moment and then very hot for a few minutes. (how long will he be in free fall anyway ?)
Yeah amazing, we are far from energy drinks :)
10 to the 99 metres above sea level i ges
Roswell, weather balloons, aliens and headlines, this was first done back in 1947.
That's crazy...take more than Red Bull to pull that off!
re: skydiving records.. current record was set in 1959-1960 by an Air Force colonel ( who jumped from 102k feet. That pic from earlier was only 71k ft.

For some perspective (and because my geek curiosity got the better of me) 264,000 ft (50 miles) is where the US designates people as "astronauts". NASA considers 400k ft to be "re-entry altitude". 1million miles is considered "low earth orbit" where most satellites hang out because the atmosphere is thin enough not to drag on the satellite.
it should've been called project badass
That is really awesome...must have been an awesome ride
+Aaron Cross You probably aren't following +Red Bull, the article showed up in your stream because it is very popular on Google+ right now and they thought you might be interested. You won't receive more notifications from them unless you add them to one of your circles.
There is no real scientific value to this project. It is simply a marketing stunt using some x-games type idiot to take away from the accomplishments of a true hero like Kittinger by stealing his record to sell over caffeinated cans of soft drinks. What a shame.
+Christopher Gaul Joe Kittinger is actually a key part of the team and is driving this. The stratos team are working on this new high pressure suit which can then be used in future space exploration. Also by jumping from the stratosphere if something goes wrong a space mission in the future, this will show how evacuations can happen. The entire mission team is from NASA and the US Air force, so we're really using for scientific research and not breaking records.
i could never jump out of there. even knowing that there is no gravity it still looks like a long fall.
Dan O
That's some step!
I'd sign whatever waivers you need for a chance to jump off that.
Wow its very amazing to stand behind a satelite but still.............
Anyone else think it will be Red Bull funding, rather than US Gov funding NASA that gets someone to Mars?
I tell you Iam rely so amazed with the acts. What an acrobatic situation ! Thats great ! Such is life anyway, but I have liked the message so much. Please continue sending me more and more interesting stories, news and videos so that we should enjoy together. God bless!
What a view... Vertigo would be my enemy.
Thrumbs up felix to bad you couldn't have dropped an anvil on the Chemtrail planes on your way past them, maybe next time..
superb performance by little master.........
Man ths dude gonna experience the real fun n brk all limits
it's done many times 70 80 before nasa would not share that info
it's done many times 65. 70 80 before nasa would not share that info
Put's a whole new spin on 'stepping out'...
redbull gives him energy (and endorsement)
How will he avoid being burned up in the atmosphere. Meteors are much larger and most cases dont even come close to the ground he must've been wearing some special protection.
Owo thats pretty cool!. :)
I can see my houes from there
u better do whatever so u don't float away. got a rocket pack
Can't help but notice how many people comment without either thinking at all or reading any of the other comments. Congrats to RedBull, Felix and the whole team on a great accomplishment, can't wait to see the free fall footage, I'm sure the GoPro guys could hook you up.
ايه يا ابني الي مطلعك هنا انزل لا تقع علي الترتره وتاخد بافتره
Red Bull in space? What the hell is next, Trojan Condoms?
So when you guys put out a video of the final jump, it needs to be set to jamiraquai's "supersonic".
Eddie B
Will be hard to top this rush
A bit let down there - though I applaud the goal of the project - why take a man to 71k feet to jump but not share a video of his free fall?
5mins 35 seconds.
It'll take 35 seconds for Felix to break the speed of sound.
Taking a leap of faith can open up a world of opportunities. It can also leave stains on your clothes that even the strongest detergent can't remove.
I wonder if it's easier to jump from near-space than it is to BASE jump from a bridge. From the bridge, the ground is right there - so close to be scary. From space, everything must be surreal.
That is awesome. Gotta c the video
um.... the video shows everything ..... EXCEPT the jump. lol.
Saw that picture in the paper today. Looks cooler in color
is he in space and if he is is he gonna jump out of it
Red Bull makes me want to piss often. I bet he won't drink any before/during the long slow float to the top. 
that is such an amazing jump. Good luck to the team. I know i wont be able to do that. Amazing!!
boy, my day job sucks monkey balls.
I'll bet that space suit is now brown inside. 
What a rush would like to see speed of free fall and altitude of chute deployment. What happened to craft?
How do you walk with balls that big? One hell of a free fall 
Now that's an awesome experience!
If someone else is paying, I'm doing it!
please if there's anyone out there with video of this post it
I am experiencing vertigo just looking at this photo 
An amazing and great pic!! Is all relative mind you, you're gonna die if you fall from a few meters up, or a few thousand meters. What is the point of this. Have money, will you got a bit higher. Heros......
+Ryan S. Ruhland this was the test flight for where actually this will be the highest jump from the stratosphere and Felix will break the speed of sound. This, per the caption, was the first manned test, not the full jump.
The ultimate challenge .... excellence in public relations and advertising.
esse cara bate bem da cabeça!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Może spróbuje bungee teraz, że widziałem cię
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