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I can just picture Luke riding this around Tatooine while listening to Final Countdown.
I can't decide if this is more at home in Batman, Smokey and the Bandit, or Star Wars. It may be time for someone to do a movie mashup.
I want to see a land speeder mocked like "The General" from Dukes of Hazard. That would be a great mash-up Daisy and Leah (sp?) Luke and Luke. Yeah!
Smokey and the Nerf Herder?
Its the new smoky and the bandit
I'm gonna need a fast landspeeder...
Faster than that...
Faster than that...
I didn't know a Thunder Chicken hood emblem was pimp! 
"Ever since the XP-38 came out, they just aren't in demand."

Now we know why.
Where are you going to get this thing
Smokey and the Bantha
do u think it sell wth just 10 cent ..
no u wrong !
158.000 usd
do u all .. think it's real ,
no ...
it just have in ur fantasy ...
I need the Shelby Cobra version !!
well .. that kind of thing , don't even have in malaysia
,, that's why ,  it's only a fantasy . 
Love star wars would be cool to ride in over water
what guido threw a firebird decal on their landspeeder?
Thats what happens when you sell a speeder  to the right jawa ;)
Thats what happens when you sell a speeder  to the right jawa ;)
what is the landspeeder? ple explain this
get that Screaming Chicken off the hood!!!
This belongs to Luke's cousin Vinny from Jersey.
I hate it when they take photos of my car.
Is this a boat or jet of some sort or a car????whatever it is looks great...
Is it looks like a pic of a toy?
Is it looks like a pic of a toy?
really I think so too ! If it will only use green energy !!
It's a piece of junk of course it's Pic how else did it get on g+ loser?!?
yea i would so drive that thing... thats BOSS
Screw the ride make SMARTPHONE like that with more gadgets than what it has
I was like - Ah, a new design for a Samsung phone?
That car is hella sleek but kinda reminds me of this vibrator this girl I knew use when no men were available to service her.....,o_O
Sith and the Bandit? Han Solo has to make the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs to bring back some beer for Jabba's party.
Mark I made you laugh with my double post. You're so easily amused. Well, again, is it live or is it Memorex....a toy?
well it looks surely like a toy and if it was a real thing it would have been an  eye catcher I 'd wish & lust to have a ride.
Sweet! The Bandit would definitely drive that!
Jim Hay
That's where Pontiac went!
Is it real.......or model
East bound and down, loadin up and truckn we gonna do what they say can't be done...
My mind and body both say they want it.....i'm inclined to agree.
Does it do light speed nice eagle on bonnet
I want one so badly. Can you imagine using it to go to work?
Apple Designed the Landspeeder, George Lucas stole their design! Watch out for more lawsuits :/
TURN ON TURBO SMOOTH, the guy who made this made it fast and simple, another hour and it woulda been crazy good
very very breauitiful dear
ab jis na yaha post ki us ki maa ki budi
I Would Really Want One Of My Own
Yep but what are you sending random pictures our for
Pontiac is now defunct, what's the Screaming Thunderchicken decal doing on the hood?
You know someone is gunna turn this into a dukes of hazard general lee.
Technology is always moving forward.
How much is it
i want a full model with good engine
That would be a Pontiac Landspeeder Trans-Am. Like from the movie "Smokey and the Jedi Bandit".
Need more information on it,like how fast it go and own one.
This is an actual Star Wars fans' coffin!
My god, it looks like the hover board off; back to the future 2!!! hehe...
I know its the coffin off star wars but the similarities are uncanny, can I just take it for a test ride... :)
gimme dat and i'll luv u 4 eva
I want mine.! 20'x14'
is it a wheely or a floater or a nice fag lighter
Now that is the coolest vehicle ever. 
Every star wars fan needs one of these!! Haha! :D
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