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How to Start a Successful Blog in 7 Easy Steps

Want to start a blog, but wonder:

1. what to write
2. how to find a niche
3. what platform to use

Get started today! 7 steps to get your blog up and running, no matter the industry or niche. >> 

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Success Starts NOW! My new course is LIVE.  
Sign up now and we'll see you on Udemy!

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9 Easy Ways to Write Better Content According to the Pros
Want to improve your writing, but not sure where to start?
Here are nine tips from pros that’ll help you become a better writer in no time.

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This is How to Spend Your Social Media Budget
One of the most elusive aspects to social media is budgeting time and money. How do you know what you should invest in and what a realistic cost might be?
So let's demystify the costs for a social media budget and help you easily create your own. Here are the top 4 essentials to plan and develop your social media budget.

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Your solution to mastering social media is here!
I’m talking about the launch of my new online course: The Smart Guide to Marketing Your Business on Social Media!
It’s finally here, and unless you’re absolutely sure you have social media under control, you don’t want to let this moment pass.
Why? Because if you sign up right now, you’ll get an 80% discount.
Hurry because the offer expires today!

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5 Deadly Social Media Blunders to Avoid
Big brand, small business, entrepreneur, solopreneur – it doesn’t matter which you are. If you’re making one (or more) of these five social media blunders, you’re in trouble.
via @thesocialquant

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Do you struggle with gaining traction on social media for your business?
Are you eager to build a powerful online presence, but don’t know where to start?
I’m excited to announce that today – those days are over! I’ve officially launched my new online course, “The Smart Guide to Marketing Your Business on Social Media.”
This course is for you if you want to create a powerful social media strategy for your business without implementing tactics that waste precious, time, money, and energy.
[EXCLUSIVE OFFER] If you sign up right now, you can get an 80% discount. It's a limited time offer, so don't miss your chance!

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Creating consistency and clarity around your social media strategy is important
That’s true whether you’re a small business owner, tech industry professional, social media marketer, consultant or coach.
So let's go on this journey together!
Take my new Social Media Udemy course, and, by the time you’re done, you’ll be able to use social media to market your business without getting bogged down by overwhelming details, terminology or daily to-do lists that keep you busy, but not productive.

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From goals, to content, branding and audience engagement, building a solid social media strategy can feel complex
But the good news? Designing a winning strategy doesn’t have to be hard.
In fact, even if you don’t have much experience marketing your business on soсial, you can still build momentum, gain a voice, and leave your mark through social media, in a matter of days.
I show you how in my new online course. So, join me and let’s build a winning social media strategy right now!

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Getting started on social media doesn’t have to be hard… especially when you learn from the best
In this candid interview, I chat with author and consultant Katie Lance. I’ve known Katie for a handful of years, and during that time, I’ve watched her launch and build a booming business.
As a social media and content strategist, Katie isn’t one to preach from a pulpit. She’s a hands-on, practice what you preach, speaker and trainer.
That is only one of the reasons why I respect all that she does. And why I asked her to sit down with me to discuss social media, growing a business, and the key to success.
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