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The Small Business Guide to Social Media Mastery

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Let's face it, social media marketing isn't a fad and it definitely isn't going anywhere. More and more small businesses are leveraging its power. Are you?

Use social media to ask questions, build buzz and get the conversation around your personal brand started!

Here's how:

1. Pick your network - you don't have to be everywhere and everything to everyone!
2. Choose the best times to post - This varies dependent on channel, so pay attention to your analytics and know when to share your very best content.
3. Know your "WHY" - Know why you are using social media to market your business and what your end goal is. 
4. Know Your Audience - Understand the needs of your audience and what information they're looking for. Social media is about meeting their needs in real time!

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The right time to post, is when you have something to say. Period. ;-)
Hahaha, I actually grabbed this exact same screen shot to share from that infographic. 
I bet every corporation cringes at the Pinterest 2-4 pm number.  I can only guess that there are thousands of people in that 2-4 "after lunch" kind of mid-afternoon - gotta take a break mindset out there pinning like mad....
+Krysta Gahagen I know it isn't ideal, but it's the only real way to make it work. Otherwise, you'd have to share the same content in EST, CT, MT, and PT, which would be spamming the networks. The only other solution is to share different things in your clients' time zones.
+Owen E Richason IV That's not making it work, though. I tend to agree with +Keith Bloemendaal on this - post when you have something to post. If you're nationwide, there is not going to be a great window for your posts. If you're operating on both sides of the Atlantic, then you can just throw this information out. Obviously, if you're marketing a local event, then these are great principles by which one can operate, but to base an entire content calendar off of it seems a bit naive. Other factors worth taking into consideration are the type of audience (professionals in different industries have different "9-5"s and if you're marketing for a so-called personal brand, then you're dealing with an entirely different beast) and when your audience engages with you the most (social metrics companies like +Sprout Social can provide great insights on that). But like Keith said, post when you have something to say. And I'll add on "post something your community wants" - you can post at the perfect times, but if you don't give them something they care about, then you are wasting your time.
So are we to conclude that no one actually gets any work done between 7am to 1am as that day looks pretty full on!
+Krysta Gahagen I tend to follow the same concept with blogging, and if you look at my blog, you can tell I haven't had much to say LOL. Far too many people force posting on SM and blogs, and it shows...
Agree and disagree. This diagram may be true at the marco level. Highly targeted communities and groups have different optimal times, and a global audience requires global considerations. Great resource, though!
Indeed, checking gmail and g+ is always the first thing at office morning.
Thanks for sharing!  Great graphic!
+Steve P sent me to see u! Some great posts! Looking forward to networking here! 
Isn't the right time really when a) your target audience is there and/or b) you have something to say?
Thanks great to know, better if I remember to apply them.
I think Google + should b @ the top of the list. 
That's nice socially
 every one is connected with each other
Is it help to improve Social media optimisation of a website?
For some people, the best time to post would be at 2AM to 5AM. That's when all the teenagers are awake on Facebook... 
In my view these posts makes a lot more harm than sense.

To establish a best time to post from 1 pm to 4 pm for 40 mill Facebook pages is simply insane and I feel sorry for anybody who into the trap of relying on these figures.
If only US is under consideration then it is easy to find the right time to post. But, as you can see I am in Istanbul and still able to read it. However, in order to reach many there should be some wave pattern.. my humble opinion. Good day or night to all.

I am wondering if it works only for the US area or is it also suitable for Europe? Any ideas?
+The DesignPin Blog 
If it is a public post, and if people are interested in then the post is for every where.. 

I'm interested Social media stuff, so I'm following some, and reading the posts I want.

This post published yesterday at 9:59pm - İstanbul hour. I read it this morning. Since people were commenting it I saw it in my stream. 
Well ok, but either way I suppose that there is no right time to publish worldwide. I have seen at least several similar ideas when to publish posts with different hours and I have tried some but they don't exactly work. It's more like a random thing.
+The DesignPin Blog Also depends on your own personal following. If people circling are all night owls, then what's the point of posting at 9am on Google+?

Not to mention.... there is no mention of a time zone here. Which 9am? 
These times don't work for my audience. I see more engagement between 6-11am & then a jump around the afternoon between 3-5pm across all networks for my audience because it is full of professionals in U.S., UK & Israel.
Sorry +Rebekah Radice , this makes no sense at all. Are we talking local time, GMT, what? Absolutely no point to it at all. Not only would you be excluding huge swathes of 'non-local' traffic, why would you post in 'rush hour'?
Probably best to target your audience rather than push it out into a busy stream hoping somebody will spot your post amongst all the other noise.
I ONLY post to G+ and YouTube, and I don't have a website. With my global following, I simply cannot follow the chart's suggested time to post on this platform. For example, I recently posted at 11:00pm EST and the post made it to the Hot List, while I was asleep.

For me, the key to being successful on here is to post creative, compelling and relevant content. In addition, develop some sort of niche 'campaign' (in my case, it was a #healthyeating  8 week campaign) and get users to opt-in by using a permission-based marketing strategy.

Once folks have opted in, place them in a special circle, let them know that the circle will be re-shared publicly and the content you'll be posting will be going to them, as well as public, so they can feel free to reshare the content. This works because they get people following them when the circle gets shared and my content gets shared by the people in that circle; thereby quickly making it to the Hot List. This is a win-win formula for all involved.

So you need to put in a little more work to get and reach your audience, than just finding the right time to post. Hope this helps:)
+The DesignPin Blog between 9 am and 11am western time is my evening at 7pm to 9pm. So between those you may cover more.
But it is also depends on your topic..
As +Andrij Harasewych rightly points out +The DesignPin Blog ,it's a certain time of day everywhere on the globe at some point, so this post really doesn't mean anything. Unless you're limiting your audience to one timezone of course.
Obviously from my point of view +Oya Şanlı I can't (and wouldn't) speak for anybody else - just remember it's 4pm somewhere every hour of every day.
I use +HootSuite because they have as auto schedule button that will send to each network at peak times. I pay them to do the hard work and it works perfect!
I'm surprised by the Twitter recommendations, doesn't fit with others I've seen. Of course, it depends when your particular audience is online... If I'm looking to reach lawyers, I try to get them on the commute each way - they can't check their timelines in court :)
To be very fair to +Rebekah Radice , this post is actually an object lesson on promoting engagement. One look at the stats highlights this. Whether you agree with the premise of the original post or not, there's a lot we can learn here.
+Greg Smith some businesses care about locals. But, sure watching outside gives many opportunities at local too.
Could be a debatable thought but I have seen the maximum engagement and response around 6pm-9pm at facbook (when we talk about facebook for business too). Rest of the timings seem to be pretty right.
I saw it awhile ago, pretty dam accurate.
Timing is important but it's when your particular followers are online that matters. I tend to use the Autoschedule function in Hootsuite when posting tweets and tend to get a much better response than publishing straight away.
+Rheinallt Williams Lol, I put in my two cents a little ways above that last comment of "sigh" 

I think it was just getting brought back by a notification (reminds me to mute this post) and seeing how much activity this post got that really made me sigh. 
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