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Rebecca Taylor
Rebecca Taylor is an award winning American writer
Rebecca Taylor is an award winning American writer

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RITA Award Live Streaming, Thursday July 27th 7:00PM ET
The 2017 Romance Writers of America RITA Awards will be streamed LIVE from their website Thursday, July 27 at 7:00pm Eastern Time. As a reminder, my YA contemporary Affective Needs is a finalist! Here is the link to the RWA site.   

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Affective Needs--Chapter Twenty Four
*New chapters posted here on Wednesdays* I
left Abigail Atwater sitting with her sister, holding hands, staring out the
window that looked out into the woods surrounding Harmony House. I had promised her I wouldn’t
share her story—she made me sign a nondi...

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When She's Gone--Short Story
Last year I published a short story, Jesse's Girl , in an anthology. When the rights to this story reverted back to me earlier this year I re-titled it, When She's Gone, and released it as a stand alone short story. It's available to read for free with your...

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Affective Needs--Chapter Twenty Three
*New chapters posted here on Wednesdays* “Ruth?” Someone
brushed my hair from my forehead. “Ruuuth
. . . wake up,” my mother said. “I
fell asleep?” I
felt her hand on my face. “Yes.” I
dragged my eyes open and was surprised by the amount of light in my ro...

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Ex Machina--Lessons From the Screenplay
Ex Machina is one of my all time favorite films. This is an excellent lesson on information reveal for writers. I especially love to see how the final scenes differ from the original screenplay--and why. I will for sure be checking out the two books he refe...

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Affective Needs--Chapter Twenty Two
*New chapters posted here Wednesdays* My mother was wrong. It took my dad
thirty-five minutes to get to Shady Village and find me sitting in the backseat
of Vader, in the middle of the night, only beginning to settle down with the
hollow wasted feeling in...

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In the Mail: RITA Reception Invitation and Pin
Yesterday, my invitation to the RITA and Golden Heart reception and RITA finalist pin arrived! It's now only 3 weeks away! So hard to believe and so very exciting as well. Just typing those words makes me want to get out my packing list and get started (mos...

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Chapter Twenty One is up-->>

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Affective Needs--Chapter Twenty One
*New chapters posted here on Wednesdays* When
my mother pulled up in her Camry, she found me in the center of an emergency
circus. The bright red-and-blue flashing lights rotated on top of two police
cruisers and an ambulance all jammed onto the narrow ro...

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The Vegetarian--Han Kang
The Vegetarian by Han Kang My rating: 3 of 5 stars I had very high hopes for this one, but ultimately this collection of three linked short stories (this is not a novel) left me rather meh. Normally I love off the wall literature that perks up my brain cell...
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