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Amazing, One moment in time frozen for an eternity...
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Deepak's link gives another version of the story which appears to be true from what I can make out. So it wasn't left there in 1914... but in the 1950s.
+Deepak Agarwal What's the harm in believing in the story below the image? Whatever the story is... it's still an awesome photo.
Mike Manz
+Deepak Agarwal has the soul of a cynic. I like that.

Isn't it cool enough that a tree grew around a bicycle? Why did someone feel the need to make up some BS story about a soldier going off to war, etc.? sigh
The obvious thing is that we didn't go to war in 1914 anyways. We didn't get involved in World War I until 1917. But yeah, the tree itself is cool.
+Rebecca Harrison there's no harm in believing the story?
I could post a lot of pictures and use my imagination and make up a lot of stories, and even Snopes wouldn't get to know because there wouldn't be any records.
+Mike Manz I'm not a cynic usually, but looking at that picture and reading the story instantly made me think that this may not be true so I Snopes'd it.
+Deepak Agarwal making up stories to go with pictures is called "being a children's author". It's a pretty respectable job. ;)

+Rebecca Harrison I'll counter your "what's the harm" question with a similar question; what's the harm in telling the true story rather than making one up out of whole cloth? Personally, I don't think anything of value was added in the invention of the soldier story, as I find the real story more interesting and a great deal less cliche. There's something deeply satisfying about, "Some guy abandoned his bike here and a tree swallowed it."

P.S. +Deepak Agarwal; I am a cynic usually.
Most of my posts are "taking a photo and making a story", but I do it for fun and humor to interact with people here.
None of my posts are false stories.
People like to know origins of happenings- but definitely not FALSE stories. and believing falsehood, well..........
I also happen to be one of those types who must research everything to see if it is indeed fact, fiction, or an exaggerated story intended to tug at the heart strings of others. In this case, true story or not, it has a message that doesn't hurt anyone. Lest we forget is the message. So aside from the fact that the story behind the bike in the tree might be exaggerated, hopefully, we never will forget. :)
rosa mc
really wonderful
love the idea in this pic
Interesting pic, but the story with it is fake. Show this pic to any bike shop tech without the text and he'll date it as no older than the 50's and probably 70's based on the bike componentry. Show this pic to an arborist without the text and he'll date it to about the 60s or 70s based on the growth.

A good pic, sullied by lies, but by all means, forward this to nine friends within nine minutes to get good luck for the rest of the week...
This looks like a kiddies bike!!...5 year olds ride these.......have they sent a 5year old to the war????
Wow!!! Very very interesting picture
Wow. Amazing and sad... :_(

Sad that a BS story is making you so sad.
The war ran from 1914 - 1918. Both my grandads served in it.x
thats sad but class :-(
It is good that war is so terrible, lest we should grow fond of it.
A tree nommed a bike. <-- That would have been my caption if I'd found this picture first.
+Paul McCain Read the thread, it's already been posted and discussed.

I hate the real story. The kid's house burned down, someone was generous enough to give him a bike and he abandoned it because he didn't like it? No wonder someone made up a better tale.
Mother Nature always wins in the end.
I'm all for honoring our soldiers, especially those who paid the ultimate price, but please try to do so accurately. Attributing discarded articles to them is not the way to do it.
This bicycle was not left by a soldier going to war. It was left by a child who did not really want it.
"[...] They carry back bright to the coiner the mintage of man, the lads that will die in their glory, and never be old." -- Housman
Check out the children's book, Red Ranger Came Calling by Berkely Breathed for a great use of this picture.
The response structure of this post is amazing:

First: the author of the post, with good intent, passes along a pleasant picture with a false backstory.
Second: someone calls nonsense to the story, seeing that is seems a bit too convenient.
Third, the originator then suggests that the factual truth is unnecessary.
Fourth: several people counter that the facts would have been sufficient.
Fifth: a whole bunch of other people, despite the truth being revealed, continue to post "Wow" and "War is so terrible" and "bike seems a bit small for a soldier" and "Amazing"
Sixth: a few other people, myth exposed, expose the myth again.

Somewhere, something is wrong in our attention spans.
cycle is too small but u have written for a boy so it may be............
Over analyzing such a simple thing....
Seriously?! I mean come on! Can't you just say, "Aww, thats so sweet" and leave it alone! Ya'll really need to chill out! Gaw!!!!!
Very neat picture. What was the point of making up that false story? The picture is awesome enough without a story. There is harm in spreading false stories. When the truth is found out the believer feels taken advantage of, betrayed, lied to; and the liar's reputation suffers -- like the boy who cried 'wolf'. It's a lose-lose. That's why we're taught as children not to lie. But, it is a neat picture.
that's retarted this picture could be very much so real. Plus it's cool to think it is , not just a bike chaine to a tree.
Bullshit story is bullshit. I have a picture of myself with Moses. Pretty damn epic. Total proof that God is real.
very touching story very sad but a cool memorial
I read a children's book a long time ago about a Red-Rocket bike that was stuck in a tree. It was an X-mas book (something about Santa delivering the bike, but it never made it to the kid)
That's unbelievable and very sad!
False story, this. False story, that. I think that it's so awesome. Nice pic, Rebecca
I posted that Snopes link when this was at 2 reshares.
After that and after so many people saying this is obviously fake, this has now gone up to +232 and 98 reshares and made it to What's Hot.

This proves that there are at least 232 brain dead people on Google+.
Or maybe the Zombie Apocalypse has started already, run and hide!!!
how many of these people makeing comments are on company time?
I'm glad that they left it there, it is a much more touching memorial than something carved and hanging out in a "National Monument" type of place.
Thanks for sharing this photo!
Well, there was a restaurant in Omaha, the owner's daughter died around Christmas, I want to say in a car accident, and so they left the Christmas lights up on the building forever. It was kinda a big deal when the place was sold and the lights were taken down. :/
I agree with Teresa! I love how people say not true I read it!!! Do you really believe everything snopes claims to be true or false?

Great pic!
+Ann Haxby Yes, World War I, a/k/a The Great War a/k/a The War To End All Wars was from 1914 to 1918, but the United States was only involved in it from April 6, 1917, to its end. I don't doubt that your grandfathers served in it, but if they served in it for the duration, they weren't Americans (at least not then). The nations primarily involved from 1914 were The Allies (Great Britain, France and Russia) and the Central Powers (Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy). Since the text on the photo places it in US, one must assume that the (fictitious) solder was American. If so, he didn't go to war in 1914. The demonstrably false text is just one reason why an interesting photo is made less so by the lies that accompany it.
wait, the tree grew around the bike?
I really don't care if this is a true story. Just by reading the story you can logically figure it is probably not true. However it is still a good story to remind people we have lives lost everyday. Even if you don't believe in the war, you have to believe in the brave service members willing to give their lives, fighting for freedom. I believe this post makes people do that.
well, id say the storys most obvious flaw is that its a childrens bike...Since when does america ship of kids to war? the owner of this bike cant have been more than 10yrs old when he left it?

Truly amazing anyway, the tree swallows bike story is way cooler than the sending kids to war one! Nature has a chance to survive humanity after all...=P
poor wasn't sad...yet, something cool came out of it and now it's famous, so that's pretty cool...
Stories like this are why I believe nothing. Snopes included.
Why would someone add an (obviously) fake photo to a perfectly OK story?
Don't have much words for this..Just superb.
It cant had did that... This Gotta Be Fake!!
Wow, this is mind blowing
Made Up story... here's the truth:
how many fake stories are in the web, the people have the tendencies to lie, some time invented nice lies, but they are lies anyway.
LOL, was he an 8 year old soldier or something?
America didn't enter the war until 1917. Nice try.
Yeah, that's one small bike for a kid old enough to go to war.
amazing how the tree and bike became 1
If its true...this should be one piece of the "..World Wonder...", it's amazing and rich in history......
The message is irrelevant when paired with a lie. The real story is the boy didn't like the bike and forgot it in the woods next to the tree and the tree, over decades, grew around it.

Morality is subjective.
no matter what ,time .story.its is still history even if its distorted a little , he died and never rode his bike ever again
What's the harm in believing a story? That's how stupid people come about.
I never bothered to snopes it, but observed that no boy would be caught dead riding a girl's bike - other than the reality, of being given SOMETHING to ride after losing all in a fire :{))
so tired of these scam photos over the internet... now people even start saying crap in real life saying 'ITS TRUUE I SAW THIS ON THE INTERNET!!" how sad..
It's not a scam, nobody's asking you to buy the photo. Just saying.
Don't be careless; false stories spread cynicism, and make people less likely to believe anything.
I believe in knowing the truth and not believing a lie. There are too many lies believed these days that perpetuate propaganda in the name of evil...Always good to know the truth and not be taken in by lies, you'll be fooled your whole life if you just believe everything you're told. Nice story, but a lie nevertheless.
Trees grow from the top, not the bottom. It would still be at the bottom where he chained it. The tree would have burst the chain easily. 
Sam M
woah epic
I have heard of being attached at the hip but not at the trunk...
How did you get that thing in the tree dudet
Although a sad story, the photograph remains timeless.
I had the privilege of knowing someone who fought in that war...for our side. My Joseph Quinn passed away in 1994 in Largo, Florida.
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hard to imagine it but the pic speaks for it's self.
That was the purpose of pic. Good minds think alike? lol
From the size of the bike they must have been sending toddlers off to war...
im with you on that one!
Hent hunting and forgot where he left his bike wntill some one did it was rusted and old so they left it there ..... Nice picture 
that bike was never available in 1914 or even pre 70s. It looks faked or photo shop'ed
I thought he was flash for a second since he can pass through objects
I'm almost surprised that people can post the same 4 comments this many times in 4 hours. Almost.
As a photograph this one of the coolest photos! John Nolan's Photography. 
Real picture wrong story. Snopes debunked this already.
a boy's mother gave him a list of groceries to buy. the list never ended. the boy never returned.
That picture reminds me of a car I saw made out of wood except for the engine of course... nice one Rebecca * (gold star)
Even though Snopes has the story, it doesn't explain how a tree grows. If you leaned a bike against a tree (odds are it would never be part of the tree like that) the bike would be at exactly the same height because trees grow outward at the base. Old timers would put nails in trees for surveying knowing these nails would never move up or down.
The story gives it possibility to beleive it. Its as if the tree is embracing the bike-incredible!
Even Snopes got it wrong. The real story is that I bought that bike off of Ebay in 2012, then I dodged the end of the world and in 2013 I built a time machine, then went to the 1950s, burned some kid's house down, gave him a bike, and told him to go play in the woods. Then I found the bike, went ahead a few years, and planted a tree under it.

And now I'm back to read this comment thread and say, Boo yah! I fooled you all!
Awesome! Maybe someday they will pick up small fruit bikes from that tree :)
its crazy how things change over time and shape to the environment around them so fast ain't it.
that is a great memorial to a lost soldier.
That bike was manufactured after WW2...
That is amazing and what a wonderful tribute to a son.
I actually have some photos I took on my g+ page, we live not far from Vashon Island.
thats cool
i meant the bike stuck to the tree not the dead dude.
It is best,but there is no human.....
i think its cool! i wonder what the bike in the tree looks like?
that was a unrealastic view....but its good.......!!!!!
LoL, add that to the picture! @ Chris Burch bahahahahaha
I have seen this tree in person. It is on Vashon Island in Washington where I grew up. The Beachcomber is the local newspaper. Berkley Breathed was a local author. No one knows the real story of the bike, just that it was left there. Huge tourist spot, and now the bike has been vandalised. It bothers me that ppl would make up and attach storys to something they know nothing about.
There is a different description of this picture
Decades ago, a child chained a bicycle to a tree on Washington’s Vashon Island. The tree, unperturbed, grew around the bike. | Photo by Ethan Welty/Tandem
Makes you wonder just how harsh times were in those days ya know?
haha are you guys fool? that bike belongs to a 5 years old, in order to go to a war you need to be at least 15-16, this is all made up and possible fake picture.
Have we all forgotten Charlie Brown's kite eating tree? This seems to be a distant cousin, the bike eating tree.
i once had a girlfriend who was soooo lazy she sat against a tree-an she grew into it!
that bike looks a little small to belong to a kid old enough to go to war, more like my redneck relatives leave their yard like a junkyard and this is what happened
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