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Hammerfall: Operation The Lithran Offensive Mission Briefing (March-April 2016 Activities)

Join the Rebel Squadrons:

By ADM Cyrel Vandroth
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
--, Mar 17, 2016
Tour: Hammerfall
Operation: The Lithran Offensive
Operation Start Date: March 1st, 2016
Operation End Date: April 30th, 2016

Welcome back soldiers, we got smacked around a bit last session but we have a new list of objectives to help push the tide back. See your individual reports for more details.

How to Use the New Activities System

The Rebel Squadrons has launched a new Activities hub! To use it, head over to Activities on the left nav bar, or follow this direct link:

Our operations focus around Objectives for each activity, as we have done for quite some time, but now you should use the new Activities system to report instead of the ITOD system.
Look under “My Activities”, find the activity (game) you’re looking for, and click on an objective listed next to it, e.g. “The Lithran Offensive (Battlefront)
Read the briefing and instructions, complete the activity, and obtain the required proof (screenshot, link to MP report, forum post, etc.)
Click “Report on this objective” to access the new reporter.
Any comments and web links should go into the “Comments” box. Put web links each on their own line.
Attach any files (screenshots, pilot files, etc.) using “Add new file”.

If you’d like to update a report later, follow the same steps as above, except click “Update report on this objective” once you reach the objective page. You can withdraw reports from that page as well.

If you run into a site bug, you can note it on the Internet Office website at:

Objective 1: Legacy Gaming - X-wing Alliance

Alright folks, this has been a long time in the planning but it looks like the time is right for us to finally make a move to take the Lithran orbital shipyards! It doesn't look like the Imperials are expecting us back so soon after our hit and fade on their sensor array, nor do we believe that they are suspecting us to try to capture the shipyards instead of just destroy them. To help maintain the secrecy of that objective, we'll be going with complete radio silence once we jump in system, so pay close attention to your assigned roles!

To make sure we hit as hard as we can, we'll be going all-in with the Redemption's task force. All starships and starfighters will jump into the Lithran system together. Try to stay grouped up with the captial ships and cover each other while we sweep through the first line of defenses.

Once the outer defenses are down, the main force will continue straight on to engage the inner defenses and any capital ships in the area, and the assault Corvettes will begin driving for their assigned shipyards in order to capture them. Pilots, you'll need to split your attention between any remaining fighters, protecting the Corvettes, and assisting in harrying the imperial defenses.

Hopefully we'll be able to have them battered down enough that they won't be able to turn any fire on the shipyards once they figure out that we're capturing them!

Objective Instructions: Submit your report to as well as here. This double-report is temporary while we work on the new system.

Submit screenshots or links as appropriate for each objective listed below.

Point Distribution:
1 Point for successfully completing the mission in a B-Wing
1 Point for successfully completing the mission in an X-Wing
1 Point for submitting to me feedback on the mission, specifically what version and mods your running (vanilla, Darksaber, etc.) and how you feel the balance is. I build and test all my mission with the DSUCP, but I'm worried that the balance is quite different than vanilla, which is why I'm after this feedback in case I need to tweak things in future missions accordingly. Thanks!

Link to Objective:

Task Force Leader: MAJ CrazyCarl

Objective 2: Legacy Gaming - EaW

Hyper in with the Redemption task force, engage any imperial defenses in the area, and attempt to capture the shipyards intact.

Objective Instructions: Submit screenshots or comments to this reporter fulfilling each of the tasks below.

Point Distribution:
1 point for playing the mission
1 point for winning (with a captured shipyard)
1 point for sending me any feedback on what you thought of the mission.

Link to objective:

Task Force Leader: MAJ CrazyCarl

Objective 3: Modern Gaming - X-wing Miniatures

Briefing: Nothing special here, pilots, but it’s all the same just as critical. You’ll be flying regularly scheduled combat patrols along our frontlines, focused along possible Imperial patrol lines near and at the Lithra System. Engage and destroy any Imperial forces you encounter.

Objective Instructions: Play Minis! Instructions on how to set up Vassal, the software we use to emulate the game, can be found here: ( ). Once you’re up and running, stop by our DALNet channel #rs_bar_and_grill and ask if anyone wants to play a game or post on the forums to arrange a match with someone. Follow the instructions in the wiki article to load up Vassal and join a game.

Play matches and submit them as activity via the Generic Reporter ( ). Matches involving at least 100 points matches (or higher if you want to involve capships/epic scale battles) are valid for completing this objective.

Once you have accumulated three matches (or however many you can for the operation), use the mission reporter link ( , select ‘report on this actvity’) to create a mission report for this objective. Include in the comments section links to each of your activity reports (found here via clicking ‘Leaderboards’, ‘Multiplayer Hub’, then under ‘Full Match Listings’ select ‘X-wing Minatures’ and find your report. Or just go here: ).

Point Distribution: 1 point for every qualifying match played (max 3 per player).

Link to objective:

Task Force Leader: FA Danny "David Lee Japan" Qatar

Objective 4: Modern Gaming - Uprising

The Uprising has slowed, but has not been entirely beaten back. Our contacts on the other side of the blockade can not provide much-needed resources or intel if none of our own officers attend to collect.

Objective Instructions: Submit screenshots or links to this reporter as appropriate for each objective.

Point Distribution:
Log in at least once a week (TFL Forerunner will personally monitor the login frequencies through the Cartel menu, so you don't have to worry about keeping track of yourself).
Reach Level 40 (if above, reach Level 60, and if above that, max out at Level 85...And if you've already maxed out as of March 1, you get a free point!)
Play 1 co-op mission, and be sure to send in a screenshot. Alternatively (be it because of introversion or scheduling problems), participate in one Sector Battle and rank at a minimum level of Lieutenant (also with screenshot). Either would count, but you can not get double points by doing both.

Link to objective:

Task Force Leader: CMDR Jay Forerunner

Objective 5: Modern Gaming - The Old Republic MMO

Objective Instructions: Submit screenshot evidence of each of these objectives to this reporter. If you completed a flashpoint with another RSer or while in the RS guild and submitted as an activity report, include a link to that report instead of submitting the screenshot again.

Participate in one Flashpoint of your choosing.
Donate 100,000 credits to the guild.
Obtain 20,000 personal conquest points during any conquest on any toon.

SS of the donation to the guild, along with being posted here, must be accompanied with an email to so that she can log in and verify funds into the acct.

SS of personal conquest completion and flashpoint completion required.

Point Distribution: 1 point for each objective

Link to objective:

Task Force Leader: BGN Ray Djo

Objective 6: Modern Gaming - World of Tanks

Objective Instructions:
Recruit a member to the RS/RST -> then onto the webpage
“Defender medal” during the session.
“Steel Wall medal" during the session.

Point Distribution: 1 point for each objective. Submit screenshots or links as appropriate for each objective.

Link to objective:

Task Force Leader: MGN Kimiao Quinal

Objective 7: Modern Gaming - Minecraft

With the base on Lithra established, RS forces should now focus on fortifying controlled zones and improving mobility.

Objective Instructions:
Build a ship or a wing of starfighters. They can be recognized designs or original ones.
Build a Ground-to-Space Cannon near a developed area.
Report at least one hour with other RSers on any server using the Reporter for General Activity ( ) .

Point Distribution: 1 point for each objective. Submit screenshots or links as appropriate for each objective.

Link to objective:

Task Force Leader: MAJ Yaihi’l Beskar

Objective 8: Modern Gaming - Platform Coordinator Directive

The ground battle has heated up and we need you out there with the RS troops.

Objective Instructions: Using a modern ground-based game (we suggest Battlefront or Minecraft, among others), log time with your fellow RSers. You may use vehicles as long as the primary action takes place on the ground. Report your activity via the Generic Reporter ( ) and include links to those reports here.

Point Distribution:
1 point for 1 hour total played with another RSer. Use a screenshot as evidence.
1 point for 2 hours total.
1 point for 3 hours total and at least two different games.

Link to objective:

Platform Coordinator: FA Licah Fox

Objective 9: Immersion Gaming - Simming (RPG)

Objective Instructions: Participate in sims! Participate in any 3 sims over the course of the session, including character sims. On this reporter, include a link to your personal activity report (such as ) that shows your participation in the sims.

Point Distribution: Earn 1 point per sim you participate in.

Link to objective:

Task Force Leader: FA Michael Raven

Objective 10: Immersion Gaming - Fiction Writing

Objective Instructions: In pursuit of attempting to uncover the mole mucking up the RS's plans, RS Intelligence needs updated dossiers on each of you! In 500 words or more, describe why you joined the rebellion (or if you joined later, the New Republic). Post your submission to the forums at .

Point Distribution:
1 point for a submission of at least 500 words.
1 Point of the submission incorporates their arrival into Task Force Republic Shield.
1 point if your story exceeds 1,000 words of quality writing, as determined by the TFL.

Link to objective:
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Rebel Squadrons

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Yeah, they totally look like food to our lasers and we eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (sometimes even just as a snack).

New session started, info coming soon. Until then, snack on your favorite Imp Stars.


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Hmm? Give me some of that delicious star destroyer pie
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Rebel Squadrons

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New Operation: Hammerfall - Sons of Lithra
By MGN Nicolai Ginofev

As always, to join the Rebel Squadrons go to:

See below the fictional briefing for all of the next two months' various gaming objectives.

Deep within the Aurora nebula, near Exren, the Executor-class Star Dreadnought Titan and a massive fleet of warships, her own personal home guard fleet, sat in wait at a Titan staging point, preparing for the next phase of their invasion against task force Republic Shield. Along with this fleet four additional Star Destroyers, the flagships of the fleets assaulting each side of Republic Shield space, were present. A rare meeting of the entire upper leadership of the invasion force had been called, and all four sector Admirals had been summoned to the Titan herself, to meet with their Fleet Commander. Deep within the bowels of the Super Star Destroyer, each Admiral sat with a small entourage at a large briefing table with various holoprojectors showing the status of their invasion forces. At the head of the table was the mastermind behind the invasion - Grand Admiral Ardus Khoda, flanked by his own support staff.

Grand Admiral Khoda had not acquired his position in the traditional manner, he was not one of the thirteen original Grand Admirals appointed by Emperor Palpatine during the Galactic Civil War, but rather a self-proclaimed one. Originally the Grand Moff of holdings in the Kathol sector, he restyled his title after the acquisition of the Titan herself and its constituent fleet. A middle aged Coruscantian native with a receding hairline, he was not necessarily a cunning strategist nor a particularly skilled naval commander, but his organizational skills and leadership were key to the fleet's success. Grand Admiral Kohda was not afraid to yield to the more experienced tacticians and naval commanders under his banner, and so the Admirals of the fleet followed him out of respect of his vision and his willingness to allow them to operate their fleets as mostly independent entities. Each of them felt as if they were autonomous, merely answering to a higher authority for the overall target of their campaigns and to be held accountable in the event of failure.

The Grand Admiral depressed a button on the conference call, and several minutes passed as a long range communication channel was opened through dozens of smaller relays spread throughout the sector. A dull click signaled a successful connection, and a male's voice resonated in the room.

"RS Operations Office, this is Maj-" The voice was cut off by Grand Admiral Khoda.

"Starburst Protocol." He spoke clearly into the comlink built into the conference table, and after a moment, continued. "Operative, provide us with your last report to the Republic Shield high command."

"Sir." The voice on the other end sounded distant, but clear. "Titan continues to push into the Aurora Sector, Cadrel Expanse, and Subterrel Sectors. The Allegiance Battle Group has fought Titan to a standstill and has actually begun counter offensives. Brigadier General Veld and Task Force Shochu continue to stall the Titan advance in the Cadrel Expanse with hit and run attacks on their supply lines, they can't go any further without risking their entire invasion. Their advance in Subterrel is going extremely slowly, as it is heavily fortified, but we are losing ground. The Aurora sector is steadily losing ground, they may be able to attack Aurora directly in the near future, and we need to assign more assets to protect it. Finally, because of the ABG's success, we have opened our own invasion route to Lithra, one of their major shipyard worlds. We will begin attacks in the coming weeks." The voice on the other end recited the summary of the Operations' Office last report to High Command.

The Grand Admiral paused for a moment, looking across the room, allowing the information to sink in, before looking at a chronometer on his wrist. He knew this conversation could last no more than five minutes exactly, and so he did not wait long to follow up.

"Who is leading the coordination for the assault on Lithra?" The Grand Admiral asked.

"Eric Skrevski is coordinating resistance efforts on the planet while Aisha Dakari and her fleet assault holdings nearby. The ABG fleet has been running support for both of them. They are supported by the remainder of the ABG and the various smaller factions that their members control."

"Thank you, Operative," Ardus said, before abruptly cutting the communication channel before the five minute mark on his chronometer. He pressed a button on the control panel in front of him, and holographic images of the two individuals mentioned by name -- Eric Skrevski and Aisha Dakari, appeared before the collected group of Admirals, detailed biographical data streamed down the holos.

"Gentlemen this is becoming a problem. With the loss of our primary shipyard in the Kathol sector, Lithra represents an entire third of our starship production capability, and it cannot be allowed to fall." His voice steadily rose as he spoke, anger flaring. He was constantly frustrated by the navy's failure to keep the ABG in check, and various RS victories had also started to slow what he thought would be an unstoppable tide. "Admiral Zeltrin, explain yourself."

The man he referenced, Admiral Zeltrin, was the commander of the Titan's southern quadrant invasion force, responsible for attacks on the ABG. He and his fleet had been tasked with capturing Bethlamore, the RS' major fortress world south of the Greeop sector, and the 'back door' to their home system.

"Sir, their assets and holdings are far more extensive than our initial intelligence estimates. We are being counterattacked on a weekly basis, and simply can't keep up with the sheer number of targets they can hit. Their own intelligence seems to far exceed our own and they've been able to hit where we're weakest. They aren't doing major damage, yet, but attrition is starting to take it's toll. I've assigned an entire battle group to try to stop Dakari, but she's striking at their supply lines on an almost daily basis and we can't muster the forces to strike at the system she's operating out of. Then there's the matter of the other members, we just can't keep up while the main body of my fleet is tied up ensuring that their allies like Task Force Whispering Death don't deal more damage behind our lines." The Admiral sighed, rubbing the bridge of his nose. He'd honestly done the best he could with the assets he had, but Republic Shield had many allies, even some they didn't realize they had, all fighting to stop Titan from taking control of the quadrant. It was through little fault of his own that he had been fought to a stand still after his initial successes, he was simply trying to cover too much space with the smallest sector fleet in the Titan armada.

Grand Admiral Khoda seemed to understand this, and so instead of reprimanding his commander, he nodded. He manipulated the holoprojector, blowing up the map of RS holdings, and highlighted the southern edge of RS space, where the Allegiance Battle Group and their members were based.

"This is the only area where we are being counterattacked, and we're no longer advancing in Cadrel. We're going to rectify both situations. I want Assault Group East to be completely pulled out and reassigned to Assault Group South, we'll defend the few planets we've taken in the Cadrel expanse, and instead focus on where we're bleeding the most. I want to send a message. Attack everything that isn't Titan in the entire area. Assign additional intelligence units as well, we need to determine how they're getting such detailed information on our holdings and fleet movements." He pursed his lips, looking at the rotating hologram of Eric. "And I want information on his family, it's about time we put an end to this self-proclaimed 'Duke' and his and the RS' efforts to retake Lithra."

"Meanwhile, the remaining groups will continue as planned. We are beginning a full planetary invasion of Exren today, and are working toward completely enveloping the Aurora system. The invasion of the Subterrel sector is proceeding well, albeit slowly, so I see no need to make an adjustment there." The Grand Admiral looked down at his console, going over the notes he had prepared for the meeting, the initial overview he set forth was almost finished, save for one final general instruction before they got into the operational details. He looked up at his Admirals and smiled.

"Finally, before we're done here I want an operational plan developed to ambush and destroy the Redemption. We'll use our operative to facilitate its destruction much like we did with the Windstorm. I intend to send a message to RS High Command that they will lose this war... The Titan herself will divert from its planetary assault duties and will be used to destroy their precious flagship. So, gentlemen, let's start talking specifics, beginning with how we'll go about stopping the attacks on our assets in Group South now that it is to be reinforced with Group East. Admiral Zeltrin..."
Grand Admiral Khoda yielded the floor to his Admirals, to allow the detailed discussions on Task Force Republic Shield's invasion of Lithra and his own fleet's response to begin.

=Author Credit=
FA Michael Raven, Logistics Officer

Legacy Gaming Objectives

X-Wing Alliance
Briefing: Hit-and-fade one of Lithra’s long range sensor arrays near their shipyards. To get in and out quickly this needs to be a small force with no capital ship support. Two B-Wings should be enough to take down the array with four X-wings flying cover. You should be able to take it down and get out of their before they can bring any Star Destroyers up from the yards and into the fight, though we do expect a fair amount of fighter resistance. Optionally, if resistence isn’t too high, you might want to damage any capital ships that might be in for repair nearby. This is a surgical strike, so make sure to bug out quick if the imps start to muster; we can’t afford to lose many ships on this one so the force will be recalled if we start to lose any craft.
Objectives: Jump in, take out sensor array, optionally stick around to do more damage to any ships in the repair yards (if resistance isn’t too strong), then get safely back home.

Point Distribution:1 point for array, 1 point for taking out a capital ship, 1 point for getting home safely.

Mission Reporter Link: Go to the Hammerfall - Sons of Lithra ITOD page for XWA, download the mission, fly it, and report on aforementioned page with a screenshot.

Legacy Platform Coordinator Objective
Briefing: In an effort to further disrupt Imperial communications in the Lithra system we’re sending a small commando team down to the surface in an attempt to destroy one of the ground-to-space communication uplinks. Lead your team of commandos to fight your way over to and take out that uplink.
Objectives: Play the Lithra Empire at War skirmish (recommend normal difficulty)

Point Distribution: 1 point for playing, 1 point for victory, 1 point for narrative
Mission Reporter Link: Go to the Hammerfall - Sons of Lithra ITOD page for Empire at War, download the mission, play it, and report at that page with a screenshot (and narrative).

Modern Gaming Objectives

X-Wing Miniatures
Briefing: Nothing special here, pilots, but it’s all the same just as critical. You’ll be flying regularly scheduled combat patrols along our frontlines, focused along possible Imperial patrol lines near and at the Lithra System. Engage and destroy any Imperial forces you encounter.

Objectives: Play Minis! Any 100 point matches (or higher if you want to involve capships/epic scale battles) are valid for reporting.

Point Distribution: 1 point for every match played (max 3 per player).
Mission Reporter Link: Report the match using the standard reporter, and then report up to 3 of those links on the Hammerfall - Sons of Lithra ITOD page for Minis.

Briefing: With the fall of Exren, RS forces need to regroup and reorganize wherever they can so that the operations aimed at Lithra stand a chance to succeed.

Objectives: 1) Contribute one double chest full of stacks of 64 items—can be any item, mixing and matching possible. 2) Report at least 1 hour with other RSers on the server. 3) Report at least 3 hours.

Point Distribution: 1 point per objective completed

Mission Reporter Link: Report on each objective completed in their respective Minecraft ITOD sections, and ensure it is accompanied with correct screenshots.

Briefing: As the RS prepares to mount such a critical offensive, all commands and even the smallest of fire bases are being called upon to provide manpower.

Objectives: Donate troops regularly to your fellow commanders over the course of the session. 1) Donate at least 5 troops per week. 2) Donate at least 15 troops per week. 3) Donate at least 100 total troops. One mulligan is allowed for the weekly donations. Donating at least 300 total troops will count as completing all of the above objectives.

Point Distribution: 1 per objective met

Mission Reporter Link: None, this will be monitored by TFL Gavin Kravis over the duration of the session. You may contact him at if you have any questions.

The Old Republic
Briefing: The RS is calling upon it's various commando and small-scale units to acquire as much in the way of assets as they can, as well as taking on small scale operations against Imperial forces in and around Lithra.
Objectives: 1) Donate 100K to the RS Guild, 2) Participate in a Flashpoint, 3) Participate in a Warzone (PvP).

Point Distribution: 1 per objective

Mission Reporter Link: Submit your screenshots both on the forum link (… ) and email them to TFL Ray D'jo ( Please also send in-game mail to Vykkyn to provide status reports (and for non subscribers to donate credits by mailing them to her instead).

Briefing: Welcome to Republic Shield’s newest unit pilots. Maj. Carl’s Commandos have been causing havoc with an enemy communication uplink on Lithra and it’s our job to cover their extraction. Once the comm station has been destroyed the Commandos will commandeer an earmarked GR-75 Medium Transport and head for orbit; a small group of our X-Wings and A-Wings will escort the transport. The destruction of the uplink will have made a lot of noise on Lithra, so expect the local garrison to send TIE Fighters and TIE Interceptors in pursuit of our transport.

Objective: Complete any mission co-op with another RS member. 2) Earn a star on all training missions. (Prove by receiving "All right, I'll give it a try" achievement). 3) Play every multiplayer game mode. (Prove by receiving "A New Hope" achievement).

Point Distribution: 1 Per Objective

Mission Reporter Link: Submit screenshots of each objective completed on the ITOD page for Battlefront.

World of Tanks
Briefing: The RS continues to be battered across the sector but has made scalpel like incisions into the enemies nearby. The number of new recruits have dropped dramatically off as a result of the Imperial propaganda machine. Your mission should you choose to accept it, is to recruit 3 new members into the RS.

Objective: Recruit new members into the RS. The new members must complete either an ITOD or a multiplayer game with another member of the RS.

Point Distribution: 1 per new recruit, 3 max

Mission Reporter Link: None. Contact TFL Kimiao Quinal ( ) upon recruiting someone, he will be monitoring this objective for the duration of the session.

Modern Gaming Platform Coordinator Directive
Briefing: The Rebel Squadrons continues to investigate all avenues of approach for the operations against Lithra, and a new one has opened up. Command is requesting any available personnel to commence operations in this new area of operations.

Objective: Join the Rebel Squadrons in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, available for mobile systems and BlueStacks on computers. 1) Reach at least level 20 in-game and submit a screenshot of your cantina with your level at the upper left; 2) post your Ally Code on the RS forums on this thread: 3) collect at least 11 characters and submit a screenshot of your characters screen.

Point Distribution: 1 per objective

Mission Reporter Link: Submit your ally code on the mentioned forum link, and submit your screenshots in the Galaxy of Heroes ITOD section (may be posted under a different platform, but will be designated for Galaxy of Heroes).

Immersion Objectives

Briefing: With the destruction of the fleet that attacked the Aurora system, High Command needs intelligence on Titan activity around the Lithra sector. They are sending Infiltrators into the system to land on the planet and gather as much information as they can.

Objective instructions: Write in the thread on the forums. The infiltration mission will be completely set up, and then there will be no further interaction with a narrator, and it will go to a standard fiction thread. If you have any specific questions that are not answered by the initial narrative post, contact Raven.

Mission reporter link / contact e-mail: for any questions.
Objectives/Point distribution: 1 Point - Contribute to the thread. | 1 Point - Write a joint post with another RS member | 1 Point - Contribution exceeds 5,000 words for the session.

Briefing: One of the ABG’s own, Eric Skrevski, has been fighting toward the liberation of the Lithra sector for many years. With the opening the RS has, it may be the only opportunity he has to assault his homeworld and wrest control away from the Titan fleet and the Empire as a whole. As such, the ABG is dedicated to assisting Eric in the liberation of his world.

Objective instructions: Contribute to the Liberation of Lithra.

Point distribution: 1 Point - Participate in Raven’s ongoing Sentinel campaign, which will begin focusing on the Liberation of Lithra | 1 Point - Contribute something toward the Liberation of Lithra in an upgrade session. (See a SGM) | 1 Point - The unit must make one significant step toward the Liberation of Lithra during the session. Participating and succeeding in the Sentinel sims will count as this objective, otherwise a character must perform some sort of action. See Raven.

RPG Platform Coordinator Directive
Objective instructions: The ABG continues to expand and flourish, and we encourage players to explore our system and find something they’re interested in doing. This objective is to encourage people to come take a look at what the ABG has to offer, and dive into the system to find what they’d like their character’s niche to be.

Objectives/Point distribution: 1 point - Establish or expand any Business/Side Project OR use any design system to create a piece of gear | 1 point - Earn 10 Merit Points | 1 point - Take the aGM examination (it is not required that you actually become an aGM) OR run a character sim/actual sim

Fleet Commander's Directive
Objective Instruction: Outreach! Organize some manner of game night with another Star Wars club. This can be a EaW tournament, Civ5 marathon, Battlefront arranged matchmaking… whatever! Contact another club, set something up, and tell everyone about it. Then, participate in a cross-club event. Submit a link of your general activity report.

Point Distribution: 2 merit points: Organize and run an event. 1 merit point: participate in an event.

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Rebel Squadrons

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State of the Rebel Squadrons - Hammerfall: Sons of Lithra

By MGN Nicolai Ginofev
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
SotRS, Jan 10, 2016

Join the Rebel Squadrons and Take the Fight to the Empire!:

End of Operation: Hammerfall - Fallen Ramparts

Hello, RSers, Nico here! It's the start of a new year, we've seen quite a few changes go on throughout 2015, and hopefully we'll mark yet another successful year in 2016 for the Rebel Squadrons. This extra length session did give plenty of people to get in there and get things done, I think this last session saw a fairly significant number of RSers participating, something like 60% for the ITOD. So good job to everyone, and let's start 2016 off strong!

Section One: News and Announcements

On to The News!
First up, Lieutenant JG Rogos Ieriden of Red Dragon Squadron, with support from Lamin, will be assuming the role of Medals Officer. Which, speaking of Lamin, the Internet Officer has a new assistant. It's Lamin.

Battlefront is out now for PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4, and with the abilities of both new consoles to easily share videos and screenshots, that just opened the doors to getting as many people on board to play it. So hop on and link up with fellow RSers and maybe try to get some new players in. If we have enough people playing, maybe we can schedule regular events (hint hint). Also, it will be hosting ITOD objectives of it's own, so there's plenty of reasons to get in on the latest Star Wars game.

On the mobile side, Galaxy of Heroes has launched as well, joining Commander and Uprising. Just like the other two mobile games, we're going to include Galaxy of Heroes as a supported activity, and it's available to download for your phone, mobile device or PC mobile OS emulator today.
Also, don't forget that you can show all of your preferred platforms on your RS Profile by going to your profile, select "Platforms" and then "Edit Platforms".

As we roll into 2016, the Operations Office is asking that RSers keep an eye out for activities that we can add to our lineup of supported activities and for those who can run said activities. Yes, we're not going to see many new Star Wars games, but we've been able to integrate non-SW games so far, and the idea here is we want to find more ways to play together and have fun. If you have any ideas you'd like to propose, please contact me at .

Section Two: Session Results

Now to the results for our extra-long session!
Top Pilot - Leaderboard: FA Michael Raven - 773 Points - Second Place - CMDR Jay Forerunner - 469 Points
Top Pilot - ITOD: CMDR Jay Forerunner - 20 Points - Second Place - FA Michael Raven - 16 Points
Top Squadron - Resurrection Squadron - 1813 Points

For those of you interested in seeing the final ITOD scores, you can check them out here:…/1Wps7jHMVylhwXzFIf78pGLIdRG…/edit…

Section Three: Promotions and Commendations

After the score results, we have the various shinies to hand out! And we've got quite a few, plus this is a bit of a special edition, but you'll see why later on.

First up, Medals!

Our newly minted Medals Officer actually took the time on his own accord to look up who was due for their longevity patches, so without further ado, let's get those up first.

MGN Nicolai Ginovef (10 Year)
FA Danny "Codyman" Qatar (20 Year)
LGN Eric Skrevski (13 Year)
MGN Markus Jarnhann (10 Year)
FA Michael Raven (13 Year)
ADM Joshua Hawkins (12 Year)

Next up are the session related medals:

RS Top Squadron - Resurrection Squadron
RS ITOD Top Gun - CMDR Jay Forerunner
RS Activity Top Gun - FA Michael Raven

Also, Commander Forerunner, for your rather diversified activity participation, you are also hereby awarded the Operational Development Pin. Congratulations!

Major General Quinal, front and center. Your efforts to continue to push forward with World of Tanks in the face of adversity is an inspiration to us all, especially to your fellow Task Force Leaders. On recommendation of your

Platform Coordinator, Admiral Fox, I am hereby awarding you the Dagger of Courage. You're fighting a tough fight, General, but your perseverance and dedication is not without notice.

We also have some promotions!

First Lieutenant Destex, present yourself. For your continuing dedication to participating with the Rebel Squadrons, you are hereby promoted to the rank of Captain. Keep up the good work!

Lieutenant Junior Grade Rogos Ieriden, come forward. It is not often we see a new member jump in so quickly and willingly into the depths of the Rebel Squadrons, and it is refreshing any time we see such behavior. As such, you are now promoted to the rank of Second Lieutenant. Outstanding work, we hope to see great things of you.

Major Galen McGrath, please come on up. Your activity that has set you head and shoulders apart from your peers in Red Squadron has not gone unnoticed. In recognition for this, you are hereby promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. Keep it up!

Now then, onto the special edition of this section. We have a very special promotion that also includes a narrative. So without further ado...

50:05:22 — Tarsonis, Greeop Sector

As he watched a myriad of officers process paperwork for the end of Operation Windstorm's Lament, Fleet Admiral Licah Fox glanced at the clock. It was time. He had just returned from the front yesterday, and had spent all morning working with the top brass to devise a strategy for the next operation. Now, it was time to deal with a personnel matter which had awaited his return. Leaving the busy work area, he headed over to the office of RS Fleet Commander Admiral Cyrel Vandroth. Cyrel was just leaving his office with Commander Jaran "Gunsmoke" Farlance in tow.

Licah smiled at Gunsmoke. "Welcome back, mate! Glad to see you up and about."

Gunsmoke nodded. "It felt like an eternity. I'm very glad to be back."

An aide came out of Cyrel's office and said, "Sir, the officer in question will arrive in five minutes."

Cyrel motioned towards the hallway. "Well, Fox, since you've made us wait nearly three months for this, shall we finally get on with it?"

The three headed off towards the assembly hall, where hundreds of officers had secretly assembled.
* * * *
"What kind of Sith­loving bishwag messed up this time?" Admiral Joshua Hawkins growled at nobody in particular as he made his way down the corridor. A stray cadet on a minor errand tried to avoid Josh and the countless medals on his uniform, but didn't step aside quite quickly enough.
"Watch out, kid, I've just been forced to cancel a complicated project I planned on doing today, and I'm a little pissed off about it." The cadet skittered down the hallway.

Josh wondered to himself, What kind of unfortunate court­martial could this be? There were very few occasions when top­ranking officers such as himself were summoned to the assembly hall on short notice in full dress uniform. This wasn't going to be an ordinary event.

* * *
As Josh approached the hall, he found Licah waiting outside for him, looking uncharacteristically grim. Licah grimaced by way of greeting.

"Hi, Josh. Long time no see. Follow me."

Josh, already perturbed, hissed at Licah, "What, you don't see me for three months and that's all I get?! What the hell is going on around here?"

Licah simply walked into the assembly hall. Josh followed him and was surprised to find the hall full of silent officers. The greater shock, however, came as he reached the front of the stage where he was accustomed to standing. His usual place had been occupied, and on stage was the biggest gathering of High Command that Josh could remember in recent times. Not only were the Fleet Commander and Executive Officer present, Operations Officer Major Nicolai Ginofev stood nearby, and the full body of High Command was represented by Fleet Admiral Cody Qel­Droma, Licah, Major General Kimiao Quinal, and life­size holos of Major CrazyCarl and the rarely­seen Fleet Admiral Michael Raven. Licah motioned towards the center of the stage, and Josh gradually realized that this ceremony centered around him. His mouth went dry, his nerves instantly went on edge, and his forehead burst with sweat.

Admiral Cyrel Vandroth walked forward. His voice rang out clear throughout the hall. "Admiral Joshua Hawkins."

Josh set his jaw. Whatever he had done, he would face it head­on. "Present, sir."

Cyrel nodded at Gunsmoke. "Bring forward the document."

Gunsmoke stepped towards Josh and handed him a long, ornate, and official piece of paper. Josh took it and tried to skim it, but the contents were enclosed and difficult to open.

With a twinkle in his eye, Cyrel spoke. "Admiral Joshua Hawkins. You served the Rebel Squadrons as Fleet Commander for a year and a half, and additionally have served as Director of RS Intelligence for a longer period of time overall than any other officer in our history. Your efforts have singlehandedly kept the Rebel Squadrons viable in both difficult and easier times. Only twelve officers have ever earned the status which we hereby bestow on you. I hereby promote you to the final rank of the Rebel Squadrons."

"Congratulations, Fleet Admiral Joshua Hawkins!"

The hall erupted in applause. Thoroughly overcome, Josh found himself embracing all of the top command staff of the RS, then soon off into one serious celebratory party . . .

* * *

It had been a long time since Josh had had anything to drink, so the aftermath of the party made sure he slept well into the next day. Once he woke up, he found the ornate document on his desk. After making sure no one needed him in the command center, he sat down and opened the letter and began to read . . .

* * *

By unanimous decision of the Rebel Squadrons High Command, we hereby advise Admiral Cyrel Vandroth, Fleet Commander of the Rebel Squadrons, that we voted on October 8, 2015, to promote Admiral Joshua Hawkins for his work as Rebel Squadrons Internet Officer and previously as Fleet Commander. We feel that this, the final rank of the Rebel Squadrons, is important enough to warrant our consideration, and we are delighted to honor Josh's service.

Some officers have provided personal notes below. We want to congratulate Josh directly for his work to date, and look forward to many more years of service!

—Fleet Admiral Licah Fox
—Fleet Admiral Michael Raven
—Fleet Admiral Cody Qel­Droma
—Major General Kimiao Quinal
—Major CrazyCarl

* * * *


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for the RS. I continually find it amazing that you can give so much to our club and still find room daily to contribute more. It has always been a relief to know that you are able to keep our internet presence and therefore the club alive. We've known each other a long time:please accept this as a small gesture of my appreciation for your friendship and work. I
Hope you enjoyed this little surprise narrative!


Section Four: AWOLs and Squadron Transfers

Stay tuned, we're still compiling this information. However, if you're wanting to transfer to another squadron, you have until the mission briefing goes live to do so.

Section Five: Closing Statements

IO office is working on making it easier to choose what you’re interested in hearing about, and making it easier for Task Force Leaders to contact people interested in their platforms. Be on the lookout for a news update asking you to check your profiles!

Keep up the fight, pilots!

-Major General Nicolai "Cipher" Ginovef
-Operations Officer
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It' a trap!
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Rebel Squadrons

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Someone has wicked animation skills! I can barely draw a stick figure...
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Rebel Squadrons

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Hey Matt Australia must be the most amazing land right
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Rebel Squadrons

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March State of the RS

Greetings Rebel Squadrons,

First, let me take a moment to apologize for the delay in getting this out. I’m just getting settled into my office as the Operations Officer. Look for this to come out sooner, next time. Without further adieu, the session has ended and the results are in. Here is what we’re looking at.

Section 1: Announcements
Executive Personnel:
Effective earlier this session, MGN Nicolai Ginovaef has stepped down after excellent service as the Operations Officer. MGN Markus Jarnhann has assumed responsibilities.

XWA- CrazyCarl and I have been discussing the creation of a weekly time-slot for multiplayer activity here. Contact him if interested.

TOR- As I understand it, things are heating up some over here. Ray has let me know that the TOR guild is looking to get more involved with conflicts. I don’t know what that’s all about, but it sounds like a good time! If you’re interested, give her a shout. Let’s get a strong showing over there.

D6 RPG: Activity has been high here, and the Sentinel simming group has had numerous sims running each week. If you are looking for a good time, and to get involved, come see us on the IRC at #allegiance - one of our friendly GMs will be happy to help you get a character set up.

Star Wars Commander: Vice Admiral Gavin Kravis is stepping down as the Star Wars Commander platform coordinator. Please email me at if interested.

Section 2: Winners, Promotions, and Medals:

Now for the winners, both squadron and individual:

Resurrection Squadron came out as the Top Squadron this session, with all seven members reporting for a total of 1411.8 points. RZA was far and away the front runner this session, with the Academy being a distant second at 436.5 points, and Red Dragon Squadron reporting 337.8 total points. Bringing up the rear was red Squadron with 30.6, and two members reporting. I know you can do better, Red- I’ve seen it. Get after it!

The ITOD Top Gun goes to CMDR Jay Forerunner for his accomplishments during Operation Hammerfall: Sons of Lithra. The spreadsheet for the objectives for this session can be found here:

That said, there was good effort by a number of members to achieve the objectives we outlaid last session. Raven gave Jay a hell of a run on this one.

The RS Activity Top Gun goes to Fleet Admiral Michael Raven for scoring 402.4 activity points this session. Our estimable Fleet Admiral, Cyrel Vandroth, came in second with 314.3 points, and there were a number of players over the two hundred mark. Good showing to everyone who participated and reported this session!


The following individuals have been awarded medals for this session:

CDT X-Wing Phantom has been awarded a Merit Commendation for the following:

“For his outstanding efforts in the recent month long world of tanks campaign. He did a fantastic job and acquitted himself well against some semi-professional/professional teams.” Congrats, X-Wing Phantom!

VA Gavin Kravis has been awarded the 18-Year Service Medal, as he has been a member since February of 1998. That is an incredible longevity with the club. Congrats, Gavin!

BGN Mat Bizegar has been awarded the 7-Year Service Medal for seven years in the RS. Congrats, Bizegar!


Major Koah, front and center! For your contributions to the RPG simming group, your Squadron Leader has recommended you to be promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. Congratulations!

Second Lieutenant Rogos Ieriden, front and center! For your contributions to the RS at large, your Squadron Leader has recommended you be promoted to the rank of First Lieutenant. Congratulations!


Section 3: Closing Remarks

All, as we go forward, let’s try to recapture some of the magic. Last month was a slow session, but we’ve got some big things in store. And if you have any ideas that you would like to bring to the table as far as games to play, events to coordinate, or improvements you’d like to see or make with the club, please by all means feel free to write me an email at or poke me on the club IRC.

Thank you for your time, and see you all on the battlefield.


MGN Markus Jarnhann, Operations Officer
on behalf of
ADM Cyrel Vandroth, RS CO
CDR Jaran “Gunsmoke” Farlance, RSXO
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When not playing Star Wars Games, we're also schooling folks across a variety of other games. We're pretty awesome at World of Tanks. See if you have what it takes:

Republic Shield World of Tanks Quarterly Update
By MGN Kimiao Quinal
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons (World of Tanks)
General Announcement, Feb 09, 2016

RS finished 84th out of 5000 clans in the recent 3 pronged month long campaign at Tier 6, 8 and 10. We've never played above Tier 6 previously and we did fantastically well at Tier 8. Tier 10 we need to work on more but the guys did a great job demonstrating not only their skills but flexibility. I would like to thank everyone involved as we punched above our weight.

2 clan members (Fat_man09/Kimiao) received a prestigious award tank for a top 1500 tanker finish. (both tankers only missed 2 battles the entire campaign - 59/61 battles, and both Commanded every battle)
8 clan members received an award of digital camouflage for a top 3000 tanker finish.

Our victories came against a lot of teams in the top 100, we just weren't able to field as many teams as others clans, as we're small in comparison to the established big clans, but nonetheless we did a fantastic job.

We won 39 battles out of 61. (NA = The North American Server)
1 victory against teams ranked in the top 1-5 NA. (CLAWS ranked #3)
3 victories against teams ranked in the top 6-10 NA.
8 victories against teams ranked in the top 11-25 NA.
9 victories against teams ranked in the top 26-50 NA.
13 victories against teams ranked in the top 51-100 NA.
Rest of victories against people outside top 100 NA.

Medal Nomination:

I would also like to nominate CDT X-Wing_Phantom_ for a medal following him playing 37 battles and contributing greatly to the clan as an officer. I will also be recommending his promotion from Cadet when he finishes the training regime.

Current clan status:
Rank 102nd out of 5000 clans.
73/100 players on roster.
Skirmishes: (for fun)
Tier 10 9/18 50% win rate
Tier 8 29/47 61.7% win rate
Tier 6 21/26 80.77% win rate

Tank training is also available! People wanting to get into tanks...please let me know, happy to run through the basics so that you don't waste 1000 battles working it out! SHORT KIMI COURSE smile emoticon

Can all RSers that play WORLD OF TANKS please ensure that their activities are updated correctly on the webpage????

If you need to know how to do this, please contact me on IRC or by email.

MGN Kimiao Quinal

‪#‎rebelsquadrons‬ ‪#‎starwarsgames‬ ‪#‎worldoftanks‬ ‪#‎starwars‬
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Stop Taking my Hand!!!!
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Probably not the world's BEST reason to come back to the RS Star Wars Commander group if you've put the game down for a while, but meh, you get a sample of five free Dowutin Hunters to wreck house with if you sign back into the game.

Worth at least checking them out...

If you're not in the RS clan in-game, look us up as "Rebel Squadrons" and join. We're quite active.

‪#‎starwars‬ ‪#‎starwarscommander‬ ‪#‎theforceawakens‬ ‪#‎rebelsquadrons‬
New content themed around the upcoming movie, including a new planet and units, is available now in Star Wars Commander.
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Rebel Squadrons

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Probably not the world's BEST reason to come back to the RS Star Wars Commander group if you've put the game down for a while, but meh, you get a sample of five free Dowutin Hunters to wreck house with if you sign back into the game.

Worth at least checking them out...

If you're not in the RS clan in-game, look us up as "Rebel Squadrons" and join. We're quite active.

‪#‎starwars‬ ‪#‎starwarscommander‬ ‪#‎theforceawakens‬ ‪#‎rebelsquadrons‬
New content themed around the upcoming movie, including a new planet and units, is available now in Star Wars Commander.
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Contact info
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A Club covering the entire gamut of Star Wars worlds, from monthly custom missions and competitions for X-Wing, TIE Fighter, X-wing vs TIE Fighter, X-wing Alliance, Empire at War, and many of the other Star Wars games, to multi-player gaming and MMORPGing in Star Wars Galaxies, Star Wars: The Old Republic, with other divisions for RPGing, Simming, and fiction writing since 1994.

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