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Hammerfall: Operation Dented Shield Mission Briefing (April-May 2015 ITOD)

By ADM Cyrel Vandroth
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
General Announcement, Apr 03, 2015

The situation is quite dire. Not only have we been struck from within by unknown forces, which has put our command staff in a state of disarray, but we are also under attack in the Aurora Sector and Cadrel Expanse by an unidentified Imperial force, which appears to be extremely well organized and competently led. Our new FC, Admiral Vandroth’s orders are effectively to do damage control; limit our losses and regroup so we can tackle this properly. These missions are part of this plan, so check your mission briefings, get out there, and let’s not let the Imperials cause any more damage than they already have.

Operational Fiction Intro:
April SotRS:

Tour: Hammerfall
Operation: Dented Shield
Operation Start date: April 1st
Operation End Date: May 31st

Welcome back, RS!

It is my pleasure to announce the beginning of the Hammerfall Tour of Duty. We have an extensive fictional story arc to tell over the course of this Tour and can't wait to begin developing and exploring it with you. Because with out you, soldiers, there isn't a story to tell. 

With that in mind, stand by to receive your missions!

Objective 1: X-Wing Alliance

It looks like one of our forward outposts in the Aurora Sector is going to be hit hard; we've clocked Impstar Duces with full complements of TIES and other various assault craft on an inbound vector. We're not exactly sure how many destroyers are in this particular strike force though, and we do still have both the MC-80 Windstorm, a Golan II, and of course the base itself is still online. We should at least be able to make a fight of it before we need to abandon the place; maybe we'll have slim chance of being able to drive some of them off. So, here's the plan pilots: we'll make our stand until it looks like the base is going to fall, then we'll make sure and get any remaining personnel the hell out of there and make our getaway. We can't really risk losing the Windstorm though, so if it starts getting hammered we'll need to cover its immediate retreat. Fortunately we're hosting various pilots from Dagger, Resurrection, and Wildcard squadrons here at the moment, so we'll have a lot of good sticks plus the Corvette Javelin in the air to support. Eyes up and shoot straight pilots, here we go!

Objective instructions: Download and fly the mission ( We’d like to also see more narratives, so try to include one with your report.

Objectives/Point distribution: 1 for submission, 1 for Success result, 1 for narrative with submission (3 total)

Additional Information: When completed, the reporter link can be found here ( If you have any questions/commence/concerns regarding the mission, contact 2LT CrazyCarl, the mission builder. ( 

Objective 2: X-Wing Miniatures

Pilots, listen up! We’re getting hit hard and you’re now on point to evac one of our outposts before we lose it entirely. There’s two operations here, pick which one you can tackle, coordinate with the remaining forces, and get our transport out of there safely. Don’t try to stick around and fight off the whole invasion yourself, the odds aren’t in our favor this time, and we need survivors, not martyrs.

Objective instructions: There are two possible engagements to undertake, only one needs to be reported for ITOD credit. The first is a 1v1 engagement, the other is our first 2v2 Epic Rules engagement. Both sides need to have 2 players to do the second engagement. Both engagements have the same ROE, but the reporter system does require you to select the correct engagement when reporting. Both can be found here: (

Objectives/Point distribution: 1 point for each operation participated in (2 total) and 1 additional point for the first RS victory result a player gets (A grand total 3 points possible. The victory point only goes to the first RS victory engagement for the RS player)

Additional Information: Report under which engagement you undertake, as found in the Tour hub for Minis ( Any questions/comments/concerns regarding the mission may be sent to MGN Ginovef (

Objective 3: Minecraft

The Rebel Squadrons continues to build their defenses and bases. Many materials have been gathered, ready for a future development. Food and drink is plentiful, as are the number of escape routes deep into the planet. This was much needed following the recent bombardment and destruction of their previous base. RS engineers have been busy and a planetary shield generator has been recently completed to protect the Rebel Squadrons' base from an orbital bombardment. The group must now turn their skills towards building a very small capital scale shipyard (possibility to expand in the future) to take the fight straight back to the imperials and protect themselves from any ground or air combat.

Objective instructions: To complete a shipyard 80 blocks wide x 130 blocks long. Secondary Mission: Build a squadron of rebel fighters, housed in the shipyard. Tertiary Mission: Contribute 2000 stone blocks.

Objectives/Point distribution: 1 points will be awarded for completion of the shipyard to any participant involved on the server. 1 point for a squadron. 1 point for 2000 stone blocks. A total of 3 points up for grabs. A screenshot will be required for each and should be submitted with the mission report.

Additional information: All three objectives are located here in the Minecraft Tour Hub ( Please ensure that you report under which objective you are completing. Any questions/comments/concerns can be forwarded to BGN Quinal (

Objective 4: TOR

Commando ground operations must continue to remain active in throughout the Aurora Sector if we are to have any hope of maintaining a foothold against this Imperial incursion. There are dangerous assignments that must be undertaken, but they are vital to our strategic survival in the sector.

Objectives/Point distribution: 1 point for each completed Flashpoint (for a total of 3 points).

Objective instructions: Participate in 3 Flashpoints on “Hard” Mode. Please ensure that you are undertaking Flashpoints appropriate to your character level.

Additional Information: Utilize the standard activity reporter ( ) and include a screenshot as required. For any questions or concerns, contact BGN D’jo (

Objective 5: Commander

Our border outposts are going to be the hardest hit, but the best defense is a good offense, so our commanders are being encouraged to take the fight to the enemy at any available opportunity, hopefully to keep the Imperials off balance while the rest of our forces regroup.

Objective instructions: Submit up to 10 100% completion battle reports for full operational credit.

Objectives/Point distribution: 
1st operational point - Submit a 100% completion battle report
2nd and 3rd operational point - Submit 10 100% completion battle reports

Additional Information: Submit battle reports using the activity reporter ( ). Once you have submitted 10 reports, report for the ITOD from this location ( including a link to your individual reports page (i.e. ) . If you have any concerns or questions, reach out to RA Kravis (

Objective 6: d6RPG

Sentinel Company is still conducting operations. For further details, check with the Sim Synopsis to get the most recent update.

Objective instructions: Participate in at least one ‘A New Dawn’ Campaign sim held on Sundays at 2 PM EST in #Allegiance on IRC.

Objectives/Point distribution: 2 Points for participation. 1 Additional point for succeeding in the general objectives of the campaign.

Objective 6: Fiction Writing

RSI is putting all of it’s informants into play, attempting to gather as much information as possible on who, or what, the new threat to the RS actually is. 

Writing Prompt: “Who is your character’s worst enemy, and how did they get to be that way?”

Objectives/Point distribution: Up to three points for a submission.

Additional Information: Reply to the operational thread created on the forums with a post of at least 500 words. 

Objective 7: Trivia

Continue ongoing review of historical records. 

Objective Instructions: See news posts for regular Trivia announcements!

Objectives/Point distribution: 1 point for participating in any trivia event over the operation, 2 points if you average better than 3 incorrect answers per trivia event, 3 points if you average better than 1 incorrect answer per trivia event.

Objective 8: RPG PC Directive

Allegiance Battle Group Recruitment Drive!

Objective instructions: Create a Sentinel character sheet. This can be done with any qualified GM.

Objectives/Point distribution: 1 point for the person who creates the CS (GM level, awarded once). 1 point for the person the CS is created for.

Objective 9: Legacy PC Directive

Records Department has noted a lack of after action reports from missions flown, and as such, General Ginovef has issued orders for any pilot flying a simulator mission should file a complete after action report.

Objective instructions: Fly a historical mission for any flight sim, and submit a narrative based on your experiences from this mission, and try to keep it least greater than 250 words. The only guideline is that this is a simulator practice run, but other than that, write it however you feel comfortable doing so.

Objectives/Point distribution: 1 Point for mission submission, 1 Point for narrative submission, 1 Point for beating the previous top score

Additional information: Reply to the operational thread created on the forums with a narrative of at least 300 words. Utilize the standard reporter for the mission results, and ensure that a link to the forum post is included with the reported mission so that you can receive full credit.

Objective 10: MG PC Directive

Our armored ground forces continue to see action but need more crews to join the fight and defeat our enemies!

Objective instructions: 
1st operational point - Join the World of Tanks RS Clan and participate in at least one match with a fellow clan mate
2nd operational point - Participate in a Clan Wars match with the RS Clan in World of Tanks. 
3rd operational point - Participate in capturing a province for the RS Clan in World of Tanks. 

Objectives/Point distribution: 1 point for each objective completed.

Additional Information: The reporter for these objectives can be found here ( For questions/comments/concerns, reach out to the RS Tank Clan leader, CMDR Darth Gumbo (GumboRex in WoT, Q`Zayn in IRC, usually found in #allegiance)

Objective 11: FC Directive “Call to Arms!”

In the face of recent setbacks, we need more able bodied personnel to help us hold this region of space now more than ever! If you know of anyone who can contribute to our struggle, now is the time to encourage them to take up arms against the Empire and all those who threaten the people of this remote part of the galaxy.

Objective instructions: Recruit a member into the RS and have them participate in at least one ITOD activity.

Objectives/Point distribution: 1 point for the recruit listing you as the recruiter, 1 point for the recruit participating in the ITOD this session, 1 point for the recruit satisfying the requirements for their first promotion this session

Additional Information: Have the recruit contact the RSXO ( and/or FC ( upon joining to indicate who invited them to the club. 

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Is this from the original Marvel Comics Empire? It looks familiar, but we can't place it...


#starwars   #rebelsquadrons  
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This author is fairly certain he has the original issue somewhere.....and now the "speech balloon from tauntaun rider" brings it all back
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The further we get from it, the more we realize how genius it was

#starwars   #starwarsgames   #starwarsgalaxies  
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and space combat was absolutely awesome....
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We're a little late to the party, as this author was finishing a term of school and moving apartments....but damn....

Also, Aren't there any Rebel Illustrators out there in the world? ;-p

And....these Imperials apparently haven't met the best the RS has to offer....

#starwars #rebelsquadrons #tiefighter  
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+Jason Harris Very cool! 
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New Trivia for our current gaming session! These questions were maybe the hardest set yet....

#starwars #rebelsquadrons  #rstrivia
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+Jeff McAfee Jesus I don't know any of these, except where Leia was shot. I feel like I should know who taught Han Shyriiwook, but I can't recall.
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im gonna be honest, I only watched it about 6-8 times :P
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Well this came out of nowhere...

#starwars   #starwarsgames   #rebelsquadrons   #starwarsarmada   #fantasyflightgames  
Announcing the Second Wave of Expansions for Star Wars™: Armada
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YES! :)
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Star Wars™: Armada Is Now Available
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Now we know why Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru were burned alive...

#starwars   #rebelsquadrons  
"Star Wars" fans are being warned away from several locations in Tunisia linked to the movies due to reported jihadist activity. Tataouine, which inspired the name of Luke Skywalker's home planet of Tatooine, has become a way-station fo...
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This should be more of a reason to scalp the bitches.
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Yay, the only part of this animation where the Rebels look cool and aren't dying. We still really wish someone would make a whole Rebel-sided version.


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this actually looks cool!!! Rebels is shit....
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How did you make that
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