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Google integrating our lives! Resize and email your pics. This is useful news :)
H/T +Denise Wakeman ... thanks for sharing +Yifat Cohen's post!
Gmail Update - Email your smartphone pictures from your computer.

If you use Google+ to automatically back up your smartphone photos, you'll now be able to email those images from your computer more seamlessly.

The new Insert Photo button gives you instant access to all the images backed up from your mobile device via Google+, starting with the most recent.

The update also lets you email entire albums that you have created with Google+. In addition, you can now resize images while composing messages by simply dragging on any corner. This way you don't have to include a massive image that might otherwise annoy the recipient - awesome!

#gmailupdate   #images  
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You're welcome +Rebecca Quinn! A seemingly subtle change yet one that can actually save time. 
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Rebecca Quinn

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Well, now. bought Warrior Forum.
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Interesting..... and if I'm a Freelance Warrior?.....
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I'm sure this has been shared a million times already but I'm going to do it again. Hopefully everyone will see it and take it seriously. I know I have some major cleanup to do tomorrow. Damn bugs.
Changing passwords is a pain in the behind. But everyone should be doing this because of the Heartbleed security problems that have come to surface the last few days:

Some things:

1. If you don't have a different password for each site you are doing it wrong! (Particularly for banks, email, and major social networks).
2. If your password isn't at least 12 characters long, you are doing it wrong!
3. If your passwords have ANY dictionary names in them, you are doing it wrong (things that appear in the dictionary).
4. If you aren't using two-factor authentication on EVERY site that offers such (Gmail, Facebook, Twitter all do) then you are doing it wrong.
5. If you aren't using a password manager like Lastpass then you are probably doing it wrong (I let it generate all my passwords now to make sure I get truly strong 20-character passwords).

Good luck out there!
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Thanks for this.
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Rebecca Quinn

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Ha ha, so true! Enjoy your coffee Tuesday!

h/t +Kathy Dawn 
Good morning coffee lovers(U.S) E.C

Hope you all have a terrific Tuesday. If you lose count on your coffee scoops, just start over again.  Any extra is just a bonus!  Coffee up!

#coffee #coffeetime #coffeecup #coffeeaddict #coffeelovers #coffeehumor #coffeeclub #morningcoffee #espresso #coffeethursday     #espressomachine   #coffeeart   #coffeemonday   #coffeetalk #fridaycoffeeclub #tuesdaycoffee  
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+Jason Frasca just made my day! I love Post-it® notes for all kinds of things but especially for creating processes & workflows & laying out new programs ... all over the wall! Can't wait to check out the Evernote integration as well.
14 Ways To Use Post-It Notes For Collaboration
Save Them All with Evernote Post-It's

Fast Company wrote a fascinating article on Post-It Notes - How The Post-It Note Could Become The Latest Innovation Technology:

It covers the fall of paper and the recent resurgence of the Post-It Note. How 3M is partnering with the likes of Evernote and their innovation to meet market demand with new Post-It Note products.

To capitalize on the revitalization of Post-It Notes, 3M has developed Collaboration Central - where you will find 14 collaborative ways to use Post-It Notes. I thought the list was fascinating:

14 Ways To Use and Collaborate with Post-It Notes

1.  5 Whys 
2.  Affinity Diagrams 
3.  Nominal Group Technique 
4.  SWOT Analysis Attribute Change
5.  Attribute Change 
6.  Logic Tree 
7.  Reverse Thinking 
8.  Brain Writing 
9.  Mind Mapping 
10. Simple Process Flow Diagram 
11. Storyboarding 
12. Fishbone Diagram 
13. Critical Path Method 
14. Agile / Scrum Methodology

Of course I believe the best thing you can do is to use Evernote Post-It's in all of these exercises to save and share them after each exercise. 

Read on, for details including Evernote integration:

What are some of the most creative ways you are using Post-It Notes? Do you collaborate with them? Do you use Evernote Post-It Notes? I'd be interested to hear in the comments below.

#evernote   #evernotepostitnotes   #mindmapping   #postitnotes   #5whys   #swot   #storyboarding   #agiledevelopment   #scrum  
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Yup! Just need to get the special notes and download the app. :-D
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+Chris Chadbourne
 I think it's more the link baiting then the content sharing
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Rebecca Quinn

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This is what it's all about, for me. Having a lifestyle business lets me also do the things that are most important in my life ... like spending time with my twin grandsons! You'd never know they weighed in at only 2 and 3 pounds now that they have those chubby cheeeeks!
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how awesome 
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Ha ha, so true! Enjoy your coffee Tuesday!

h/t +Kathy Dawn 
Good morning coffee lovers(U.S) E.C

Hope you all have a terrific Tuesday. If you lose count on your coffee scoops, just start over again.  Any extra is just a bonus!  Coffee up!

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Thank you! I mute anyone who puts those up. 
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Rebecca Quinn

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Oh, wow. Might rethink the upcoming camping trip!

h/t +Susan Critelli 
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Rob, I knew someone who had the same proclivity.  She lived in Missoula, MT.
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