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Rebecca Weller
Holistic Health Coach, Plant-Boosted Vibrancy Maven, Sparkle Igniter! +
Holistic Health Coach, Plant-Boosted Vibrancy Maven, Sparkle Igniter! +

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You know how you used to dream of what you wanted to be when you grew up? From the second I first discovered books, I only ever wanted to be an Author.

I remember when I was 3 or 4, I'd drive my parents crazy, constantly asking, "What does THAT say?" as I pointed to the street signs we drove past.

In my first week of school, I cried in frustration because, "WHYYY can't I read yet?!"

Once I got the hang of that reading stuff, there was no stopping me! While all the other girls were on the netball courts, I was tucked up in a corner of the library. I totally geeked out whenever a Readathon was announced and thought Librarians had the coolest job in the world (second only to the Authors, of course).

In High School, I convinced my girlfriends to co-write stories with me and spent hours drafting plot outlines and drawing covers with our names on them. I wrote poetry in every spare moment and was only ever on time for English Literature class.

But to me, that magical career - Author - was something that only special people got to do. In my mind, it was so completely pie-in-the-sky, it was up there with prima ballerina and rocket scientist.

Well, I'm here to tell you that just about anything is possible if you put your mind to it, ladylove. Two and a half years ago, if you'd told me I'd be sober and a published author, I would have fallen on the floor laughing. And yet, here I am.

What if our greatest flaw turns out to be our greatest gift?

What if the challenges we face in life teach us about trust, tenacity, and love, so that our heart's every dream can come true?

I hope you enjoy the book, beautiful. I thought of you as I wrote every single page. ❤️

YEP!! IT'S FINALLY HERE!! 🎉 Shimmy over to to order your copy.

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Recently I had the pleasure and honour of being a guest on The Alcohol & Addiction Podcast. Lee Davy from Needy Helper is an incredible interviewer and host, with a wealth of knowledge and a huge passion for helping others to overcome their addictions.

If you haven't checked out his work yet, come on over and tune in, beautiful. Click the link below, or search 'The Alcohol & Addiction Podcast' on iTunes. See you there, bella! x

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A Happier Hour is coming this July and I cannot WAIT to share it with you, beautiful! x

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So honoured to be Sheree Clark @ Fork in the Road's special guest today in her Global Wellness Summit - and tickled pink to be sharing the mic with dozens of inspiring experts who are doing amazing things in the wellness world (including two of my personal Health Heroes - Joe Cross + Victoria Moran)!

Shimmy over to to join in the fun {it's free!}. x

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"When we’ve been drinking for a long time, we can forget what on earth it is that we even enjoy that doesn’t involve alcohol. We disconnect from ourselves. My only idea of ‘fun’ involved drinking. Whether it was disguised as lunch with family, dinner with friends, a picnic, or a live concert — make no mistake — my true desire was to drink..."

I'm deeply honoured to have my story published by The Huffington Post this morning. If you're struggling with similar issues, this is for you, beautiful. You are loved, and you are not alone. xx

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Oh I am SO thrilled to share this announcement… The Academy is HERE!

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Today on the blog, we're chatting with super inspiring health babe, +Desiree Taylor from Free Yourself Holistic Health Coaching.  She even shares her favourite healthy recipe with us!  Join us.  xx

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Need a little pep in your step, beautiful?  Behold...  the Apple Pie Smoothie!

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Pssst! There's something a little bit EXCITING happening behind-the-scenes over here.

Ever wished you could have a private intensive coaching session with a Biz Mentor to work out all the finer details of your eCourse or Membership Site, including:

:: Content creation
:: Branding & design
:: Delivery systems
:: Payment processing
:: Sales funnels
:: Launch strategy
:: And most importantly (because I wouldn't have it any other way), how to make the whole experience as fun and stress-free as possible?!

The Academy we're creating is designed to bring you exactly that. A private intensive that you can dive into and complete on your own time, in your own way (and at a fraction of the cost of hiring your own private mentor).

And what if we went one step further?

Imagine you also had a private intensive with a Systems Guru. A tech wizard with a passion for IT and audio-visual gear, and an expert reputation in graphic design and web development?

Ohhh yes, my friend. I'm tickled pink to announce that Dom (from @ModByDom) is coming to the party and creating incredible bonuses about the tips, tricks and best audio-visual equipment to use for your content, saving you a ton of time and money!

So you can see why we're a little excited!

So many of you have asked for it, and I'm thrilled to bring you the course to make your eCourse dreams come true.

Stay tuned, beautiful! The Academy is coming!


P.S. Have specific questions around creating an eCourse? Let me know, gorgeous. We want to make this resource as helpful as possible for you! xx
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