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Rebekah Welch
Super-Connector, Relationship Marketing & Positioning Expert, Master of all things Social Media, Expert Networker, Best-Selling Author, Award-winning Marketing Speaker
Super-Connector, Relationship Marketing & Positioning Expert, Master of all things Social Media, Expert Networker, Best-Selling Author, Award-winning Marketing Speaker

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Love, Sex, and SAVE YOUR MONEY!
When this ad popped up in my feed, I about flipped my lid! !!! I am all for learning skills to "build a stronger
relationship", but ladies (and guys too, this is not a gender specific
issue), PUHLEEESE! If you hav e to
invest money in products to help y...

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Look what we found for #valentinesday
We found an AMAZING offer for your Valentine’s Day sweetie from our friends at Venus Flowers and Gifts. Not only do you get a dozen red roses (that you KNOW she will love), but you also get a balloon, a necklace or earrings, and  and "I Love You Bear" -  AL...

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Book Publishing and Networking Seminar - August 26, Denver, CO
We are so excited to announce that a Best Selling Author and International speaker, Gerry Robert is coming to Denver, CO on August 26 to talk about how to publish a book as a marketing tool and income accelerator!!! About The Event : When: August 26 , 12PM ...

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Social media is a marketing channel, not a sales channel, and as such is serves the same purpose as print, direct mail and the like. Your goal with social media should be to drive some kind of engagement with your company, putting people into your pipeline and consistently driving them through your sales funnel to a closed sale.

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So very, very sad...
Comedian Robin Williams has died of an apparent suicide, according to Marin County Sheriff’s officials. Story:

Photo: Ken Hivley / Los Angeles Times

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EXACTLY how it works... oh goodness!  :)

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Knowing your perfect customer, how he or she thinks and why they would want to buy what you are selling is a really powerful marketing and sales tool.

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Now that I have your attention.... =D

Those of you who know me, know that my bestie/biz partner and I TRULY care about seeing people succeed. As Entrepreneurs/Small Business owners we personally know the pain of getting lots of skinned knees and elbows growing a successful biz, and have built an entire organization around helping people not make the same mistakes we have and become much more successful much more quickly than we did.

THIS WEEK we really wanted to address some things we saw some of our favorite peeps doing on social that were actually HURTING their business without knowing it - so we could help them STOP DOING THAT!

DO YOU KNOW if you are a social media good guy or bad guy? The answer might come as a shock to you. Half of the battle is learning to identify which practices are driving potential customers away so that you can implement the changes that will level the playing field and arm you with the right tools to make your marketing pay off.

IT'S LIVE!!! Our 24th publication (out of 52 - we're nearly half way there!)
Only $2.99 on Amazon - but if you have PRIME you can borrow it for FREE!!!

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If you’ve put off creating a marketing strategy, have reached peak frustration trying to get the word out about your amazing offers, or are tired of throwing birdseed against the wall and waiting to see what sticks, this comprehensive guide breaks down into simple, easy to implement terms 100 plus ways to share your message and build your business.
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