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If you get "There is a problem parsing the package" after downloading the Android Activator App, then turn on "Unknown Sources" in Settings -> Security and try again. After installing you can turn this off.

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Si tienes "Error de análisis de paquete" despues después de la descarga Recordable Activator App entonces permita "fuentes desconocidas" en la ajustes seguridad y inténtalo de nuevo. Después de la instalación se puede desactivar.

If you have been getting "recording couldn't start or was killed" errors when using the RecordableActivator app, then please delete the current version you have installed and allow Recordable to download the new 1.0.9 version. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Recordable Activator has been removed from Google Play by Google. If you would like to use the activation app it's available for download from More updates as they happen.

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You may have recently read stories about an "new" Android security issue which has been called "Certifi-Gate".

Essentially, remote support applications, like TeamViewer Quicksupport, Mobizen MobileSupport etc use a special plugin so they can read the screen. These plugins are signed by the manufacturers, like Samsung, LG, etc.

For a few months now Recordable has been using the TeamViewer Quicksupport plugin to allow users to read the screen without activating over USB.

Both Recordable and Quicksupport inform you when they are reading the screen, but it is possible a malicious app could use the plugin to start reading the screen without telling you. So, if you have installed the plugin and are concerned about malicious apps you might want to consider uninstalling the plugin when you're not using it.

USB activation is secure. Each USB activation generates a new, random key which only the Recordable application knows.

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If you keep getting the "Incorrect plugin version. Uninstall and download correct version?" message, it's because the Play Store app is changing the version of the plugin. To disable this: 1) run the Play Store app,: 2)click on the menu icon top left 3) select the QS ADD-ON app 4) click the menu top right 5) turn off Auto update.

Version 4.2 should be out shortly which adds support for Intel devices. I've only been able to test this on a Samsung Tab3 10 with Android 4.4.2. Please let me know if it works for you. Other changes are root support for Android 5.0+ and an Italian translation from Cri16228.

Gear VR users with Android 5: as far as I know you must activate using USB. This means using a PC or a Mac and downloading the activator from and the plugging in your USB cable. If you don't do this and just click "START NOW" to the window about "Recordable will start capturing ..." then you get very poor performance. I guess this is a Samsung Gear VR issue. Note that if you have previously clicked "START NOW" you need to clear these settings by uninstalling and reinstalling Recordable, or going to Settings -> Apps -> Recordable -> Clear Data (before activating over USB).

If you get the "QS Add-On plugin version >= 10.x is not supported" message and you're using a Samsung device, you need to install version 8 of QS Add-On plugin. It's available from various places including:[].apk

I'll update the app later today with these links.

Version Should fix "examining system ..." message they never goes away on some LG and other devices, fixes on Android 5+ devices, more audio fixes.
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