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Love the graphics and simple tips in this slideshare :-)

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A great day at the #newforest business expo
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We've added a bunch of new features in Canva. See what's new and learn how to create your own designs

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The Ultimate Guide to 150+ Google Analytics Resources for 2015

Are you ready to get the most out of Google Analytics? If so, KissMetrics has collected the ultimate guide to over 150 Google Analytics resources you can use, including the top official Google Analytics channels, Google Analytics integrations, tools for Google Analytics, and articles about Google Analytics. -Kim

#googleanalytics #smexaminer

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{Free Mini Course} How To Create A Logo You Love

Want to learn how to create a logo you love?

First things first, stop thinking about your logo as an ‘end all be all’ stand alone type of thing, and start basking in its true boom juice.

A logo is a brand insignia that’s rooted in meaning and visually embodies the essence of your brand.

There are 5 attributes of a badass logo:

➽ That it entice exploration from new customers
➽ That it evokes positive emotions
➽ That it lends itself to the nature of your business
➽ That it's unique and iconic enough to be instantly recognizable
➽ That it establishes the foundation of your brand identity

Quite a tall order, but by no means impossible! It's simply another piece of the visual side of your branding. It's the proverbial root where everything else branches off from. It's visual branding step #1 in the Creation Phase.

I know creating a logo can be daunting and seem unattainable but once you understand the purpose, fundamentals and best practices of logo design you too can be off creating a iconic logo of your own.

Which is exactly what I’m tackling in this live mini course on June 3rd at 2pm PDT!

Grab your spot {only those that register will get access to the replay} here:

#logodesign #bloggingtips #diydesign #branding

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Social media platforms are like parties.  Lots of great conversation and opportunities to meet new people:

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Today's informal Pinterest training with some of the WiRE ladies
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A quick guide to whizz through so you can make sure your email marketing complies with SPAM law:
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