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Dear Sasquatch: My sister thinks our apartment is haunted. More than once, she’s woken up to some kind of presence in her bedroom. Sometimes, she said, the ghosts would hold her down so she couldn’t move her legs and arms. As she goes to sleep, she hears whispering in her ears. She’s not at all the kind of person to make things up. I know she isn’t lying. She really believes this is happening. I don’t think she’s crazy, but the alternative is al...
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I'd love to submit one, but unfotunately I've never been able to convince Sasquatch that I exist.  He avoids me at social functions and once at JC Penny's ducked into the manager's office to avoid acknowledging me.  Also, I think he keeps having his mom call my mom and hang up on her.  What is that?  Some kind of twisted cryptid mind game?
Dear Sasquatch: I'm a pretty hairy guy and i got a lot of belly lint. What do you do with yours?
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