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ReconstructMe SDK 1.4 and ReconstructMeQt 1.1 released

We are proud to announce the newest release of ReconstructMe SDK and ReconstructMeQt. We’ve put a lot of efforts into both releases in the hope of making 3D reconstruction easier, more robust and versatile.

Get it now!
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Is there a Mac or Linux version yet? 
Reconstruct me uses Visual C, so Windows only.
Whats reconstruct me Qt then?
What little I know about it, QT is the windowing system, which is cross platform. However the install requires a certain version of M$ VC 2010 redistibutible, making it Windows only.

If anyone knows better, please correct me.
BTW I'm excited about this and may buy a second Kinect on the way home!
Me too! I bought a nice Win 8 lappy for this, and the driver install requires signifigant workarounds. But 3D scanning is a tough/very cool ability, so I feel it's worth the investment.
+matthew bennett you can also install the Kinect SDK (not the runtime), it will support the XBox Kinect, limits the distance to a minimum of 80cm though
+ReconstructMe Thanks for that. I'm currently using the PrimeSense driver with my Xbox Kinect. The drivers aren't the problem, Windows 8 just makes it difficult to install unsigned drivers. I found the workaround in your forums, which also applied to Arduino under Win8
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