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How to Start a Successful Blog in 7 Easy Steps

Want to start a blog, but wonder:

1. what to write
2. how to find a niche
3. what platform to use

Get started today! 7 steps to get your blog up and running, no matter the industry or niche. >> 

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Freedom, fireworks, and barbecues. Three things that go hand in hand with the Fourth of July. 
But while it might seem a holiday custom designed for the food and beverage industry, Fourth of July sales are beneficial to any brand. The key is making a real connection between your business and the holiday.
So how can you create a Fourth of July sale or promotion that resonates with your audience? Here's a handful of ways to rev up your social media marketing campaign engine.

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Have you ever wondered what separates those that are successfully using social media from those that struggle?
Or why does one business raise awareness, connect with customers, and drive traffic through social media while another staggers along?
The answers aren’t as complicated as you might think. Those that achieve exponential growth commit to daily activities, habits, and strategies.
And that’s exactly what I’m sharing in my new Udemy course. Join me and get ready to master the critical elements that will transform your use of social media!

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A Daily Social Media Checklist That Will Double Engagement [Strategy and Template]

We all know that social media success doesn’t happen by accident. It’s planned for. But without a roadmap, it’s tough to know what you’re working towards.

That’s where a social media post checklist comes in. Rather than hopping online without focus, you act on purpose. It becomes your guide and directs everything you post.

If you’re ready to better manage your daily social media to-do list, this checklist is what you need.

Simple steps that create a process. That process when followed will help blow the lid off your engagement! Get it here -->

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How to Create the Best Images for Pinterest

Wonder how to use images on Pinterest? Or why you’d create Pinterest images to pin content from your blog?

Here's 7 easy tips to help you create Pinterest images that drive massive results. PLUS, grab the free Infographic -->


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Want to learn how to craft high-performing content in less time? 5 tips to help build your backlink profile and rank higher in SERPs.

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Would you like to use video in your business, but don’t know where to get started?

Want to create videos you can share on social media, but struggle to find the right tool?

I have good news!

You can create branded video content without the stress or worry. And you can do it in a matter of minutes.

How? Here's my favorite tool and step by step instructions to creating, sharing, and using video content on social media!

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How to Fill Up Your Social Media Calendar [Strategy + Template]

Struggling to find great content to share on social media?

Feel like you’re endlessly searching for that perfect piece of content?

If you’ve felt overwhelmed by the amount of time you spend on social media…

…Here’s the not so secret, secret.

Social media planning can be a HUGE boost to your business and your productivity.

That’s why you need a social media calendar. But I get it.

Starting from scratch and mapping your content strategy can feel daunting.

To help you get started, I’ve documented the exact strategy I’ve followed for years.

Ready to build a strong and loyal social media community in 2017? Read today's post!

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"Almost every successful person begins with two beliefs:

1. The future can be better than the present.
2. I have the power to make it so.” - David Brooks

#quote #business #motivation

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A Smart Twitter Content Strategy You Need to Use

Not sure how to make the most out of your Twitter content or how to get more mileage out of every single tweet?

Repurposing content is a secret all smart Twitter marketers use to maximize exposure. Here's a few tips from +Diana Adams to get your started!

Read it here!
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