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Beta 2.5.6 now available.

I added a sub setting to the "Launch wear app when this app posts a notification" to allow the user to set whether this only happens if music is playing.

The wear app launched a few times overnight for me because google play music was updating Stations and downloading podcasts and posting notifications about it. 

Beta 2.5.4 now available.

Starting to clean up for release. Added some new text on the first wear app run to ask wear 2.0 users to install the phone app (in case they found MB on the on watch store first).

Fixed the menus in the on watch settings pages. Could barely read the top and bottom settings.

Let me know what you think. Enjoy.

Beta 2.5.2 just published.

I implemented a feature I've been wanting to add for a while. Per app control of launching the wear app. This one works based on whether you decided an app should launch the wear app instead of just a general catch all launch when any media starts playing.

Let me know how the feature works out for you.

Beta 2.5.1 just published.

-Added the ability to set a timeout after media has been paused to turn off the wear app and dismiss the Music Boss Notification.

I already love this feature! I hope you do to.

+Jamie Sanger (credit for reminding me I had this implemented for the pebble app but not wear).

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Beta incoming with a feature requested by +Malcolm Bryant​

Does anyone have a wear watch running the 2.0 preview? I'd love to know if Music Boss is appearing on the on watch play store. Thanks!


Hi all. As you can see from the Play Store listing for this app, it hasn't been updated it almost a year. I've been very busy with personal things since then, but I'd like to tackle any outstanding nuisances.

I am not yet committing to any big feature implementations, but I'd like to start by addressing some of the bugs that may have been uncovered. If you could list them (as briefly as possible) in the comments here, I'll do my best to chip away at them. 

I just published Music Boss for wear to the Wear Watch Store. I am not too sure if it works yet as I cannot install the wear 2.0 preview on my watch (moto 360 2015). I'm wondering if anyone could take a look for me.


V2.8.6 Beta is incoming.

I have been quite busy this summer and never officially released the update to the app that brought the new Music Boss Sports app to the public.

I am hoping to ramp up development a bit to get it out soon. The latest beta has a cleaned up nav drawer to more clearly outline the addons that are available for the app.

Runners: Looking for some feedback from anyone who has used the Music Boss Sports app.


I just pushed a beta version of the app that has a nice addition to the Optional Addon called Music Boss Sport. It's a new watch app that takes all the core music control features and includes them in a sport oriented app. The app displays info from your running/activity apps like RunKeeper, Strava, etc.

I hope you enjoy it. Feedback welcome!
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