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Rebecca MacKinnon

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CAPS2020 means... Empowering European Commission support to CAPS Organising annual international conferences to improve CAPS impact ...
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Rebecca MacKinnon

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HONG KONG -- Tensions in Hong Kong erupted into violent conflict on Friday as residents attempted to forcibly dislodge pro-democracy demonstrators from the streets that they have held all week. On Friday evening, the Hong Kong Federation of Students,...
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Rebecca MacKinnon

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Rebecca MacKinnon

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On October 26, thousands of Saudi women have vowed to defy the kingdom's ban on female driving.

Meet the activists behind the campaign this Friday on GV Face  at 7pm UTC. We are going to be asking them about the unique challenges they face in organizing the campaign on and offline.

We will also be asking them how they handle the naysayers like the cleric who recently said "we find that most of those who drive cars continuously deliver children with varying degrees of clinical dysfunction.”

Help spread the word and send us your question on Twitter, Facebook or here with the hashtag #GVFaceSaudiWomen

For background read:
Saudi Clergyman Delivers Ground-breaking Science on Why Women Shouldn't Drive -

October 26th: A Day for Defying Saudi Ban on Women Driving -
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Rene exner
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Rebecca MacKinnon

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"Since his arrest in late July, it has been hard for me and other bloggers to bring attention to the case of Mohammed Hassan (aka Safy) a Bahraini blogger detained by authorities for his online activities. In a country like Bahrain, the brutal regime has been successful in normalizing and silencing its crimes against those involved in the political struggle for freedom and equality. Doctors, journalists, human rights defenders, teachers, athletes, and protesters have been targeted in Bahrain with sanctions, surveillance, interrogations, arrests. Some have been tortured. Some have been killed. The horrors committed since the February 14 revolution (and years before) are too many to mention and the case of Safy is only one among many."
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Rebecca MacKinnon

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Privacy Group to Ask Supreme Court to Stop N.S.A.’s Phone Spying Program
The group, the Electronic Privacy Information Center, says that only the nation’s highest court can address the “exceptional circumstances” created by the surveillance operation.
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Rebecca MacKinnon

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Join me and Ethan Zuckerman on Monday for a conversation about 10 years of Global Voices - where it came from, where it may be going. We look forward to great questions, comments and suggestions from GV community members, readers and supporters. 
We started as a simple blog and a manifesto statement, resulting from an inspiring international bloggers’ meeting put together by two Berkman fellows at Harvard University in December 2004 .

"Thanks to new tools, speech need no longer be controlled by those who own the means of publishing and distribution, or by governments that would restrict thought and communication. Now, anyone can wield the power of the press. Everyone can tell their stories to the world. We seek to build bridges across the gulfs that divide people, so as to understand each other more fully. We seek to work together more effectively, and act more powerfully."  --- Excerpt from the GV Manifesto, December 2004.

Fast forward ten years, and our community has grown to over 1200 writers, translators, activists and online media experts.

We've reported and translated tens of thousands of compelling stories from the web.  We continue to defend online rights, fight against censorship and empower marginalized communities. 

Our community members have been catalysts of change in their home countries, some have become leaders, creating and using the latest tools for collaboration, and some have even faced imprisonment and persecution. 

We have come a long way since that meeting our co-founders former CNN Beijing and Tokyo Bureau Chief
Rebecca MacKinnon and technologist and Africa expert, Ethan Zuckerman, put together. 

This Monday, as we celebrate our 10th anniversary, we'll be talking to Rebecca and Ethan about their dreams for Global Voices and all the victories, challenges and surprises they've faced in this organic, inspiring and beautiful 10-year journey.

This interview will be primarily conducted through crowdsourced questions from the Global Voices community, but we welcome friends to send us questions through the Q and A app. 
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Global Voices. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
GV Face: Celebrating 10 Years of Global Voices with our Co-founders Rebecca and Ethan
Mon, December 8, 2014, 1:00 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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I like
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Rebecca MacKinnon

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After three years, Google finally got it. Google now admits it was wrong to require real names on Google Plus, and it’s apologized for taking so long, causing “unnecessarily difficult experiences for some of our users.” Too bad it had to learn the hard way, but better late than never.
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Hi.. Who r u ......
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Rebecca MacKinnon

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Rebecca MacKinnon

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A Google logo is seen at the entrance to the company's offices in Toronto Sept. 5, 2013. Reuters/Chris HelgrenIf you're using Google's Gchat today...
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Rebecca MacKinnon

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Recent revelations about NSA surveillance and the demands placed on U.S. Internet and telecommunications companies have certainly highlighted a central theme of this book: How communications techno...
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Rebecca MacKinnon is author of Consent of the Networked: The Worldwide Struggle for Internet Freedom and a Bernard L. Schwartz Senior Fellow at the New America Foundation, where she conducts research, writing and advocacy on global Internet policy, free expression, and the impact of digital technologies on human rights. She is cofounder of Global Voices, an international citizen media network. She also serves on the Boards of Directors of the Committee to Protect Journalists and the Global Network Initiative.

Fluent in Mandarin Chinese, MacKinnon worked as a journalist for CNN in Beijing for nine years and was Beijing Bureau Chief and Correspondent from 1998-2001, then served as CNN’s Tokyo Bureau Chief and Correspondent from 2001-03. From 2004-06 she was a Research Fellow at Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society, where she began her ongoing research and writing about the Chinese Internet in addition to launching Global Voices with colleague Ethan Zuckerman. In 2007-08 she taught online journalism at the University of Hong Kong’s Journalism and Media Studies Centre. In 2009 she conducted research and writing as an Open Society Fellow, and in the Spring of 2010 she was a Visiting Fellow at Princeton’s Center or Information Technology Policy. MacKinnon received her AB magna cum laude from Harvard College and was a Fullbright scholar in Taiwan in 1991-92.

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