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Holy taco! Is this Arc 4, beginning when I said it would? Whoa. That's a little creepy. ;)

When we left Travis at the end of Arc 3, she had just met Melinda, a fellow animator apprentice. But Will didn't care for Melinda, and the feeling was clearly mutual. Will Travis become friends with Melinda, endangering her friendship with Will? Or will she find a way to preserve both friendships?

New to the series and want to catch up? Read the entire series on:
- deviantArt:
- wattpad: (This is Volume 1. Volume 2 is also available.)

Volume 3 just completed on wattpad, if you find that format easier to read:

And as always, +1 if you like it, comment if you feel so compelled, and share with someone you think would enjoy it. #youngadult   #sciencefiction   #saturdayscenes  

== == == == ==

Travis sat in the corner of her bed munching on popcorn and reading. Ever since meeting Melinda, Travis had become scared of actually being invited to hang out with the other animator apprentices. I wouldn’t know how to behave. What if I do something stupid and they decide they hate me?

She popped another handful of popcorn into her mouth. Actually, it wouldn’t be much different than it is now. She turned the page and kept reading.

It didn’t matter. It wouldn’t matter. She knew that. She’d been reading these books since she was intermediate school, and none of them ever seemed to resemble her life. The girls didn’t go through the same schooling system she had. At her age, the characters were all in an advanced school where they were more interested in finding the right guy to ask them to an upcoming dance than they were in doing anything else, including their schoolwork.

The girls in these books weren’t working. They didn’t have completely irresponsible parents. They didn’t have anything in common with Travis. Why am I still reading these?

She looked out the window, wondering if she could find some books with characters more like her. My life can’t be that unusual, right? She crushed in the top of the popcorn bag and set it near the foot of the bed.

Her phone jingled, a message from Melinda with a time and place. Travis smiled, a bit relieved. She’d been waiting two weeks for this invitation, waiting for the studio to get back on track so the animators actually had some downtime. She hopped off her bed and meticulously rummaged through her closet. Melinda had said they were just hanging out, but Travis didn’t know what that meant in the real world. Should she throw on something casual? Something a bit dressier?

_Maybe I am more like the girls in those books than I think. _

She threw a few options on her bed and then tried each one with a mock-up hairstyle, trying to figure out how to be ready for whatever Melinda threw at her. She finally settled on a simple skirt and a nicer top, and was just finishing her hair when there  was a soft knock on her door. She jumped. No one had ever knocked on her door before. So many new experiences.

Lydia was waiting for her, “There’s a young man here to see you.”

A young man? “Oh?” She followed the housekeeper to the common area and found Will looking at the pile of books on the coffee table. “Hey! What are you doing here?”

Will looked her over, “I didn’t know you have a date tonight.”

“I look like I’m going on a date?” When Will nodded, Travis tugged at the hem of her shirt. “I’m going to hang out with the other animators. Is this really too much?”

Will’s eyes were smirking, but his mouth definitely wasn’t. “You might want to tone down the shirt.”

“Right. Thanks.” Travis shifted. “’re here.”

“Yeah.” Will ran his fingers through his hair. “I was going to see if you wanted to come hang out underground.”

I’d love to! “Sorry. Maybe another time?”

“Whatever.” He shoved his hands in his pockets and headed for the door.

“Will, I’m sorry. Any other night, I’d be happy to go.”

He shrugged and left. Travis watched him, a pit forming in her stomach, and then went back to her room and changed her shirt.


By the time she reached the address Melinda had sent her, she had replayed the scene with Will over and over too many times to think straight. She didn’t even remember knocking on the door before the life was nearly squeezed out of her. “You made it! I wasn’t sure you’d come.”

Travis stepped back out of Melinda’s reach and took a deep breath. “Of course I came.”

Melinda seized Travis hand and led her into the apartment. “Guys, this is Travis. Be nice to her.” The handful of people scattered around the living room waved or nodded at Travis, and she vaguely waved back. “Travis, this is everyone. Well, not everyone. There’s always a couple of people who can’t make it.”


“But you’re here. That more than makes up for it.” Melinda giggled, a high-pitched noise that reminded Travis of her mother. 

She took an involuntary step away from the animator, for the first time really seeing her new friend that evening. If Travis had originally looked like she was going on a date, Melinda looked like she was going to a disco. Her top was nearly identical to the one Travis’s mother had thrown on her before the party Travis had walked out on. Oh, goddess! What if these guys were at that party? Wait. That’s silly. None of them is old enough to go to one of Mom’s parties.

Melinda poured some liquid into a plastic flute and handed it to Travis, who mumbled her thanks as she took it. I was at that party, and I’m younger than these guys. She started to take a sip, but her stomach felt queasy. Maybe I should have gone to the skate park with Will after all.
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Nice scene
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Rebecca Thomas

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(G+ wouldn't let me post this with a picture. Weird.)

Here we are, yet again, in between Chasing Normal story arcs, so you get an independent short story. The voice actor has been busy this week, but the writer took a break from worldbuilding research to dig up an "old" scene (2012) for your amusement.

High school student Jocelyn has been in the care of her folklorist aunt since her parents (a museum curator and an archaeologist) vanished under mysterious circumstances. While her aunt has expressly forbidden her from going to look for her parents, Jocelyn feels compelled to complete jobs people offer her mother, not realizing she's missing.

While Jocelyn's stories are a great opportunity to play with some favorite themes and tropes, this story was an early effort to confront my nemesis: writing action scenes.

As always, +1 if you like it, comment if you feel compelled, and share with someone you think will enjoy it.    

== == == == ==

Jocelyn could feel the pain creeping up her arm. Maybe I should have stayed in that fire. Asphyxiation has to be less painful than this. The flames still danced out over the cliff’s edge, drawing sweat through every inch of clothing she wore. Looking toward the vines dangling off the cliff just a few feet away, she wished she’d thought to kick off her boots before she swung over the lip. The weight was pulling on her, forcing her attention back to the gash in her arm.

Just a little bit farther. Bracing herself against the rock face, she inched her injured arm across loose gravel until it found her healthier arm. Then, she slid her healthier arm out. She’d probably been crawling along for no more than five minutes, but the burning in her arm made it feel like hours. If she reached out her leg, she’d be able to touch the nearest clump of vines. Grunting, she pushed herself to keep going.

Shouts above encouraged her. If they see me, I’m hosed. She had no delusions about just how lucky she, a sixteen-year-old girl, was to get away from half a dozen mercenaries. She picked up her pace as much as her arm would allow, but the exertion was wearing her down quickly.

Finally, the first vines were within reach. As she reached out, she realized she hadn’t thought her plan through. Most vines wouldn’t support her weight, and it was long way down. Maybe if I can find a sturdy bundle… She grasped at a few of the closest vines, realizing most of them were too thin to be of any hope. The shouts from the edge were coming closer. Come on. Help me out. She found some vines that were too thick for her to get her hand around before finally finding one she thought she could get a good hold on. Gun fire started raining around her as she shimmied into the vines and started lowering herself.

Between the dew and her sweat, though, the vine proved too slick, and she kept losing traction, sliding several feet in stops and starts. The guns were still going, but she was out of their range before too long. If they’d hit me, this would have been over. Her arm was starting to feel numb, making it harder to get anywhere.

And then the vine snapped. Jocelyn looked up. The gunfire had been turned on the vines themselves, and hers had been severed. She tried to relax as she fell through the air, hugging her arm against her chest as if that would do any good when she hit the ground way too fast.

But the ground was closer than she thought, and landing knocked the wind out of her. She heard a sickening snap, and lay there trying to catch her breath.
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The action worked well. The only thing I noticed was her seemingly lack of emotion. Thanks for sharing. :)
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Here we are at the end of Arc 3. Next week (yes, week. Exciting, right?), I'll be posting an old short story from another story world. And then if everything goes to plan, Arc 4 will begin in two weeks. Weird, huh? ;)

Again, I just want to thank everybody for being patient with me while I'm working through things. Just knowing there are still people expecting to see Travis helps. A lot, actually.

And now...on to this week's #saturdayscenes  : After her parents' last party ended in a visit from the police, Travis cringes at the thought of facing her coworkers. But the day might not be as bad as she thought. 

Previous Scene:

New to the series and want to catch up? Read the entire series on:
- deviantArt:
- wattpad: (This is Volume 1. Volume 2 is also available.)

And as always, +1 if you like it, comment if you feel so compelled, and share with someone you think would enjoy it. #youngadult   #sciencefiction  

== == == == ==

After a weekend at her grandparents’, Travis expected to walk into work Monday morning feeling relaxed. But as she walked up to the lobby door, she felt a growing sense of dread. People felt compelled to say something to her after her parents’ parties. What would would they say  to her after a party the police broke up?

She kept her eyes to the floor and moved through the lobby at a good clip. Not quickly enough to escape Lorraine’s overly cheerful, “Mornin’, sugar!”, but enough to not be caught up in a conversation with the woman. Inside the studio’s workspace, she started for the elevator, and then realized she was less likely to run into anyone if she just ran up the stairs. But no sooner had she shut the stairwell door behind her than she heard the dull thud of steps on the carpeted steps. She sighed, slipped back into the hallway and hoped for the best on the elevator.

Her luck didn’t hold out. As the doors closed, she heard a high-pitched voice, “Hold the door?” Travis stuck her bag in the door to foil the sensors, and an older teen ran in. “Thank you,” she said breathlessly. She took a moment to catch her breath. “I’m Melinda.”

“Travis.” She wished the doors would close already.

“Oh, right. The new apprentice. How are you liking this place so far?” Melinda straightened her bag on her shoulder and gathered her hair into a low ponytail.

How am I liking this place so far? I get to work for a bit, and then I have to be Shiri Ando’s daughter. How do you think I’m liking this place so far? “It’s a nice studio.”

Melinda smiled knowingly. “I’m an animator. And for three years, I was stuck being the little sister of the genius lighting apprentice. Really, how’s it going?”

Travis’ eyes widened, and then she gathered her composure. “About as well as can be expected.”

Melinda laughed. “Now that I believe.” The doors opened, and Melinda walked out. “You know there’s a group of us that gets together on the weekends when we aren’t in a production crunch. You should come hang out with us.” She looked over her shoulder to make sure Travis was still following her. “It’s kind of lame. We just chill, draw, play games, whatever. But it’s nice to just unwind with people who know your pain, you know?”

Travis didn’t know, but she liked the idea. “Sure.”

As they walked into the animator workspace, Melinda squeezed her hand. “Great! I’ll find you at lunch and we’ll trade contacts.”

“Okay.” Travis stepped toward her station. “”Oh. Wait. I usually sit-”

“With that cute crew guy. I know.” Melinda winked. “We can all have lunch together, can’t we?”

Travis blinked. “Of course we can.”

“Great. I’ll see you later. Send me more good props this morning. Your work is really clean for a first-year apprentice.” And just like that, Melinda vanished into a row of workstations.

Travis shook her head. Did that just happen? She logged into her station and found the first of many unpromising emails of the morning: Can we expect your mother this morning, or is she still in jail?


Melinda found Will before Travis had a chance to warn him. She had seated herself across and down from him, leaving Travis her usual spot across from him. 

As Travis sat down, Will shot her a look. She wanted to ask, but he shook his head. Maybe I shouldn’t have invited Melinda to sit with us.

“Hey, Travis. Will and I were just chatting about the rumor that the studio is going to upgrade crew operations.”

Travis noticed Will squirm in his seat. “Upgrades are good, right? Won’t they make it easier to do your job?”

Will laid his arms along the sides of his tray. “She thinks they’ll replace us.”

“You guys are kind of irreplaceable,” Travis responded. “I’ve been in a lot of studios with my mom. I’ve never seen one without people working as the crew.”

Melinda shrugged at Will, a smug smile on her face; he responded with a dark look. Unaffected, Melinda looked at her watch, “I better get back. I still have a lot of work to do. Sorry we didn’t get to chat, Travis, but I’ll see you later?”


As soon as she was beyond the cafeteria door, Will growled, “You’ve been making new friends.”

“I, um… Yeah. I met her this morning. She wants me to hang out with the animator apprentices some time.”

“I’ll bet.” Will stood. “See you around.” As he stormed off, Travis sank in her seat. What just happened here?
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Poor Travis! Things just aren't going her way. Nice scene and thanks for sharing. :)
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Toddler Shakespeare is the Cutest Shakespeare.
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It seems like I'm only ever here to post scenes so they don't get behind. But I've been working this week on editorial and production calendars, so things might eventually get better. And I'm getting back to participating in writing prompts and challenges around various favorite writing holes, so things are slowly getting better.

This week on Chasing Normal: Five parties in eight days? Travis thought this was the kind of thing people fresh out of their apprenticeship period did. Actually, she didn't. She's known her mother too long. Thank goodness for local grandparents who support and encourage their granddaughters.

As always, +1 if you like it, comment if you feel so inclined, and share if you know someone else who would enjoy it. #saturdayscenes   #sciencefiction   #youngadult  

Previous Scene:

New to the series and want to catch up? Read the entire series on:
- deviantArt:
- wattpad: (This is Volume 1. Volume 2 is also available.)

== == == == ==

A month behind schedule, the production swung into high gear after the party. Travis couldn’t remember the last time she was so busy. Her daily agenda was full; her inbox was empty because everyone else was too insanely busy to yell at her. She’d get through a few objects, and then find that half a dozen more had appeared on her list. She was thrilled.

Finally! This is starting to feel like an apprenticeship!

As everything was crazy, lunches were taken as crew members could find a break. One day, the cafeteria was filled to standing room only. The next, there were barely a handful of people inhaling lunch. Despite that, Travis and Will managed to eat lunch together. Both were fairly quiet, though, as they had to eat quickly and get back to their stations. But Travis was grateful for the companionship, and for the fact her mother was no longer talking about sitting with her.

In fact, her mother was kind of looking through her at the a way she never had before. She can’t be that angry with me for leaving the party, can she? Travis hadn’t even had a chance to explain why she’d left. Not that it mattered; she knew her mother would laugh it off.

At home, her mother locked herself in her bedroom, saying she needed to gather her energy for the next day’s shooting. It was completely melodramatic and a welcome, if odd, change in her mother’s habit. Travis didn’t care. It meant she could hang out with Lydia and read and sketch in the peace and quiet of her common area.

Friday morning, her mother was back to her bubbly self. As she flitted around the larger common area, Travis mouthed to Lydia, What’s gotten into her?

Lydia shrugged and mouthed back, She told me this morning she’s having an intimate get-together.

My mother doesn’t know what an intimate get-together looks like, Travis responded. She puffed out her cheeks and let out a harsh breath before turning to watch her mother.


Will settled into the seat across from her, “Have anything fun planned this weekend?”

“I was thinking about helping my grandmother do her grocery shopping.” Travis had her phone to her ear and was drumming her fingertips on the table. “Come on. Pick up,” she mumbled. 

Will arched an eyebrow at her, and she waved him off. The phone on the other end suddenly clicked, and Travis found herself dealing with an answering machine. Rats! “Hi, Oma. It’s Travis. Is it okay if I stay with guys this weekend? Let me know. Bye.” She hung up the phone and set it beside her plate.

“You want to talk about it?” Will offered.

Travis couldn’t look up past the top edge of her plate. “Mom’s apparently hosting a small party tonight.”

“Wow! She really does love her parties, doesn’t she?”

“She likes being the center of attention,” Travis growled.

Will scraped the plate with his fork trying to scoop up some potatoes. “A small party can’t be that bad, right?”

Travis grimaced. “Yeah. Just my parents and fifty to a hundred other people.”

“Fifty to a hundred?”

“Yeah. Mom’s confused about what constitutes a small gathering.”

“So, you’re going to hide out at your grandparents’?”

“That’s the plan, if Oma calls me back.” Her phone chimed to announce an incoming text from her grandmother: We’ll be happy to spend the weekend with you. Let us know when you’re on your way.

“Good news, I take it.” Will noticed her grin.

Travis snapped her phone shut. “The best.”


The moment her work was finished, Travis wasted no time racing home and packing. She let Lydia know she was going. “You know, just in case her royal highness wonders.” Lydia shook her head at Travis’ sarcasm.

She got to her grandparents’ house just in time for a hearty dinner and a relaxed conversation. After dinner, she pulled out her tablet and sat down with her grandfather in his workshop. 

“These look great, Travis. You’ve really put a lot of thought into them.” Her grandfather tapped a few keys on the tablet and in a moment, Travis’ blueprints were displayed on the monitor above the workbench. 

Her heart beat raced. “Thanks. I’ve had a lot of time to work on them. I still haven’t figured out how I want to style the covers.”

“That’s all right,” he said, referencing the screen as he gathered tools and materials. “That can come later.”

Her grandfather had been a MicroTech circuits designer for a few decades, and he moved across boards and wires with a speed and a fluidity unlike anything Travis had ever seen. He fused a few circuits and wires onto boards no larger than Travis’ fingernails, and then slid them in front of her and handed her his soldering pen. “Want to try a few?”

“Really?” She’d never actually thought she would get to build her own creations, and now a master circuit designer was going to show her how. She reached for the pen, and her phone went off. “Sorry.” She didn’t recognize the number, but it was local, so she answered it. “Yes?” Her head dropped. “Yes. Yes, they are.” Her eyes turned sadly toward the monitor. “I see. Yes, I’ll be right there.” She hung up and shoved the phone back in her project.

“Is there a problem?”

“Yeah, I have to meet a whole new police station.” Her grandfather looked shocked. “Sorry. Mom and Dad are being held at the station, and I have to go get them out.” She looked at the half-built circuit boards on the bench, and tears welled at the corner of her eye. This is so unfair!

Her grandfather started putting away the tools and loose materials. “You’d better get your jacket. It’s a little cold out. I’ll get your grandmother.”

Travis stomped all the way up to her room, but it did nothing to alleviate her frustration.
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I can understand how you feel, but I don't think most people expect full reciprocation. Hope you get back on your feet soon, and look forward to you re-joining the community when you feel comfortable. :)
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I love how they incorporated elements from the game. :)
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Being unfamiliar with present-day technology may be a sci-fi worldbuilder's best asset, according to William Gibson:
The 2006 anniversary edition of Neuromancer starts with an introduction by William Gibson, in which he muses on how the novel stayed fresh during over two decades of frantically evolving technology. The answer might be ignorance.
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"Nothing dates faster than contemporary references." ~ me :-)
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I'm not sure if this counts as "late to the party", but McCall's is now creating sewing resources for #cosplayers.
Welcome! We're so, so excited to introduce Cosplay by McCall’s, the new cosplay sewing site from the McCall Pattern Company. We want to bring you the very best in patterns, sewing tips, and more, w...
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Seminar 62 is now available from Pendant Productions. You should totally check it out, especially "Chronomada". ;) #audiodrama  
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There is no Chasing Normal update this week. But there will be next week. So while you wait, why not check out my #narration of my #sciencefiction  #vignette "Wired Out":

(+Wattpad  and SoundCloud have partnered to allow writers to add sounds to their stories. So, if you use the wattpad Android app, you can find both the story and the narration together.)
Wired Out
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Hello, all! Here we are at the every-other-weekly-for-the-moment installment of my #SaturdayScenes  project. Maybe eventually I will get back to a weekly schedule, but I appreciate everyone's patience while I continue to sort things out.

I mentioned a couple of weeks back I was hoping to offer editing services again, and that has panned out: So, please check me out. Add me to your list of editors. Whatever. I'm happy to be getting back into editing. I've missed it.

On to why you're really here: After her mother's company party, Travis has to face the grandparents she unexpectedly dropped in on and the coworkers she was trying to get away from. #youngadult

As always, +1 if you like it. Comment if you feel so compelled. Share if you know someone who would like it.

Previous Scene:

New to the series and want to catch up? Read the entire series on:
- deviantArt:
- wattpad: (This is Volume 1. Volume 2 is also available.)

== == == == ==

Light filtering through the curtains woke Travis. She pulled her blanket over her head for a moment, and then remembered where she was. She fumbled for the nightstand, hoping she’d left her phone there, but the surface was clear except for the lamp and the old-fashioned alarm clock.

Groaning, she slid out of bed and stumbled over to the desk, where she had dropped her bag the night before. She rummaged around, coming up with her tablet but not her phone. Great. She powered on the tablet, only to find the battery too drained and the charger not in the bag. Coffee. I need coffee.

Downstairs, her grandparents were at the kitchen table enjoying breakfast. Travis’ mouth watered at the sight of her grandmother’s cinnamon rolls and the bowl of freshly chopped fruit. Her grandmother had left an extra mug on the counter, and Travis grinned. Coffee in hand, she sat down at the place set for her and piled her plate as high as she could.

“Goodness, child. Don’t they feed you?” Her grandfather looked up from his tablet.

Travis nearly swallowed a blueberry whole. “They do. Our housekeeper is a fantastic cook.”

“Lucas, leave Travis alone. She’s a growing girl.” Her grandmother pushed the butter plate toward her, “Do you want cream for the fruit, dear?”

“Yesh, pleash,” Travis said around a mouthful of cinnamon roll. “Sorry. I just missed this.”

“Well, your grandmother is pretty handy around the kitchen.” her grandfather deadpanned as her grandmother swatted him with her napkin.

“She is. But...I mean...I miss the quiet.”

“Well, you’re welcome here any time, Travis. You know that.”

“I know. Thanks, Oma.” She pushed a couple of strawberry slices around her plate. “Oh. Do you have a charger I can borrow? I left mine at home.”

“Sure. Let me go see what I can find.” Her grandfather disappeared into the living room and returned soon with a short cable. “It’s the best I’ve got at the moment.”

“It’ll do. Thanks.” She placed it next to her plate and continued making short work of the glorious breakfast.

After breakfast, she got the tablet set up on the charger and powered it on. No new messages. Do they even know I left? Do they care? She blew air between her teeth, and then grabbed the clothes from the duffel bag and jumped into the shower.

She quickly stuffed everything back into the duffel and checked the alarm clock. Thank goodness Oma and Opa live so close to the studio. I’m cutting it close. She ran down the stairs and yelled a quick goodbye, but her grandmother called back, “Don’t you want your lunch, dear?”

Travis stopped, hand on the doorknob. I have lunch? She walked into the kitchen, where the lunchbag her grandmother had packed for her while she was staying with them sat on the counter next to a thermos. She squealed, hugged her grandmother, and grabbed them. “Sorry. I really have to go.”

“It’s all right. We’ll see you later.”

Yes, you will.

== ==

Despite being almost late, Travis was ahead of her mother and nearly half the production crew. Brice was steaming when she walked into the workspace, but as she was one of only two animators present, he couldn’t say much.

Travis logged into her station, stretched her arms, and started working through her own task list.

As her fellow animators dragged themselves in, Travis’ mood soured. Each new face reminded her that she’d had to live out her fantasy of fleeing a party in her own home. As one crumpled soul passed her, Travis gripped the stylus to prevent holding her nose and glanced sideways at the guy. He smiled at her with that goofy grin that suggested he wasn’t fully sober yet. He certainly hadn’t seen a shower since he left the party. I wonder how many of these people are coming straight from the apartment.

Another animator walked by her workstation, “Hey, Travis! Missed you at your mom’s party last night! You need to come hang out with us!”

Travis gave him a tight grin as she realized to her great horror he was one of the men who had groped her at the party, apparently too drunk at the time to remember he’d committed a felony. She folded one arm across herself and hunched over her desk, trying to figure out how she was ever going to face the guy. Or, really, any of the guys she’d had to escape.

I wonder if I could convince Brice to let me work from home for a bit. And then I’d have to figure out where to actually work from.
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Found myself wishing she had told the guy he groped her.
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Charlotte Ashley's story struck several nerves with me, both as an author and as a father. (So much so that I can't even bring myself to jok

Practice Based Research in the Arts

A unique online course and multi-platform site dedicated to an interrogation of practice-based research in the arts. Users upload documentat

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June 2013. S, M, T, W, T, F, S. « May. 1. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15. 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22. 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28

Game Theory

Game Theory is a free online class taught by Matthew Jackson and Yoav Shoham.

The LXD: In the Internet age, dance evolves ... | Video on

TED Talks The LXD (the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers) electrify the TED2010 stage with an emerging global street-dance culture, revved up

YouTube - Toshiyuki Morikawa Interview - AX 2011 Junket

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YouTube - The Browncoat Anthem (A Firefly and Serenity Rap)

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Quixotic Fusion: Dancing with light | Video on

TED Talks Quixotic Fusion is an ensemble of artists that brings together aerial acrobatics, dance, theater, film, music and visual fx. Watch

YouTube - TEDxEastsidePrep - Dr. Tae - Can Skateboarding Save Our Schools?

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YouTube - Video Games and the Future of Learning (Jan Plass and ...

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Writing Excuses 7.49: Beginnings Revisited » Writing Excuses

We haven't discussed beginnings this in a while, and when we did, we summed it up with “in late, out early.” Now we're going to talk about w

A Note to Anyone in the Creative Life

CREATORS! Remember this: You aren't just competing with every great artist. You're also competing with every mediocre artist who can make de

How to Build Upon an Existing Concept

Basic Instructions is generously sponsored by Bacon, Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms Explosives : T...

The Best You Can With What You Know When You Know It: What Education Ref...

"I could never work where you do," this guy said to me at a social gathering I attended not very long ago. It was a friend of a fr

YouTube - Snow Crash at UTSA, Second Life

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YouTube - Rymdreglage - Insert Coin

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